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Ways To Reduce Ping In Online Games

You know that one of the problems and complaints of fans of online games today is the problems of high speed and ping. 

Here at Meg Hardware, we want to teach you how to reduce ping in online games. 

Also, minimize latency by making improvements to your internet connection. Ping refers to the time it takes to perform a real action (for example, pressing a button or moving a mouse) to register on the game server where you are about to play. 

This time is in milliseconds. Keep in mind that there is no guaranteed way to lower your ping.

1. Approach the router

If you use a Wi-Fi connection, reducing the distance between the gaming device and the router increases the power of the Internet connection, which in turn reduces ping in online games.

– Although this step does not completely solve your ping problems, but it is a basic rule.
Items such as walls, floors, and other physical barriers may slow down your internet connection.

2. Close additional apps and websites

Having heavy bandwidth programs like Netflix, YouTube, torrent services and even other running games can greatly affect your ping. This applies to add-ons and websites on all devices, not just the game you play.

– If you have additional downloads, pause or cancel them.
Offline applications do not affect your ping, although they may affect your game performance.

3. Reduce the number of devices that use Wi-Fi

Routers and Internet connections can support many devices, and any device that uses Wi-Fi will slow down the existing connection and increase your ping.

– If you live with several people, this is impossible. In this case, the best option is to use an Ethernet connection.
– During the game, remember to put your mobile devices in airplane mode, because this will remove them from the Wi-Fi network without forcing you to use mobile data.

4. Use local servers

If you are accustomed to playing on other countries’ servers, playing on a server in your own country (or, more specifically, in your neighboring countries) will dramatically reduce your ping. While you may have to wait a few minutes before joining the game, higher performance is worth the wait.

– Many games allow you to sort game servers by location or country. This can help you connect to the nearest server possible.
– Most games show a ping or a set of bars representing your ping next to certain servers.

5. Connect your device to your router via an Ethernet cable

As long as the router has no problem, your ping is almost always less in a wired connection than a wireless connection.

– If this does not lower your ping, it is likely that the router has pinged or caused an Internet connection through your ISP.

6. Restart your router and modem

If your network equipment is running non-stop, it may malfunction. Disconnect the power cords from your modem and router, wait about 30 seconds, and then reconnect them, your internet connection will be refreshed, potentially lowering your ping.

– It may take a few moments for your network to go online after the router connects to the Internet.

7. Call your internet service provider’s customer service number

Before changing your router, contact your ISP to let them know about your latency issues. They may not have a convincing answer for you, but you should call.
This is easier and cheaper than replacing the router, which is the next step.


8. Replace your router

Especially if your router or modem is more than a few years old, replacing it will have a significant impact on the strength, speed, and stability of the Internet connection. Likewise, when installing a new router, your ping will probably go down.
– Be sure to thoroughly research before buying your router.
– You may want to invest in something a little more than a gaming router, especially if you are playing with multiple people on the same network at the same time.


9. Upgrade your internet package

Unfortunately, if nothing else has helped reduce your ping, you should choose an internet package with faster upload and download speeds than your ISP.

ISPs usually have one-year contracts with specific programs. If your current ISP does not work for you, you should consider switching ISPs thoroughly.
– Many Internet service providers offer a special “Gamer” package that has higher download speeds and ApplePad.

Thank you for being with us as always. With these 9 methods, your problem will probably be solved and you can enjoy online games with your friends.