An SSD virtual server is for customers who no longer have enough website space for their web providers Or the volume of users on your website becomes too large and therefore more resources are needed.

You can also use a virtual server as a first step for more websites or as a small email server. Basically, a virtual server is an ideal environment between a web hosting package and a server with admin access. In addition, you can run several different applications on the virtual server, such as the web servers you need for your personal website, database servers, e-mail servers, or team servers to talk to. Now to buy a virtual server, you come across two categories of virtual servers, which are offered to you as a virtual server with an SSD hard drive, because the advantage of these hard drives is faster, for example, in installing WordPress or installing any of them. Content management is remarkable. If your site or personal application is hosted on a server based on digital mechanics hard drive, you can easily see the slow connection between the database and the control panel, which is several milliseconds longer, and this will be very noticeable when users Many link to your app or site. When you switch your application from a virtual server with a digital mechanical hard drive to a SSD virtual server, the increase in speed when receiving pages, contents and PHP instructions will be very noticeable, the pages seemed to load twice as fast. To be. Keep in mind that this speed can be an advantage in Google rankings. While this factor is measured as a quality indicator for their search results algorithm. At the technical level, reliability increases because SSDs are more reliable than mechanical drives. The downside of SSD is that if you need a lot of storage space, they are expensive. So SSD virtual server makes your programs run faster.

VPS SSD 2048
9.75 $ / Monthly
CPU : Xeon 2 core (1600 MHz)
H.D.D : 40GB SSD
PORT : 1000MB
IP : One
bandwidth : 2TB
VPS SSD 4096
16.75 $ / Monthly
CPU : Xeon 3 core (2500 MHz)
H.D.D : 40GB SSD
PORT : 1000MB
IP : One
bandwidth : 4TB
VPS SSD 8192
26.75 $ / Monthly
CPU : Xeon 4 core (3000 MHz)
H.D.D : 40GB SSD
PORT : 1000MB
IP : One
bandwidth : 8TB
32.75 $ / Monthly
CPU: 4 core (3500 MHz)
RAM : 12GB
H.D.D : 120GB SSD
PORT : 1000MB
IP : One
bandwidth : 12TB
  • In front of a computer with dedicated resources, which you provide with physical hardware.
  • Keep in mind that VPS is a simulated environment.
  • Multiple VPS share their hardware resources through specific software.
  • This is called a flexible and cheaper way of hosting.
  • Virtual server or VPS, which means virtual dedicated server, simply refers to hosting services that act as a dedicated server with high-level root access.
  • VPS for has a variety of uses. Virtualization means sharing the resources of a real server. In this way, while reducing costs, each virtual server will have its own dedicated resources.
  • This program is suitable for small and medium web projects.
  • If hosting is not enough for you and a dedicated server is too big and expensive for you.
  • Keep in mind that companies and employers, such as online stores and web development, Many of their websites use virtualized servers.
  • To fully manage and run their web infrastructure applications such as DNS and EMAIL.

Ded9 Virtual Servers with High Speed ​​Disk, Ultra High Speed ​​are very suitable for heavy processing and sites with heavy database or high traffic and cause better performance of sites and software, all Ded9 Virtual Servers have control panel features Turn on, turn off and restart the virtual server, change the operating system, access the VNC and console, reset the operating system password, view the status of the cloud and virtual server, and so on, which eliminates the need for the user to access many support requests. Also, the resources allocated to each cloud server and VPS virtual server are completely dedicated, which will greatly increase the quality of services.

Our low-cost VPS solutions from the Starter range offer high performance and value for money, with uncompromised quality. Our teams assemble and configure them to offer optimal hardware and software power. They are also equipped with cutting-edge technology, like next-generation Intel architectures and SSD disk storage. And they are based on a resilient infrastructure, for optimal stability.