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Threads From Instagram Registration Guide

Threads From Instagram Registration Guide

If You Also Want To Register In The New Threads Social Network But Don’t Know Where To Download The Official Threads Application For Android Or How To Create A Threads Account, Join Us With The Tutorial On How To Install, Register And Solve The Problem Of Registering In Threads.

Thread is a social network more or less similar to Twitter, but there are some things you need to know to register on Threads.

How to register Threads in Iran

First, we strongly recommend that you be aware of applications similar to Threads or Fake and do not fall prey to them. Remember that the Android Threads application in the Google Play store is called Threads, an Instagram app, and you should not confuse it with similar applications. Also, be aware that the publisher of this program must be Instagram.

Trades registration without phone number

To register in Threads, you must install its Android or iOS application; unfortunately, its web version has not yet been launched. However, the Threads app for Android is not available in all countries yet, and you may need to try different country IPs. However, we managed to install Threads on the Android phone with the German IP, but this was impossible with the French IP.

Trades registration by email

After running the app, you need to log in to Threads using your Instagram account to sign up, so at least for now, it’s impossible to sign up for Threads with an email or mobile number, and you need an Instagram account.

Just click on Log in with Instagram and enter your Instagram account details and click Log in.

Tradez registration in Iran

On the next page, a message will be displayed that you can save your account to enter Threads.

Registration of Farsi trades

In the next step, you will see the profile information of your Instagram account, which you have two options. If you click Import from Instagram, this information will be imported from your Instagram account. However, choosing a biography and inserting a link in your Threads profile is possible. Changing the Threads username is impossible, and your account will be shared with Instagram.

Registration of Trades iPhone

In this window, you can determine whether your Threads account is public or private, which works similarly to Instagram.

Solving the trades registration problem

You can instantly follow all your Instagram followers by clicking on Follow All. However, there is also the possibility of not following or just following your favorite accounts.

Register threads

Finally, to register in Threads, you must click on Join Threads.

Threads registration tutorial

If everything goes well and you are connected to the Threads servers, signing up for Threads is as simple as that. You can change the language of Threads to Farsi through the settings.


Training Threads

Registering on Threads is very easy and only requires an Instagram account. However, bypassing the restrictions to install the Threads app would be best. Follow the big media of hardware city in Threads!

Is it possible to register on Tradez social network in the Farsi language?

After registering in the Threads program, you can change its language to Farsi.

Have the Threads from the Instagram app also come for iPhone?

Yes, the iOS version of Threads is available on the Apple Store.