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The Best Home Doubles Games; 30 Fun Games for at Home Days

An interesting game of gathering doubles the sweetness of a close friend or your spouse or even your family members. 

If you are familiar with home doubles games, you will both have fun and enjoy each other’s spirits.

In this article, we have prepared a list of types of home two-player games for you. Try one of these games in your next two-player round. Rest assured that this period will be different from previous periods.

Sometimes we spend extra time in two-person sessions and get frustrated by being unemployed and having no words. When you are at home with your spouse or a family member or have invited your best friend to your house, you are not supposed to watch movies and TV series all the time or talk or eat. Home games are fun and entertaining.

Some of these games are cards or are played on the game screen, and some of them do not require special tools except for a little fuss or a mobile phone.

When you are playing with a friend, a family member such as a sibling or your spouse and fiancé, you do not notice the passage of time. The excitement of the competition, the fun, and the hilarious moments of the game become the best memories of the two-player period.

After a busy day of work and dealing with all kinds of conflicts and problems, home two-player games will entertain you and multiply your energy.

Help to get to know the other side through play ‌

If you want to know more and better about the other person’s personality traits, two-player home games give you the opportunity. Is he competitive? Is he patient when he loses or does he lose his temper quickly? And Is all his thinking and effort a win in the game or does he enjoy having fun with you?

Is he cooperative and like-minded in team games? As you play, you will find the answers to these questions. The game reveals different aspects of people’s personality .


Home two-player games that do not require special equipment

The best home doubles games - simple games

1. Guess the name of the song

In turn, select and play a song or melody from your favorite playlist. Your competitor has 3 to 5 seconds to guess the name of the song and the name of the singer or composer. If you want to make the game harder, do not play the repetitive and well-known parts of the song and do not go for popular songs. Everyone who guesses the name of the song correctly in turn gets 1 point.

This game is both horoscope and watching; Because in addition to enjoying listening to the songs, you also get to know the musical taste with you.


2. Courage or truth

If you and your teammates are at risk , Courage or Truth is a classic, fun and engaging game for you. Ask random questions to uncover some of the facts of a competitor’s life. When it comes to courage, there’s no harm in playing a little crazy. Of course, do not forget that caution is the condition of reason and you should not bother yourself or your competitor.

3. Colored feeling

Rainbow feel of the best home duo games

Make a few chunks of chocolate in different colors or colors. Choose a theme for each chocolate color; For example, yellow for things that make you happy, purple for things that make you sad, and green for things that excite you. Pour the chocolates into a bag. Take a bar of chocolate out of the bag at random and talk about the subject according to the color of the chocolate.


4. question and answer

This game is a good option to get to know your future partner better. Download an interesting personality questionnaire from the internet. Each of you should read the questionnaire and answer your questions. This game helps you to know many facts about each other.


5. Guess what

In turn, close each other’s eyes and ask the person with their eyes closed to say the names of the objects you select by touching them. Frozen fish, soap, pickles, and anything else you find interesting can be used for this game.

6. Not yet…

The game has never been one of the best home duo games

If you have no problem talking about your past, try this simple and painless game. You can set your own rules for the game. Both of you should hold your hands up with your fingers open. Take turns talking about things you have never done before. You can start the game with phrases like “I haven’t stolen yet” or “I haven’t checked my wife’s phone yet”. Everyone says a sentence in turn. If the other party did not do what was said, he should lower one finger. In the end, the one with the highest finger wins.


7. Karaoke

Download some karaoke songs (one song without words) and start the game. You must sing the song aloud as the song plays. If you are good at singing and music, show your art. The embarrassment of you or your opponent when you forget the lyrics or your slap makes this fascinating game even more fascinating.

8. Cooking contest

Cooking competition can be a home game for two

The venue of this game is the kitchen. You and your partner will compete for the pastry or food you love. Each opponent prepares the desired food in a part of the kitchen. In the end, the winner is the one who prepares the most delicious food.


9. Which one would you choose?

In this game, you and your opponent put each other on difficult crossroads and learn about each other’s reactions and choices in critical situations . Each player has to answer the question “Which one would you choose?” Choose an option; For example, ask: “If you could only drink water or eat only one type of food, which one would you choose?” Or “If you were to move to a new city every week or live in the same city forever, which one would you choose?” Try to make the game more interesting by asking about different and varied and strange topics.

