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Targeted banner ads

What is targeted banner advertising, and how does it work?

Targeted banner ads focus on the basics of display advertising and help your business determine if this popular digital service is right for you! Everyone believes in the power of traditional media, such as radio and magazines.

However, we believe in digital marketing and especially the significant power that comes from integrating these advertising media. We’ve talked about our suite of digital marketing services before, but now we’re proud to introduce a new digital service: Targeted Display Advertising.


Targeted banner ads are compatible with both mobile and desktop versions of websites. Therefore, there are endless statistics on the extent of the overall reach potential of each of these mediums. Knowing the difference between a banner and a poster also improves understanding. Here are just a few statistics to summarize the reach of consumers on their mobile and desktop devices:

  • Mobile: Smartphone users interact with their mobile devices an average of 13 times per hour. (Source: Radio Ad Lab)
  • Desktop: 80% of all US adults (ages 18-54) report using multiple devices to access the Internet. Mobile users account for 15%, while desktop users account for only 5%. (Source: Smart Insights)

What is meant by targeted banner ads?

What is targeted banner advertising? Targeted display ads are relevant banner ads placed on mobile and desktop versions of websites. This order of content creation is highly targeted and reaches specific locations, demographics, and groups with specific interests and online behavior patterns.

For example, in this advertisement, it has been shown that 91% of smartphone users use their mobile devices for inspiration when they are in the middle of work. (Source: “Mobile Consumer Behavior Study”, Google 2017) or 51% of US consumers spend more time on desktop websites than on mobile websites. (Source: Stone Temple Research)

How targeted banner ads work

How Targeted Banner Ads Work As the name suggests, it is a targeted display using digital capabilities to (target) a business’s ideal customers. But how targeted can this action be? Very! Businesses can use online location tracking capabilities to serve banner ads to customers in a specific zip code.

Thanks to online intelligence, businesses can also offer content creation for a specific target market, such as a 45-50-year-old woman with children who earns more than $50,000 a year.

So, where are these specific groups of people actually seeing these banner ads? Targeted banner ads ensure that businesses get the best return on investment because they frequently target the most popular websites on the Internet.”

Example of targeted banner ads

You’ll find some examples of targeted banner ads strategically placed on popular consumer websites, both desktop and mobile. (Example on the left: the ad is placed at the bottom of the page; example on the right:

Ad placed at the top of the page) When it comes to targeted display, we use only premium HTML5 design services to produce custom, eye-catching, and strategic ads to produce better results. Checking the effectiveness of banner ads shows whether the ads were effective or not! It is recommended to see the banner design sample to get ideas.

Who is targeted advertising suitable for?

Who is targeted advertising suitable for? Any business, regardless of size, budget, or industry, can benefit from targeted display advertising. Its customizable options make it easy to find a perfect fit for any company looking to (increase sales and overall brand awareness). The benefits of banner design are detailed in a separate article. The cost of designing a banner varies according to the relevant criteria.

Checking the results of targeted advertising

Targeted Advertising Results Even though the digital industry has matured, many digital providers today still rely on basic measurement methods, such as clicks. There are now advanced reporting criteria that form clear differentiators.

It’s important to note that targeted impression data is not only easy to track but also highly relevant. This is because ads are targeted based on the consumer’s location and a lot of demographic information. (age, gender, education level, household income, etc.) as well as interests and online behavior patterns.

  • Placing transparent ads
  • Clicks
  • View

This digital feature lets your business see a “delivery notification” of where and when the ad was placed. Clicks are a primary tracking metric by themselves, but it’s important to know how many consumers actually clicked on your ad to visit your website. Views show how many people saw your ad, not click on it.

Banner orders for all types of advertising strategies

Ordering a banner is necessary for any type of advertising strategy for any business because statistics show that this type of advertising has been very efficient and effective. The potential is visible in digital targeting services such as targeted display advertising. We also see tremendous potential in combining these digital methods with radio and magazines!

