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Spotify’s new Jam feature lets you listen to a playlist with your friends

Spotify has added a new feature that is great for parties and can let you listen to different playlists with your friends.

It seems that Spotify is not going to sit idle and still wants to provide new features to its users. After making changes and simulating the style of Tik Tok program and introducing artificial intelligence DJ and other new features, this music streaming service has now added a feature called Jam.

This feature is useful when you are at a party and you don’t want just one or two people to decide the playlist. The Jam feature allows anyone with a Spotify account to choose the order of songs and even make suggestions for adding music to the playlist. In fact, the program itself offers you suggestions that may be interesting to you according to the music playing habits of each member.

According to Spotify, this is a section for personalizing playlists and listening to music, allowing a group to put their favorite music together in a certain list. In fact, the developers say that this section takes some of the app’s most popular features and combines them with personalization technology to provide a great user experience.

This feature combines what can be seen in Blend (which combines the music tastes of several users) and collaborative playlists. The only difference is that this feature is Real-Time and allows you to queue up broadcasts and only users who are connected to the same Wi-Fi network can use it.

Getting started with Jam on Spotify

Spotify's new Jam feature lets you listen to a playlist with your friends

To go to the Jam function in Spotify, first tap on the speaker icon at the bottom of the screen. It can also be done by tapping the three dots next to a playlist, album or song. Here you can specify on which device the music will be played (for example, on the phone or through the speaker).

From there you can share the Jam playlist via a link. Then your friends have to scan the QR code. Now everyone can add favorite songs to the list and you can see which user has added which music. The host in Jam can remove music or remove a user from the list. Also, he is able to change the arrangement of songs in the playlist and can give permission to make changes to other users. It should be noted that only premium account users can create the list, but others will be able to make changes.