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The Best Digital Currencies To Invest In 2021

Last year that the article «The best digital currencies to invest in 2020I did not expect it to be so well received.

Digital Currencies, Fortunately, the currencies listed in that article were more or less successful, and long-term investment in them did not disappoint. 

Due to countless requests to publish the article in the new year, I decided to continue this process.

In this article, out of more than 8,400 digital currencies on the market, I will introduce the best options for investing in 2021.

Ultimate authority and responsibility with you

As I mentioned in last year’s article, I emphasize again that this article has been written with hours of research and review, and that everything you read is merely my own conclusions and opinions.

The contents of this article should in no way be taken as an investment recommendation. As a rule, you owe it to yourself to research thoroughly before risking your money. Therefore, I and the Digital Currency Website are not responsible for any possible damages you may incur.

Fortunately, the currencies I introduced in last year’s article were very profitable over the course of a year, but we must not forget that the market does not always show us good luck. For example, if I had published last year ‘s article in late 2017, investors would probably have lost more than 50% the following year, because the whole market was going down sharply in 2018, and whatever you bought was likely to end in a loss.

Be sure to keep in mind that at the time of writing (early 2021), the market value of digital currencies has increased by more than $ 500 billion in a matter of months, and markets will not always be bullish.

What currencies do I introduce?

In the comments to last year’s article, a number of users asked why I did not introduce currencies like China Link, which also happened to grow tremendously. The answer is that to maintain the quality of the article, the number of currencies I introduce is limited and I am not going to introduce 50 or 100 digital currencies until some of them work well.

The truth is that many leaps can not be predicted, and even China’s most optimistic fan Link did not think that this digital currency would grow 700% in a year. It is also worth noting that although ChinaLink was able to grow several thousand percent in the short term, it was also greatly improved, and at the time of writing, the annual performance of Ether and ChinaLink has been almost equal.

My goal is also primarily to ensure that investors in the high-risk digital currency market have the least possible risk. Dodge Quinn, for example, has grown by more than 1,500 percent since last year, which is a factor other than the margin of support.Ilan MaskAnd does not have strong support for it on social media. The Dodge Quinn is certainly an attractive digital currency, but I could not in my article introduce a currency for long-term investment that is underdeveloped and has no plans for the future.

It is assumed that the introduced currencies will be invested for at least one year and will not be sold until the end of one year.

Also, in order for all the items in this article not to be on the same level and the opportunity for digital currencies to be smaller, I tried not to mention that the introduced currencies belong only to the first categories of the market. Obviously, the lower we go, the greater the growth potential and the higher the risk.

With all of the above in mind, the best digital currencies to invest in 2021 are:

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

The best digital currencies to invest in 2021
  • Price at the time of writing : $ 44,900
  • Rank in terms of market value at the time of writing : 1

The attribute “good” cannot be attributed to an investment portfolio that does not contain bitcoin. The king of digital currencies is still the first choice of activists in this field, and in fairness, there has not been any investment during these years that has not received the reward of its patience.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin dominates the digital currency market with 61% of the market (the ratio of the total value of Bitcoin to the entire market), and prices often fluctuate with Bitcoin.

The primacy of Bitcoin, its unparalleled popularity, its extremely high security (most of the processing power provided by miners), the wider community, and its well-known backers are some of the things that have made Bitcoin a place for other digital currencies.

In 2020 and 2021, many of the world’s largest companies bought bitcoins; A dream that came true after 12 years. MasterCard, PayPal and Visa, two Internet payment giants that once mocked bitcoin, also announced plans to launch bitcoin-related services. On the other hand, the supporters of this digital currency increased so much that Ilan Musk, the richest man in the world, added the name of Bitcoin to his Twitter account and his company, Tesla, bought $ 1.5 billion in bitcoins.

If you were to choose just one digital currency for long-term investment, I think that currency should be Bitcoin.

2. Ether (ETH)

The best digital currencies to invest in 2021
  • Price at the time of writing : $ 1,747
  • Rank in terms of market value at the time of writing : 2

Atrium is still by far the most popular platform to run Smart contracts And decentralized programs.

Given the prominent role of smart contracts and decentralized applications in the Chinese blockchain, ری Atrium is the least risky option if we want to choose one of all the smart contract hosts (such as Polkadat, IAS, Theron, etc.). Still more than 80% ofMarket tokensThey are transmitted over the Atrium, and Atrium has a much larger number of decentralized applications than other platforms. In general, other platforms against Atrium still have nothing to say in terms of acceptability.