This is because it is statistically proven that combining traditional media with digital campaigns increases brand recall by 4.5x! Do you want to build a bigger brand using the power of traditional and digital media channels? Contact the experts today to get started. Fixed and moving banner design services are provided depending on the user’s demand.

How do you increase the efficiency of your banner ads?

The effectiveness of banner ads is measured by various criteria. Now that you’ve set up your display ad campaigns start seeing results and collecting data. It’s time to measure those results with the right metrics. Even considering the efficiency of banner ads for small businesses is important to furthering your goals.

This article will introduce four key metrics that you should measure at all stages of the display advertising funnel. These allow you to improve your targeting, optimize ad creativity, and increase conversions. Viewing the banner design portfolio is suggested to measure the effectiveness of advertising.

The effectiveness of banner ads has four key criteria. These criteria are:

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Click rate on advertising banners
  • Conversion rate in advertising banners

In digital marketing, every time an ad appears on a website, it counts as an impression. So, an impression is the number of times an ad is served to a user on a website. The biggest benefit to a large number of impressions is brand awareness.

The more people see your ad, the stronger your brand will be but don’t ignore other engagement metrics. Where impressions measure the number of times an ad was served, reach tells you how many people actually saw it. In other words, it displays the number of unique views of your display ad.

Simply put, the click-through rate is the number of people who click on your ad. For example, if your ad gets 1,000 views and you generate 18 clicks, the click-through rate is 1.8%. Conversion rate is the number of people who click through to your landing page and then take their desired action.

How do you increase the efficiency of your banner ads?

The efficiency of banner ads will increase by observing these three points about remarketing:

1. Start with your highest-performing pages and products

Depending on how many pages or products you have, remarketing can happen very quickly. So, start with your highest-performing pages and best-selling products. Both static and mobile banner design services will be effective in advancing the work.

2. Serving current customers

Increase the efficiency of banner ads by serving existing customers. Your existing customers will convert more easily than new potential customers. They already trust your brand, so use remarketing as an opportunity to cross-sell and sell them your products and services.

3. Experiment with new elements

Don’t run content creation orders just to set them up. Test new copy, images, and calls to action to improve results. Test just one element at a time to see what affects the results.

Guide to calculating the efficiency of banner ads

The calculation of the efficiency of banner ads is done by considering the four mentioned criteria.

1. Withdrawals

This metric helps determine the number of times your ad is displayed on each website and allows you to measure performance against click-through rate (CTR). If your total number of views increases, it means that your ads are reaching a larger audience.

However, if other metrics aren’t growing with it, it means there’s a leak somewhere in your funnel. It could be a targeting problem, inappropriate ad messages, or even a poorly converting landing page.

2. Reach

Calculating the efficiency of banner ads can be done by monitoring and optimizing access. This way, you make sure that you are not wasting your money by showing ads to the same people. While you can help drive top-of-mind awareness, you run the risk of showing your ad to the wrong people more than once. So, make sure you optimize your targeting to avoid ad fatigue.

3. Click rate

This metric helps you measure the effectiveness of your ads. But you also need to consider the purpose behind why someone is clicking. At the end of the day, it’s all about conversion. If your click-through rate seems low, you may want to test new ad creative. Experiment with different colors and ad copy for attention and A/B test to see if the new version increases clicks.

4. Conversion rate

A low conversion rate can mean one of two things:

  1. You are generating low-quality traffic
  2. Your landing page is not optimized

Final word

In targeted banner ads, the hover metric shows the number of people who navigated or interacted with your (targeted display ad). They’ve gone through the steps without taking the next step to go to your site.

Digital lift is available when an ad campaign is active for 90 days. This shows how much more likely they are to visit your website after seeing your targeted display ads. Paid traffic allocation only works in high-traffic scenarios.

It analyzes and measures specific in-store visits with digital and location-aware capabilities. It is hoped that by reading this article, you will order your targeted banner ads and benefit from its amazing results.