website-building training

Website building training

One of the most popular training in the field of computer and internet is website-building training. Website building will bring you such a skill that you can easily earn several million tomans per month. Website development training will help you to design any type of site according to the customer’s needs.

Many people intend to start and design a website for themselves, to implement their idea in the best possible way. They will save a lot in this field as well. In the field of website building, there are various training. Here we are going to introduce you to some examples of this training.

How to start teaching Website-building?

The first question that comes to people’s minds when learning how to build a website is where to start? You can use two different methods to create a website. The first method is to build a website without coding, and the second is to build a website with coding. In the next step, you can choose any of these two steps and start your training in different fields.

Such as PHP training, CSS training, WordPress training, HTML training, training, Laravel training, etc., each has its strengths and weaknesses. If you are having trouble working in one of these fields, you can get help from people who work in this field through online chat to consider the best option for choosing a job.

Website design training with various programming languages

PHP Training

Website design is done in different ways. This training is PHP training; in this training course, you will learn how to design websites with PHP. You can design big websites like DigiKala and earn money by learning PHP.

HTML language training

Another language you can learn in website building training is HTML language training. One of the most widely used design languages ​​is HTML. The main use of HTML language is for different website categories and separating different website components. In another way, it can be said that the HTML programming language can create the website you have designed. We suggest you learn the HTML programming language.

CSS language training

Another programming language in the field of Website-building that you should learn is CSS programming language. This language is used to style the website. Teaching and learning CSS and HTML programming languages ​​helps to design a basic and beautiful website.

In a very simple language, you can use the HTML programming language for the skeleton of the website and the CSS programming language for its appearance. Most of you may believe that to teach website development, you need to learn many programming languages, or website design is a very difficult task, and you need a lot of time to learn it.

But we assure you that website building training is not like this. Website building training is designed in a completely project-oriented way. These tutorials are step-by-step that you as a user can easily learn.

How to make money through website design?

As you know, many new jobs have been created with the advancement of science and technology. For many businesses, one of the biggest changes in recent years is the internet. Learning and building a website can gain many skills in this field. The very high speed of changes in providing services and businesses online has increased the need of many people to have a website daily.

This need has created a profitable market for you. It is the most important time to take advantage of the opportunity to gain a skill and a money-making job by building a website. You can easily earn a million income by using this skill correctly.

Teaching website building with WordPress

The first step in creating a website is choosing a domain name

Any business, whether traditional or virtual, needs a fixed address so that buyers and those who receive these services can purchase or receive the goods or services they need by referring to them. This address is called Domain in the Internet (virtual) world.

For the first step, you must choose an address for your website. To get more information in this field and to register your desired domain, you can search the word domain registration in Google and receive the services you need in this case.

The second step of buying a host

For any business, you need a place to store, store goods and provide your services. The space where your website information is stored is called Host. Hosts are divided into two groups according to the type of functionality and programming, Linux and Windows hosts.

The third step of website-building by choosing a content management system

You have become familiar with the meaning and concept of domain and host. Now you need a system with which you can manage your website. For example, you can update the website’s latest status and news of your services and products.

That’s why you need a content management system called “WordPress.” WordPress is a powerful content management system that is free, open-source, and available to everyone. About 50% of people manage their internet businesses with the WordPress system.

The fourth step through the installation of the website

To install and run the website and connect the domain to the host, you must first set the host’s DNS with the domain’s DNS. To solve this problem and set DNS, you can get help from the host. Due to the short-term memory (Cache), this operation may take about 24 hours. When your domain is connected to the hosting space, it’s time to upload and install your content management system on the host.

The fifth step by choosing the appropriate WordPress form and template

Once you have installed and launched your website in WordPress, it is time to get the appearance of your website. That’s why you can do this using WordPress themes. If you have website programming skills, you can code your skin. But if you are not skilled in this work, there are many ready-made templates and tools in the field of WordPress for free that you can use.

The sixth step of customizing the WordPress form and template

After choosing the form and template of your website, you need the user interface and customization of the skin. You can use page builder plugins and WordPress forms such as Elementor and Visual Composer.

The seventh step is to install the required plugins

After launching the WordPress website with the form, you must prepare your website in all aspects of security, SEO, etc., to use the plugins available in the WordPress repository. There are many free and non-free WordPress plugins for things like user area, optimization, security, store, and SEO that you can use on your website to advance your goals.