10. Dance

If you are a musician and you like music related games, try this one too. Before starting the game, each player prepares a list of 50 happiest songs. Everyone in turn plays a song out loud (do not forget to respect the neighbors). You should not dance while playing a song!

Every small movement, from shaking the shoulders to kicking, gives the other side 1 point. If you want to win, play your competitor’s favorite happy songs. Of course, if you lose, you have not lost and you have enjoyed listening to the songs.


Home two-player games that require a game board, card or.

The best home duo games - board games

11. Monopoly

Monopoly is a card game. In this game, you and your opponent try to take over certain houses on the game screen. With a monopoly, you can measure each other’s economic sham. This game has different versions that you can prepare one of these versions according to your taste.

12. Game Flow Cache

Flow Cash is one of the best home doubles games

Flow Cash player teaches you the basics of investing . The game is played on one page with a number of cards and pieces. You will probably need a calculator, pen, and paper for arithmetic while playing. In this game, you have to get out of the mouse cycle (daily life), earn money by investing and get rich by managing your expenses and assets. When running various cash flow scenarios, such as buying a property or paying off a loan, you can learn more about your competitor’s financial strategies and even learn some wealth-making policies from him.

13. Game Checkers

Checkers is a combination of chess and board games. This game is played on a chessboard with chess pieces. In this game, you have to move the pieces so that you can advance in the opponent’s territory and at the same time, prevent him from infiltrating your territory. Anyone who can reach the bottom row of the chessboard on the opponent’s side by removing the opponent’s pieces becomes king. The one who loses all his pieces is a loser. If you can guess the opponent’s moves, you are more likely to win.

14. Chess

Chess is undoubtedly one of the most popular home doubles games. This fascinating brain teaser represents everyone. A chessboard and 32 black and white pieces are all you need to play this game. If you do not know chess, two-player rounds are the best opportunity to learn this fun game. You can learn the rules of this game with a simple internet search.


15. backgammon

Backgammon is an old but interesting game. Boards, beads and dice are the main accessories of this game. In this game, you have to collect all your pieces in your own house. Then remove them from the game screen. The one who takes his pieces out of the game sooner wins.

16. Game Twister

Twister game - a two-player game

This funny game is especially suitable for flexible bodies . To play Twister, players stand on a large screen according to the rules of the game. In each round, they must place their hand or foot on one of the colored circles on the screen. The position of the circles may cause you to create strange shapes with your body!

This is the fun and funny part of the game. Anyone who falls or breaks the rules of the game while moving is a loser. It is better to wear a comfortable dress to play Twister.

17. Game Tiling or Azul

Azul is one of the best home doubles games

If you like design, be sure to try this game. In Azul, you have to tile the game screen using colorful and patterned tiles. This game challenges your artistic taste.


18. Game UNO

UNO or Motel is a mind game that is played with a number of playing cards. In this game, each player must match his cards with the card on the ground and drop the same card on the ground. The fewer cards you have, the closer you get to the board. If the player does not have the same card as the card on the ground, he must draw a new card. When you have to pick up the card, control yourself and do not get angry!

19. Scrabble

If you and your partner enjoy playing with words, try Scrabble in your two-player rounds. Scrabble is a word-building game made up of letters. You and your opponent must place the pieces on which the letters of the alphabet are written on the game screen and make meaningful words and get points.


20. Jenga

Janga is one of the best home doubles games

In Jenga, a number of wooden blocks are stacked in a specific order. Each player must take turns pulling out a block from the middle blocks without destroying the entire structure. The one who destroys the tower is the loser of the game. You can set more difficult rules for the final stages of the game and add to the excitement of the game.

When you pull out a block from tens of blocks on top of each other, God forbid the tower does not collapse, your blood adrenaline rises and you experience a pleasant thrill.

21. Domino

Matching numbers and picking up dominoes will keep you and your guests entertained for hours. In addition, as long as the dominoes do not collapse, a beautiful structure will be the guest of home decoration .

