Instagram follower panel

How to make an Instagram follower panel with the simplest method

The Instagram follower panel can bring you likes, comments, followers, and views. In this article, I decided to provide a tutorial on creating an Instagram follower panel in its simplest form. If you want more popularity on Instagram, this article is for you.

Creating an Instagram follower panel

It is not so complicated. I have considered two different methods for teaching how to create a follower panel. Because by knowing these two methods, you will understand how such robots work, and these two methods, besides being free, are also the easiest methods of panel construction.

To write this article, I have referred to many English sources; But especially, it can be said that these two methods have been taken from this article. In this article, I will first provide a tutorial on creating your own Instagram follower panel. Then I will check how to get followers, likes, etc. on Instagram by creating a follower panel called Instuv. First, let me explain a little about the follower’s panel.

What is the follower panel?

One of the ways to earn more money and more visits is to use social networks. This work is called SMM (Social Media Marketing) or marketing through social networks. The Instagram follower panel is a platform to do this. These panels are websites where users can get followers, likes, views, etc.

There are many different follower panels in the endless internet world to manage the Instagram page and get likes and followers. Most of these panels are paid, and some are free. But as mentioned, creating an Instagram follower panel is not a difficult task. So why do most panels charge us? The most important reason for these panels being paid is that Instagram does not recognize them. Because Instagram is trying to identify and block such bots, it is safe to say that Instagram blocking has been very successful to date.

What is the use of the Instagram follower panel?

The work of the follower panel is to manage your Instagram page. In the following Instagram follower panel tutorial, this work is done by bots. With the following follower panel, you can get more followers and likes and make your Instagram page visible. Just remember one basic thing.

The main issue is that pages managed by such bots will be blocked by Instagram if detected. For this reason, many do not recommend this method to get followers. It can also be said that the last open-source and accessible bot that operated in this way was closed in 2020.

The first method; How to make an Instagram follower panel and earn money from it

This method is a bit more complicated than the second method because, in this method, you have to make your robot. At the same time, the other method is not like this. In this method, you will use cloud servers to run your bot.

1. Choosing a platform and buying a domain

In the first step, you need to find a host for your platform after specifying your domain. You have to choose the right server in such a way that it can respond to your received traffic.

2. Connect to the server

At this point, you need to use ssh to connect to the server. By doing this, you will see a window like the one below. This window is designed for coding on the server. To create an Instagram follower panel, install the robot. To do this, copy-paste the following code in this window and enter.

sudo apt-get update sudo apt

sudo python3 -m pip install instabot-py


3. Run the bot.

Finally, you can run the bot with the following command. You only need to replace your Instagram information instead of your username and password. Also, enter the proxy you received in the last step instead of the proxy. Remember not to enter HTTP:// in the proxy address. After this step, the robot will be installed automatically. After you are sure the robot is working, close it so you can make its settings.


How to make an Instagram follower panel; Panel settings

First, before starting to work with your follower panel, paste the following text into the window. Now you can edit various information such as the number of followers, follow time, etc. After editing, hold ctrl + x and press y to save the changes you made.

sudo nano

After finishing, just run your Instagram follower panel with the following code. Do not forget to modify the username, password, and proxy according to the points mentioned at the beginning.


The second method: the easiest way to create a follower panel

The first method, as you can see, was not so difficult. The second method is even simpler. This method uses the Instoo Chrome extension program to run our robot. The advantage of this method is that it does not require a proxy. This method allows you to log in and use your account like a normal user. Also, this method does not need to re-enter the Instagram account and password, which is done automatically.

To create an Instagram follower panel, enter the website, download the extension, and install it on your Google Chrome. Then click on the small circle at the top right of the Chrome window to open your bot. Open Instagram in a new tab and log in to your account. Then you can choose hashtags and accounts similar to your brand and business. You can change them later. Then change the speed and number of followers and other features. So easily The important thing about using bots, especially this bot, is that Instagram does not recognize you.

Two final points

1. Don’t forget that if detected, Instagram closes pages managed by robots. Today, there are no other free sources to do this work. My intention in this article was to present the simplest method of teaching how to create an Instagram follower panel.

2. Follower’s panel is not limited to what was mentioned. Many paid examples of the Instagram follower panel are available on the web, which have different features and offer different possibilities for managing your user account.