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The Best Mobile First Person Shooter Games, Shooting And Excitement Part 2

One Of The Oldest Genres In The History Of Video Games Is The First Person Shooter, Which Has Been Published In This Genre For Many Years, Many Of Which Can Be Considered A Masterpiece In The History Of Video Games, So We Decided To Let’s Go To The Best Mobile First-Person Shooter Games And Provide A List Of Them At Your Service.

In the last few years, several first-person shooter games have been released for smartphones, and in the second part of this list, we will introduce the best of them to you. 

‌‌‌‌‌HadShadowgun War Games


Shadowgun Studio is one of the oldest game development studios specializing in making first-person shooter titles. One of the highest quality creations of this studio is called Shadowgun War Games, which we decided to mention in this list.

The game has high-speed and exciting gameplay that can be considered largely similar to the overwatch game. Today, we see many examples inspired by the game Overwatch and have achieved success. Shadowgun War Games has several different characters, each of which has a special feature, and you have the task to upgrade these features.

There are various maps in the game that have an acceptable design. In general, it can be said that Shadowgun War Games is suitable for fans of first-person shooter games. If you are in this category, never miss the experience of this title.

‌‌ Combat Strike PRO


On the smartphone platform, you can find many games inspired by Counter-Strike, and it can even be said that many of them are a copy of the original game, and even the in-game maps are the same as the Counter-Strike maps.

In this position, we have gone from the list to one of the acceptable copies of the Counter-Strike game called Combat Strike PRO, a simple copy and has attractive features that make the experience even more attractive.

The game has several different maps, and the variety of guns and classes is also acceptable. In terms of technical graphics, it can be said that the Combat Strike PRO game will satisfy you completely, and no special objection can be made to this game.

Dark Zone


Dark Zone can not be considered a pure first-person shooter. Still, the presence of first-person shooter elements in a horror and survival game can certainly be fascinating, especially when the idea is well implemented.

The Dark Zone tells the exaggerated story of the Chernobyl accident, an accident that causes the whole world to be destroyed, and you have to stop this destruction and give life to this world once again. Due to the shortness of the game, it can be said that the story part of this title has been very successful.

In terms of the shooting system, the game will meet your expectations, and in general, we see smooth gameplay that you will definitely enjoy. The game’s graphics are excellent technically and visually, and we see stunning and eye-catching environments.


PUBG Mobile


The title pubg can be considered one of the loudest games released in recent years, which became famous with a great start on the steam network. This game is in the style of action and survival, and in this game, you have to try to survive among the other 100 gamers who compete with you and win first place.

Pubg game was released in 2018 by the Chinese company Tencent for Android and iOS smartphones, and like other versions of this title, it was trendy on various platforms, so that Pubg won the title of the best game of the year in the field of smartphones in 2018.

This game takes advantage of the stunning graphics on smartphones and will definitely make you fade away. Game control may seem complicated when you experience this title, but you can get the game anxious by spending more hours in the game.

In terms of technical graphics, this title is undoubtedly one of the best games on the smartphone platform, and the details texture and are at the best possible level. Fortunately, this title is available with IP Iran, and you will not need to change your IP. If you are looking for action and survival-style games, Pubg will meet all your needs.


Dead Effect 2


Put on a battle suit and kill the space zombies. Dead Effect 2 is one of the most exciting first-person shooters you can experience on smartphones, developed by BadFly Interactive Studio for Android and iOS operating systems.

In the beginning, you have to choose the main character you want between the 3 soldiers, but there is no significant difference between them. You will have more than 40 different types of weapons that you must use during the game, and you can upgrade them and buy various items for your gun that will increase the power of your weapon in different areas.

The game is great in terms of technical graphics, and Dead Effect 2 can be considered one of the top mobile graphics titles, but many phones cannot run it, and to run it, you will need a phone with powerful hardware.




Cogret game is another game in this list that combines first-person shooter and horror, but this game has high-speed and exciting gameplay that will remind you of the DOOM series.

The game has two parts, record and story, both of which have their own charm. After the outbreak of a dangerous virus, more than 80% of the planet’s population turns into scary monsters, and only a small number of humans survive the virus. Now you have to fight the monsters in one of these humans’ roles and Save yourself and your fellow human beings.

