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Learn how to make a bootable USB flash drive with Rufus software

One of the easiest and best ways to build a bootable flash is to use the popular Rufus software. In this article, we are going to teach you how to work with Rufus software to make a bootable flash.

As you know, to install Windows or Linux operating systems, we need a bootable disk (CD / DVD). Now, instead of using a CD or DVD, we can use a Flash Disk as a Bootable Disk to install Windows.
 Flash memory has gained a lot of fans in the world today and many users prefer to use flash memory to CD or DVD.
To create a bootable disk, just burn the Windows image file on it, but to create a bootable flash, you must use other methods.

How to Create bootable usb with rufus bootable flash memory

1. First, download the Rufus software here . Now connect your desired flash memory to the system, then open the Rufus software. In the first part, Device, you will see the name of the flash disks installed in the system, which you must select the flash memory you want to boot.
 In the next section, Boot Selection, by clicking the Select button,
you will be able to select the image file you want.
As you can see, there is a small tick next to the Select button,
which will check the three factors in your image file, which is optional.

Build Bootable USB flash drive

2. The next part is the Partition Scheme option,
which is set to MBR by default and you do not need to change it.
The next option is called Targrt System,
which is on the BIOS or UEFI by default and does not need to be changed.
 But if you want to use this flash drive on an old system,
check Add fixes for old BIOSes in the advanced settings.

Build Bootable USB flash drive

3. The next part is the settings related to formatting the flash disk. The first option is Volume Lable, where you can specify a name for the flash in this section.
 The next part is the File System, which is on FAT32 by default, and it is better not to change it. Now in this step, select the Quick Format option by opening the advanced settings.
 By selecting this option,
the system will format the flash memory faster by not checking the Bad Sectors.
 Note that when the flash is formatted, all the information on it will be deleted,
so if there is important information on it, move this information to another location beforehand.

Build Bootable USB flash drive

4. It is better not to change the other options and finally click on the Start button to start the process of making bootable flash memory software. Once done, you can easily use this flash as a bootable.

Making a Bootable USB flash drive