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The best methods of disinfecting the phone without erasing data

What is mobile virus removal and is it useful and how should we remove viruses from our phones? This article will discuss some points about the phone antivirus and answer these questions.

Whether they’re stealing your data or withdrawing money from your bank account, smartphone viruses can be a nightmare and cause you a lot of trouble, but there’s no need to worry, and luckily, you can remove malware from both your iPhone and iPad.Discover and delete on Android. Now we want to see how to remove and prevent the phone virus from entering again?

Mobile antivirus

In relation to the phone antivirus, we must attribute it to several cases, including malware, which will definitely cause damage to your mobile phone and affect its performance.The basic steps to perform this mobile virus removal are basically the same, regardless of whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, there are always different ways to remove the virus from your phone, and it is up to you to choose the right method. Of course, viruses attack any phone with any operating system. Next, we will check how to do mobile virus removal.


How to remove the phone virus?

We have already explained completely in an article how to know if the phone is infected  ? We also provided effective and simple solutions to prevent this from happening, but in this article we are going to answer the question of how to remove the phone virus and one by one ways to kill the phone virus without erasing the data, which is definitely the concern of many. Users will be checked together. These ways are as follows:

Install an antivirus

Perhaps the easiest way to find a virus on the phone is to use antiviruses, and antiviruses are created exactly for this purpose. We have listed the best phone antivirus programs for you in the article , which can help you choose the best program.

But especially if you use the free version of these programs, you have to be very lucky that it works. These days, antiviruses are so clever that they prevent victims from even downloading or installing antivirus programs, but don’t worry, antiviruses can still work, so it doesn’t hurt to try.Just make sure you download your antivirus from a reputable source, otherwise you might install another virus and make things worse, since antiviruses themselves can be malware.

Clear your browser(s).

Phone viruses are becoming more sophisticated by the day, but many are still fairly simple and only work through your browser. This means that if you clear your browser cache, you have a fairly good chance of getting rid of the virus. Remember, in this method of removing the phone virus, you must do it on all the browsers you use.

Delete your downloaded files

Suppose the above two methods of disinfecting your phone don’t get you anywhere. In that case, there’s another option you can try before jumping into more painful solutions, and that’s going to your downloaded files (note that Apps are not on the home screen, you need to go to the installation files) and delete them. Currently, in the mobile world, this method is not as useful as on the computer, but it can help.

Return to factory settings (factory reset).

Usually, after buying a phone, people change its settings according to their needs and desires, how much the phone’s problems go back to its manipulated settings is determined by a factory reset.

Organize your plans

If you’re the type of person who likes to keep a lot of apps on your phone and have specific settings applied to each app, it might be worth going to your apps and trying to get rid of the virus on your phone. Find the problematic app. The culprit is probably one of the programs you installed recently. Just be aware that this will probably take a long time and you may end up having to do a factory reset as some viruses prevent the uninstallation.

How to remove virus from phone RAM

Can viruses live in Rome? A memory-resident virus is a virus that resides in the RAM memory and does not disappear even after the program is stopped, while non-resident viruses are activated only when the program is running.

Now, how to do virus removal of the RAM of the phone?

To disinfect the internal storage of your Android phone, you must use your personal computer or laptop; This is not possible with the phone’s own apps. After connecting the RAM or flash drive to the computer, right-click and perform an anti-virus on the phone before opening My Computer.

How to virus the mobile memory card:

  • Connect the SD card to the system with the phone to disinfect the memory.
  • Go to the start menu, type cmd and enter.
  • Right click, exe and then type “attrib -h -r -s /s /d drive letter:\*.*”.
  • Windows will now repair the virus infected SD card. After successful completion of the task, check the status of the card.

In this article, we talked about how to disinfect the phone. What method do you use to disinfect your phone?