Atrium was very successful in 2020. As expected, phase zero is the most important upgrade of this networkAtrium 2.0It was implemented, and with the rise of the entire market, Ether performed better than many other digital currencies. The price of each unit of ether with more than 700% annual growth at the time of writing is more than $ 1,700 and has set a new historical record.

Although at the time of writing, many analysts expect the price of ether to fall after strong growth, some other experts believe this is just the beginning for Atrium.

Atrium, the market number two digital currency, is also second on the list.

3. Bainance Coin (BNB)

The best digital currencies to invest in 2021
  • Price at the time of writing : $ 122
  • Rank in terms of market value at the time of writing : 7

This rank could belong to Polkadat Or CardanoBe. Polkadat has entered the field as one of Atrium’s most serious competitors, and Cardano has continued with a period of unparalleled stability over the past two years. However, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, ‌ I do not intend to make an unspoken promise and insert dozens of digital currencies into the article until one of them finally becomes profitable. In my opinion, Polkadat and Cardano are good choices for investing, but I preferred to dedicate the rest to other projects, despite Atrium being a “smart contract host”. So Binance Quinn, the exclusive digital currency of Binance Exchange, is my third choice.

There is still no X in front of Bainance. In 2020, the continued success of the company (which is no longer limited to the exchange)BNB price Reach over $ 100 with a historical record breaking.

Bainance Exchange is currently the largest exchange in the world and is constantly increasing its distance from its other competitors. The company has expanded its services to other areas, including mining pools, stock pools, payments, wallets, etc., and is now a giant company not only in exchange offices but in the industry as a whole.

Bainance’s proprietary blockchain (whose main digital currency is the BNB) is rapidly gaining popularity and has received many tokens. Now the use of BNB is no longer limited to just Bainance exchange and receiving discounts on transactions. In addition, most of the coin burning programs aimed at regulating the market for this digital currency have been completed on time.

Evidence suggests that Bainance Quinn is the best choice for investing among “exchange” class digital currencies, but it should not be forgotten that this digital currency is heavily dependent on Bainance Exchange, and if something bad happens to this exchange, it could be catastrophic for Bainance Quinn. Be. If you are not optimistic about the future of Bainance,. You can consider investing in the Uniswap token, which is currently the largest decentralized digital currency exchange.

4. Stellar (XLM)

The best digital currencies to invest in 2021
  • Price at the time of writing : $ 0.42
  • Rank in terms of market value at the time of writing : 10

After XRP failure due to complaint US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), All eyes are on Stellar, Ripple’s old rival.

In 2014, McCalebb’s great-grandfather, who was one of the founding fathers of Ripple and played a key role in the company’s success, left due to disagreements over the company’s future and turned to Stellar Development. Since then, Stellar has always been a serious competitor to Ripple.

Stellar has a similar mechanism to Ripple, but it has more decentralization and gives more power to individuals and legal entities. With this network, individuals, businesses and even governments can create and manage their digital assets.

Shortly after the announcement of the SEC’s complaint against Ripple and the removal of XRP from the list of many major US exchange offices, Stellar Price (XLM) In just one week, it experienced a jump of about 190%, which again showed a negative correlation between Stellar and Ripple.

The process of the SEC’s complaint against Ripple will probably be very long, but if the US Securities and Exchange Commission finally wins, which is very likely, we can see Stellar rise.

5. Coin File (FIL)

The best digital currencies to invest in 2021
  • Price at the time of writing : $ 39
  • Rank in terms of market value at the time of writing : 37

The idea of ​​storing files on the Chinese blockchain has long attracted the attention of many developers. The Quinn file is currently the largest project to realize this idea.

Simply put, the Coin file is supposed to enable decentralized data storage for individuals and businesses. In fact, in a coin file, validators, or miners, allocate storage space (hard drive) to the system to be used to store data.

The FileQueen project was introduced in 2017 and became one of the most successful token vendors (ICOs) in the history of digital currencies, raising $ 200 million. By 2020, everything was in line with this project, and it was launched in the same year. At the beginning of launching the main file of Quinn fileFIL price, The digital currency of the FileQueen network, rose sharply when suddenly something unexpected happened. Withdrawal of many miners due to unreasonable activity in this system caused the price of this digital currency to experience a sharp decline.

Now the developers of FileQueen are trying to improve the previous technical problems of this project. Many digital currency experts are very optimistic about the future of File Coin and believe that its price is much lower than its real price.

