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What Is A Club House? A Different Social Network With Special Rules

You may have heard the name Club House or Club House a lot these days, but what is Club House and why has it become so popular in such a short time?

You’ve probably heard the name Club House or Club House (we use both names) a lot these days, a special social network that has become very popular in recent months and the number of installations and users has grown dozens of times. 

Recently, many users, especially on Twitter, have been talking about Club House and its special features as a reason for seeing this social network .

Of course, the presence of prominent artists and some prominent managers in the field of technology in the Club House also has a great impact on its reputation.

 The social networking site recently saw Ilan Musk, the famous CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, in one of the rooms of the Club House, followed by Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, and Bill Gates, the former CEO of Microsoft, in the Club House.

Of course, the presence of these big letters in the club of lust shows that this social network with its unique features has been able to attract the opinion of both users and prominent figures in the world of technology.

But what is a club house? Why is Club House so popular? What is the difference between Club Lust and other popular social networks in the world?

Club House

This article will take a comprehensive look at the social network Club House and all questions you may have about the social network respond, so Ytyrsan with you:

What is a club house?

What is a club house? This is the first question we are asked. Clubhouse is a special and different social network that has not had a successful example so far. Most social networks now focus on text, image or video, but Clubhouse is a social network to listen to others, of course we mean listening secretly. It is not about people’s private conversations.

There are rooms in this network where users can enter and talk to each other, this conversation can be in any language and on any subject, from technical and specialized conversations to social conversations or even so-called slang, napping. , This social network is based on talking and listening, you can enter a room and listen to others or you can also enter the discussion and comment.

This may sound a little strange at first, but consider Twitter, what do you do on Twitter? Twitter is a text-based social network for commenting and talking about various specialized or general topics, in fact, except for certain prohibitions, there are no restrictions on tweeting, you can talk about anything or comment to others.

 Now suppose on the Twitter network, instead of writing text, talking and talking directly instead of leaving a message or just listening to others talk, the Club House is a Twitter-centric type of conversation with different features but based on dialogue.

Is Club House like listening to a podcast?

It depends on the type of room management, maybe the room manager will invite some experts to discuss a topic, in this case only these people can talk and others should listen, in these types of rooms usually to ask questions to others Users are allowed to talk.

But the other type of room is based on group conversation and usually a large number of users can talk to each other, but the room manager must be able to manage the conversation space and prevent the clutter of the conversation. 

At present, usually only a few people are allowed to speak in each room, and other users can enter the conversation upon request, which helps to better manage the discussion.

So the overall atmosphere of a clubhouse is very different from a podcast, but the room manager can manage the room like an online podcast. While it should be noted that club house users only talk to their phones, so there is no news about expensive microphones, sound equipment, sound editing, sound effects, noise canceling, etc. In this space, very ordinary users talk through their phones and quality Sounds like a phone call.

Is there really no news of photos and videos in the clubhouse?

No, Club House is not a place to show photos and videos, this is one of the most important reasons why Club House is mentioned. In a club house, your physical beauty or your showmanship do not matter. This feature has made the club lust more attractive to the educated and expert class, in the club house you can not show yourself, you just have to talk.

Of course, this is not to say that the clubhouse is just a place for professional and expert discussions, as I said you can gather with your friends and talk about a daily or very ordinary topic.

What are the rules of a club house? Why is this social network special?

Club house rules may seem strange or unusual at first, but the interesting rules of this social network are one of the most important reasons why the name Club Club has been mentioned and forced you to read this text. The first rule of the club house is that not everyone can log in, you can now register in the club house, but you will not be allowed to enter this social network. 

Admission to Clubhouse is only possible by invitation from people who are currently members of Clubhouse.

Anyone who is currently a member of Clubhouse can send invitations to 2 people and allow them to enter Clubhouse, otherwise there is no way to enter Clubhouse and use this social network. 

The same rule has largely prevented additional users or users who create multiple accounts or do not intend to make good use of this social network, and this social network remains for those who are looking to use it properly.

The second rule about this social network is that in the rooms not every user has the right to talk, entering the room and permission to speak in it is subject to the permission of the room manager, so the room manager can stop several people from talking at the same time or immoral users Remove from the room.

 To talk, you have to click on the hand icon to raise your hand and get permission. In fact, unlike other social networks in the clubhouse, you can better manage the presence of users and provide a more useful conversation for all members of the room. Brought.

Club House

In the clubhouse, the rooms fall into a general category through which you can find and enter a room with topics or, better yet, your favorite topics. These topics include education, exercise, life, beliefs, places, and health, each of which has several sub-topics for more detailed discussion.

At present, there is no limit to the number of users in the rooms. Previously, there was a limit of 5,000 people for one user in a room, which was lifted by the managers of the club.

Another important rule of club house is that you do not have the ability to record conversations or download them. In club house, what you said was said and you no longer have access to it.

Of course, this feature has other dimensions, if someone wants to record conversations using his phone, the club will notice and the user will be expelled from the club with his referrer.

Club House

For this reason, you should be careful who you give the invitation to, because if he violates, you will also be expelled from the club, this law makes it not very easy to get the club invitation.

Are there any restrictions on the discussions?

You can talk about almost anything on this social network, only things like talking about violence and racism are forbidden, and avoiding talking about it has become one of the biggest challenges for club managers. Talk like that, but there are definitely people who break the rules.

The freedom of speech of the Club House has led to the closure of this social network in China, the Chinese government has little to do with freedom of expression, and this network has been blocked in this country.

Why does Club Lust not have an Android version?

Unfortunately, Club House has only been released for iOS, but an Android version will be available soon. This app does not have a desktop or web version, so only iPhone users can use this social network, which is one of the reasons why the circle of users of this social network is small and it is difficult to find club invitations.

So what is the task of Android fans of Club House? The developers of this social network announced that the Android version is being produced and will be released soon, this event will cause a significant growth of the club’s audience. Has arrived and is still growing.

Club House

With the release of the Android version, the number of users of this social network is expected to reach more than 50 million people, which requires the preparation and development of the clubhouse infrastructure.

 This volume of reception may disrupt the servers of this network, so the managers of the club house should be ready. It seems that one of the reasons for the prolongation of the release of the Android version is the expansion of the club house servers.

Does the clubhouse respect privacy?

It’s too early to comment, but the conversations on this social network will definitely be stored on the clubs of the Lust Club, so it is possible that information will be leaked in the future. 

Of course, until now, users’ information has been revealed once and safety issues in this social network are not reliable. With the release of the Android version and the increase in the number of Club Hoss users, there is a possibility that in-app ads will be added to this service, and this will increase the possibility of disclosing information several times.

Can I delete my Club House account?

Just as it is difficult to get into this particular network, you also have your own problems getting out of this social network. There is no option to log out or delete this account on this social network, to close your account you have to ask the Club House email at to delete your account!