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How To Change And Adjust The Apple Watch Fitness App

How To Change And Adjust The Apple Watch Fitness App

Apple’s Fitness App Called Activity Has Deep Integration Into The Apple Ecosystem And Can Store Tons Of Useful Data For You, Your Trainer, And Even Your Doctor.

This fitness program especially has good integration with Apple Watch. Their latest models have multiple sensors to track and measure heart rate, step count, and even blood oxygen.

Measuring these things can help the user reduce resting heart rate, increase aerobic heart rate, and increase calorie consumption, among other intelligent watch goals.

To achieve the desired result and ensure that Apple Watch provides the best data and tracks your progress, you should set specific fitness goals for your daily activity level.

The Activity app manages these goals, so setting fitness metrics through Apple Watch (even on Android) as you progress is essential.

You can use Google Fit to track your fitness goals if you have an Android smartwatch.

How to change goals on Apple Watch

Before you begin, ensure WatchOS is up-to-date and has the latest version available for your Apple Watch series model. This issue guarantees access to the latest tracking features and user interface in the best possible way. The latest Apple Watch Series released is the Series 8, which may have some features limited or unavailable if you have a few older models. These features were introduced in the Apple Watch Series 3, so most users have already taken advantage of them.

After ensuring the device is up-to-date, log in to your Apple Watch and open the Activity app with the logo of 3 colored rings. The home screen may look different depending on the settings selected and the applications used. Once the app opens, swipe up to access the settings and choose Change Goals.

In the program, three rings are displayed one after the other, and each one represents the tracking of a different type of Activity, and each one is measured separately.

The first pink ring is Move, which shows the number of calories burned daily from movement, work, or continuous Activity. Here, it is possible to set the number of calories consumed with a positive or negative sign. After selecting it, click Next to choose the following items. The calories consumed are only part of the story. Following a healthy weight-loss diet is essential if this goal is necessary.

The second ring in yellow shows the ability of the Apple Watch to quickly detect Activity through its sensors. These sensors detect any Activity from moderate to intense but cannot distinguish them. However, as long as you’re moving with the Apple Watch, the device will track your Activity. In this section, you can set the number of training minutes (at least 30). After selecting the desired amount of calories, set the expected time and click Next again.

The third blue circle tracks standing time or standing Activity. This item in the Activity app isn’t about burning calories or getting fit; it’s about being aware of how much time you spend sitting and standing in sedentary jobs, where too much sitting can raise cholesterol, blood pressure, and more. As Apple recommends, stand up at least once an hour during the day. In this section, you can set your working hours and select OK.

The Apple Watch notifies users when they reach their goals and congratulates them if they get them all in one day. Also, you can adjust them again if needed, check the plans over time, and even compete with others.


Other tips for managing the Activity app

These tips help the user to optimize their performance beyond the three main goals:

  • Wrist detection must be active to measure the movement and heart rate correctly. Also, to measure accurately, the Apple Watch band must be the size of the wrist. This option is available in the Watch app under My Watch.
  • It is also possible to change the notification display in the watch settings. For this, go to your phone and select the Watch program. Find the list of apps on the Apple Watch and select Activity. Notification options are now visible. From here, it is possible to silence notifications and set reminders for activities such as standing or completing a goal and more helpful customization.
  • It is also possible to link the Watch app to the Health app to access additional health information about weight, age, and height.
  • The Workout app on Apple Watch provides more detail and can help you reach your activity goals.

Strive to achieve your goals.

After making these settings, the Activity program informs the user of the primary daily movement goals and helps him burn calories. With the tips provided about notifications, you can choose how many app notifications are displayed, but it always feels good to see the “all goals completed” message.