Due to the increasing importance of decentralized file storage and the current state of the Kevin file, this project is ranked fifth on our list.

6. Algorand (ALGO)

The best digital currencies to invest in 2021
  • Price at the time of writing : $ 1
  • Rank in terms of market value at the time of writing : 40

Algrand was on our list in 2020, and according to his plans for 2021, he is on our list again.

The Algrand project, which introduces itself as “China’s first block of pure stock proofs,” is set to host thousands of decentralized programs. The main strength of this project is its very successful team. The founder of this project is Silvio Micali, a famous computer and cryptography scientist. He has won numerous awards in the field of computers and cryptography and is the creator of the “zero knowledge proof” algorithm, which has been used in many digital currencies, including Ziksh.

In 2021, Algrand has many plans for decentralized finance (Defy) Which is now one of the fascinating topics in the field of digital currencies. This project is supposed to provide solutions to make Difai projects work without fraud and manipulation.

The Algrand network has also greatly improved over the past year, and according to the development team, the network can now process more than 46,000 transactions per second.

Although Algrand still has a long way to go before projects like Atrium can be accepted, it can be a good option for long-term investment.

7. Headra Hashograph (HBAR)

The best digital currencies to invest in 2021
  • Price at the time of writing : $ 0.12
  • Rank in terms of market value at the time of writing : 60

Hedera Hashgraph’s promising plans for 2021 and its interesting difference from other projects in this field made it our seventh choice.

Unlike the thousands of digital currencies on the market, Hadra does not use the Chinese blockchain. Make no mistake; This does not mean that Hedra is not decentralized, but only that the way it consents or confirms its transactions is different from Chinese blockchain projects. In fact, Hedra uses hashograph technology, the main idea of ​​which is Leemon Baird. For the first time in Hadra, he uses hashograph technology.

According to data on Hadra Hashgraf’s official website, the technology behind Hadra is powerful enough to verify 5 million transactions a day for a fee of $ 0.0001.

A look at the roadmap for this project in 2021 shows a rapid development trend. For example, in the first quarter of 2021, businesses can offer their tokens on the main Hydra network.

If we want to consider innovation as one of the criteria for choosing digital currency for investment, it is not without merit to look at Hadra Hashograph.

8. Decentralland (MANA)

The best digital currencies to invest in 2021
  • Price at the time of writing : $ 0.3
  • Rank in terms of market value at the time of writing : 89

This year’s trend is the field of digital currencies (NFT), which we will explain below. Decentralland, whose main token is called MANA, is one of the major NFT projects.

In short, Centralland is a virtual world that anyone can connect to by installing an Atrium wallet on their browser. In this virtual world, which is also somewhat decentralized, anyone can own their land, clothes and other personal assets and interact with others.

Then In this virtual world, lands and other items are traded with mana tokens, and since assets are unique tokens and are stored in a wallet, people literally own their lands.

Descentralland is in its infancy, and experts believe that more people will be attracted to it with the introduction of the mobile app and further development.

In addition to all these reasons, one of the main reasons why Mana is among the top ten digital currencies to invest in 2020 is the investment of large companies such as Gary Skill.

So if you are hoping for NFT, Mana could be one of your long-term investment options.


The best digital currencies to invest in 2021
  • Price at the time of writing : $ 14
  • Rank in terms of market value at the time of writing : 107

This option and the next option are more risky than the previous options and need to be more careful about them.

Flow has entered the digital currency market with strong backing and wants to be an ecosystem for digital applications, games and assets.

The team behind Flow is almost the same team that played in 2017 based on the Chinese blockchain CryptocurrenciesLaunched. The game was so successful that for some time the Atrium network was disrupted due to its transactions.

The Flow project, whose token has just entered exchange offices, has its own China blockchain, and its promises for the future are remarkable in their own right.

Given the potential of this project, it is likely that it will soon be available in larger exchanges such as Bainance and Coin Base, and this could greatly increase its price. Since our goal was to focus on a wider range of digital currencies, Flow ranks ninth.

10. Swipe (SXP)

The best digital currencies to invest in 2021
  • Price at the time of writing : $ 2.5
  • Rank in terms of market value at the time of writing : 126

The main purpose of Swipe is to facilitate payment in digital currencies; What was once the main target of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, ‌ but today is less noticed.

Bainance Exchange directly supports and invests in this project. Also, this token was recently added to the Binance Pay service along with big letters such as Bitcoin and Binance Coin.