22. Foosball

Handball is one of the best home doubles games

If you have a handball table, be sure to use it in your two-person sessions and have fun. If you love football, this two-player home game will keep you entertained for hours.


23. Mini Basketball

The law of the game is the basic law of basketball. However, the whole game environment is summarized in a small box that holds a basketball hoop and balls. The one who throws more balls into the basket in a given time is the winner.

24. Dose

Another fun and entertaining two-player game is Dose. In this classic game, to win, you must try to draw your own symbol (cross or circle) in a row or column on the game screen, either diagonally or sequentially.

25. Game Carcassonne

Carcassonne is a mind game that is played with a number of cards and pieces. This game requires 2 to 6 players. When it’s your turn, you should pick a card and place it next to the cards you previously placed on the floor. Each card must be next to the same card (city card next to the city card, road card next to the road card, and so on).

As the game progresses, you build cities, roads, farms, and churches, take possession of them, and earn points. If you do not have Carcassonne game cards and beads, you can use the app on your iPhone or iPad. The application of this game is not less attractive than playing with real cards.

26. Yatzy game

Yatzi is one of the best home doubles games

Yatzy toy is a number of dice and a special booklet to record results and scores. Chance is the main factor in winning this competition. Each player has 5 dice and can roll 3 times in each round. The combination of dice numbers determines the score of each round for you. In this game, 13 specific combinations are considered for the dice; For example, one of these 13 combinations is as follows: When 3 of your dice show a number, your score is equal to the sum of the numbers of all the dice, and you can record this score in the box for that combination in your scorecard. In the end, the player whose total points are higher than the other will win.

27. Game Pandemic

This game is a little different from previous games. Pandemic is a team game. In this game, you and your friend are on the same team and do not compete with each other. Your opponent is the game itself! You may think this game is predictable and there is no excitement, but it is not and the chances of both of you losing the game are high.

In this game, several epidemics (such as Corona ) are progressing around the world. Your mission and that of your teammates is to save the world from these diseases. This game is a much more creative and challenging game than you can imagine. The page of this game shows some cities of the world.

At each stage, players can make moves such as finding antibodies or moving between cities. Of course, the story does not end with these moves. Some cards speed up the growth of the disease and thwart your plans to eradicate the viruses . The best part of the game is that you are not alone in saving the world and you have a companion.

28. Game Tigris and Euphrates

Tigris and Euphrates is one of the best home doubles games

An interesting game that will keep you entertained for at least 1 hour. Tigris and Euphrates game includes a game board, dice and a number of tiles (tiles or small rectangular pieces), pieces and cards. Each player must build his civilization on the game screen along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

The goal of the game is to create new civilizations and connect them. Each player can make two moves in each round. You can earn points in four different groups, each marked with a color. The final score is calculated based on the score of the least valuable color you have earned.

Online games for two

Some online games can also be among the best home doubles games. You can participate in a variety of online games, such as MineCraft, both as a team and as a competitor. Online games in which you participate as a two-person team strengthen the spirit of cooperation between you and your partner. A simple internet search reveals several two-player games. Choose one of them and start the game.


For example, we offer you two online games for two:

29. Crossy Road

Crossroads is one of the best home doubles games; It does not matter if you are a couple, friend or sibling

Game mechanism democracy rule (Crossy Road) is very simple. You have to cross busy roads. If you reach your destination safely, you will enter the next stage of the game. The one who can advance to the finals wins the game.

30. Badland

Badland is an adventurous mobile game. The artistic design of this game is admirable. In Badland, your character has to complete his mission in a mysterious forest by overcoming obstacles in the forest. This game has several stages and these stages are becoming more and more difficult. You can play Badland as a team or competitively. Download Badland from Google Play Store is free.

Concluding remarks

We reviewed some of the best home doubles games together. Two-player games with a friend, spouse, sibling or loved one are the best opportunity to enjoy the moments you spend together. Be sure to try the game at home, instead of watching TV all the time or wandering around on social media . Games activate your mind and boost your mood. The small penalties you incur for the loser double the sweetness of the game; For example, a delicious ice cream sticks a lot after a heart attack! Which games do you prefer for your doubles and intimacy periods?