In addition to the story section, there is a record section that is very exciting and challenging. In a relatively small environment, you have to kill as many monsters as possible and improve your record. The game has been released for Android and iOS operating systems, and you can buy it for $ 2.9.


Special Warfare


Another multiplayer game on this list is Special Warfare, created by yiwei zhu studio, and you can download and install it for free for Android and iOS operating systems.

The game has several different modes: Team Deathmatch and zombies, each of which is very attractive, and you will definitely enjoy their experience. There are more than 50 different weapons in the game that by increasing your level in the game, you can use new weapons and even upgrade them in different areas. The game has great graphics, and the lighting, texture quality and shadows are acceptable.

The sound and music are also at a satisfactory level, and overall, Special Warfare is a quality smartphone game that fans of first-person shooter games will definitely enjoy.


Warface: Global Operations


Warface: Global Operations can be considered one of the complete first-person shooter and multiplayer games for mobile, released for free on PC and console several years ago. Steam is one of the most popular FTP titles, and considering all these successes, BV Studio decided to release this game for the Android operating system.

The game has all the modes we expect to see in a multiplayer and first-person game, modes like Capture the flag, Team Deathmatch, and… all of which are available for free.

There will be several different weapons at your disposal, but you have to go for in-app payments to buy many of them, which may not be very interesting. The game has a volume of about 2 gigs, and considering this volume. You can definitely expect great graphics, which, fortunately, the game is also great in this regard. The technical graphics of Warface: Global Operations are perfect and are one of the biggest strengths of this game. It becomes.


Infinity Ops


And yet another first-person shooter title that focuses on the multiplayer part. Infinity Ops is developed by CASUAL AZUR GAMES studio and available for Android and iOS operating systems.

The game has a fictional theme and runs completely online, and in Infinity Ops, there is no story or offline. You have to compete with each other in the form of two multiplayer teams. The game’s shooting system seems smooth, and in general, the gameplay can be considered quality.

The game has also appeared in the visual field to an acceptable level, but you should not expect a perfect graphic from it, and you can find small flaws in this field. You can download the Infinity Ops game for free for both Android and iOS operating systems.


Critical Ops


Critical Ops is one of the most popular first-person shooter games on the smartphone platform, downloaded 50 million times on Google Play. This game was made by Critical Force Ltd and was able to get a score of 4.4 out of 5 on Google Play, which indicates its high quality.

The game is completely online, and you have to compete with your enemies in two different teams, one group in the form of police must go to free the hostages, and the other group must stop the police; the game has many similarities as a counter-strike when You will find out more through this experience.

Fortunately, game servers with Iranian IP are also available, and you will not need IP-modifying applications to experience the game.


Danger Close


Danger Close is another high-quality first-person shooter title created by Fourpointfive Interactive. It has not been long since the release of this game, and so far, the title Danger Close has been downloaded about eight thousand times on Google Play and was able to get a score of 4.6 out of 5.

Like most of the titles in this list, the game is completely online, and you only deal with the multiplayer section. Enter one of the game servers and compete with others by choosing the weapon you want.

The game currently has 8 different maps, which is expected to increase the number of maps in the future, and the variety of weapons will increase. You can download and install this game for free from various apps.


Heroes of Warland


Heroes of Warland is very similar to the title Shadowgun War Games that we mentioned at the beginning of the list; in this game, we see several different heroes with special features that you can use and upgrade them by finding magic cards.

The game is based on team competition, and you have to compete with each other in the form of two teams of 4 people, and any team with more Kills will win. Currently, this game has a fashion, and in this regard, it can be a little boring. Game servers have no problem with IP Iran, and you can easily enter the game and enjoy it.


Modern Ops


Modern Ops is actually an adaptation of the Counter-Strike title. Its gameplay will convey exactly the feel of Counter-Strike, which can be considered a positive point because Counter-Strike is extremely popular among gamers.

In the game, you can form a special group and fight as a group, which is very attractive. More than 30 different types of guns can be used to upgrade your level and even personalize the guns. The game’s graphics are not great either, but they will definitely satisfy you. Modern Ops game is available for free, and you can download and install it from various apps.