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Everything you need to know about Windows 10 X. What does the release of Windows 10 X mean for Microsoft Hardware in 2021?

A whole new version of the Windows operating system is on its way and it wants to change the way we interact with PCs and maybe even change our ideas about what computers are.

Here’s everything you need to know about Windows 10 X and what devices will be available in 2021.

Special edition of Windows 10

To begin with, it is clear what Windows 10X is. Not an upgraded version of Windows 10 or later; It is a version that is specially designed for devices with two screens, lightweight and low cost.

 Initially, it was supposed to ship with the Surface Neo, but now it has been delayed, and Microsoft wants to move it to cheaper and more conventional devices and then add dual-screen support.

The release of an operating system that was supposed to support two screens; On single-screen devices, it makes things more complicated than you think.

 The user may want to open and interact with two windows on one page at the same time, or an application may be at the top half of the screen and at the bottom half of a virtual keyboard. On the other hand, the user may want to use a single-screen folding device to watch the movie.

Support for dual screens in Windows 10X

With all this complexity, Windows 10X easily supports one or two screens and brings the benefits it draws. As we mentioned; It seems that Microsoft wants to use this operating system on traditional laptops and common devices before embarking on ambitious projects with two screens.

Something beyond a layer of software

Windows 10 X is more than just a top layer for existing Microsoft software. In fact, it is based on a completely new idea and initiative called Windows Core OS, which is a lightweight and original version of Windows 10, and for this reason it was called Core. 

This version can be easily designed and implemented for different types of devices and invoice forms in the market.

Windows Core OS makes Windows 10 more modular and flexible than ever before. To achieve this, some of the old features of Windows that we saw in versions of previous decades have been embedded in this version to finally be able to support any hardware and device, which of course is a bit time consuming.

Conceptual display of Windows 10 X.

Currently, the operating system, called Windows 10X, is installed on hardware such as the Xbox Series X and Series S, along with HoloLens 2.

The development of Windows Core OS means that Windows 10X will not be able to run the old Win32 desktop applications to start in 2021. In other words, programs like Photoshop and Chrome will not be available at startup. What you can do; Major Microsoft applications, such as the Edge browser and web applications.

Major changes to new and old features of Windows

Finally, Win32 support will be added to this operating system. However, these programs will run in a closed and protected environment for security and performance reasons.

 When these programs are closed; They can no longer interfere with the system or affect the battery life of the device. Theoretically, Windows 10 X should not slow down gradually and run faster on weaker hardware.

Older Windows components such as Control Panel and Device Manager are lost in Windows 10X. The Start menu becomes cleaner and simpler; Taskbar instead of sorting basic tools and icons from left to right; In the middle and the Action Center section has been completely redesigned.

The first Surface Neo show in 2019

Like most versions of Windows 10 X, File Explorer is more web-focused and integrates better and more firmly with OneDrive than Windows 10.

 This Windows will be similar to ChromeOS in some ways and similar to Android in others. It runs mostly on the web and is engineered for more versatility with devices with multiple displays and responsiveness.

User security with changes made to the core of Windows 10 X; has improved. For example, we mentioned how to run older Win32 programs that run in a small virtual box. In other parts of the operating system, viruses and malware will not be able to access the registry or system settings.

Support for two screens

One of the great benefits of Windows 10 X is that it supports two similar mobile screens when you connect a second monitor to a PC or laptop. You have more space to do things and it becomes easier to use the programs together and at the same time. The process of moving files and folders has become easier, and you can move them to another location just by dragging and dropping.

Windows 10 X will be available first for single-screen devices and then dual monitors!

Microsoft has promised to release Windows 10 X in late 2019, but with a delay in the release of the Surface Neo, it was later; Available to users. 

Of course, we are sure we will see some Microsoft products in 2021 with this Windows. Products that are more suitable for educational, student and online learning purposes and have a higher priority. Then, we will see the supply of end-user devices.

Microsoft has already released the Surface Duo with Android, and many users are hoping that the Surface Neo will be released with Windows 10 X.

 While we have very little official news about Microsoft Windows 10 X, we hope to see more serious news in the next few months or the first official device with this Windows will be released.