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The Google Drive App Will Soon Replace Backup And Sync

The Recently Introduced Desktop Version Of The Google Drive App Is Set To Replace The Older Version Of Backup And Sync On Windows And Mac.

According to ArstechnicaGoogle has recently introduced a desktop version of the Drive app for home and business use. The app, which is set to replace Backup and Sync, will feature Google Photos, the old version of Backup and Sync‌ , and the old commercial version of Drive File Stream and will be available to all users from July 19 (July 28). 

New Drive Features

The updated version of the Google Drive application has no major changes, and it has only become more orderly and integrated. 

The main features of this desktop application are:

  • Upload and sync photos to Google Cloud Storage; Automatic image compression and resizing for people who choose the “Storage saver” option instead of the original image quality
  • Synchronize external storage devices ( flash memory, USB hard drive, and SSD) with Google Drive
  • Two-way file and folder synchronization; Automatic download of files in local folders and vice versa (optional)
  • Create drive folders locally in Stream or Mirror mode; Automatic download of files on-demand or automatic pre-pricing of all files from the cloud
  • In-app support for shared drives; This feature is new and did not exist in Backup and Sync.
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google Meet video communication service

Upgrade to the new Drive app

According to Google, users of the old Backup and Sync apps on the desktop will receive an in-app message to migrate to Drive, advising users to fully transfer their data to the new app by the end of September (October 8).

Backup and Sync users will receive a step-by-step guide to migrating to the new drive from July 19, and Google Workspace users will receive in-app notifications to transfer files to the drive from August 18.

Support of Backup ad Sync will completely discontinue from October 1 (October 9).

This update is for which category of users.

All Google service users, both free personal account holders and Google Workspace business accounts, can use this new app; In other words, if you use It, you will have no reason to delay migrating to this new app, and it is best to download it now.

Owners of Google Workspace services have two months to migrate to the new Drive before the full Backup and Sync retirement on October 9th.