The SWIP roadmap shows many plans that, if successful, will bring significant benefits to investors.

Bainance CEO Changopeng Zhao is close friends with Swip CEO Joselito, and this has not been without its effects on Swip’s successful marketing.

Joselito is also the founder of Token and the Venus Project, which is set to operate as a defa project in the China Binance blockchain. Therefore, the Venus project itself can be a good investment option, which we will take a look at later.

Still promising

The best digital currencies to invest in 2021

In this article, we tried to introduce newer projects than last year’s article, but many of the digital currencies introduced in last year’s article are still promising and can still be an investment option. I suggest you follow these projects in addition to the ones mentioned above so that you may be able to find investment opportunities from these:

Thezos (XTZ) : Thezos has not lost much of its momentum and has not seen much growth compared to other digital currencies that exploded in 2020, and many analysts believe it is at the bottom of the price.

If (REP) : If we accept gambling and forecasting will never go away, if, the largest forecasting market in the field of digital currencies, could be our investment option.

Engine Queen (ENJ) : The project has made great strides in the field of gaming and blockchain-based games, and has also recently been recognized as an asset in Japan. In the field of NFT, which is the trend of 2021 digital currencies, Engine Queen can be a jewel.

Block Stack (STX) : The idea of ​​a “decentralized Internet” using bitcoin blockchain security has made blockchain one of the most unique projects on the market. This project can still reach its peak.

This year Crypto Trend: NFT

The best digital currencies to invest in 2021

As the this articleWe wrote, digital currencies are money, or at least their purpose is to be money. This means that digital currencies must not only act as a store of value, an intermediary of exchange and a unit of calculation, but must also be exchangeable. This means that (if the conditions are normal) the value of one bitcoin is equal to another bitcoin, just as a thousand toman banknote is not different in value from another thousand toman banknote.

But NFTs are an exception to the latter rule. These tokens have been in good standing for years, but over the past year or so, tokens for unique artwork, collectibles, and virtual games have grown in popularity.

If you still do not know about NFTs, first read the article «What is a proverbial token?»Read.

Expert statistics show that the NFT sector is likely to see significant growth this year as demand for unique digital goods increases. But it is also possible that this sector will intersect with decentralized finance (DIFA) and other areas to create new products and services.

NFT tokens (collectibles) themselves are a good investment option, but if we invest in NFT‌ functional tokens, it makes more sense and is less risky. For example, the Decentralland playgrounds are each a unique token, but if you want to buy these tokens (fields), you must use the Decentralland functional token, the mana. It makes more sense to invest in mana here. Another example: The engine platform allows games to turn game items (such as diamonds, swords, costumes, etc.) into tokens, so the real owner of a game item will be the player himself. To pay the fees of this platform, you must use the Quin engine, which is a functional token. We mean investing in a Quinn engine, not a sword token.

Don’t forget that the NFT field is new and many of the projects in this field are either scams or have no purpose. In our list of the top 10 digital currencies, there are two projects in the field of NFT, namely Flow and Decentralland. Engine Queen was on our list last year, and this year we mentioned it in the headline “Still hopeful.”

By referring to This link You can track all tokens that work directly or indirectly in the NFT field.

A little risk?

The best digital currencies to invest in 2021

Here I would like to introduce three projects. It is very risky to invest in them, but if some conditions of return on investment in these projects occur, it can be extraordinary. Do not forget that you should not invest a lot of money in these projects.

Ripple (XRP) : No one can now say that investing in XRP is risk-free. The company has been subject to multibillion-dollar fines and expulsion from the United States following a complaint by the US Stock Exchange Commission against Ripple. However, if Ripple wins in court (which is very unlikely), the price of XRP will explode. Ripple is also in a very good position in the Japanese jurisdiction, and it may be the savior of the company.

Definiti (ICP) : Definiti, one of Atrium’s competitors, raised about $ 195 million in 2018 and was scheduled to launch in 2020, which was delayed until early 2021. As I write this, the Definite Network is up and running, but its tokens have not yet reached the exchanges and are only available in advance in one exchange. Experts believe that Definiti has not fulfilled what it promised in 2018, but may be able to revive itself.

Venus (XVS) : Now that I’m writing this article and looking at the 100 market tokens, I only see the Tellur project that might be able to pull itself up. Has good ideas and support; Bainance is a direct sponsor of it, and its founder is the CEO of Swipe, which was introduced above as one of the investment options. The only downside is that it is heavily dependent on Bainance and appears to be a complete copy of the Maker project on the atrium.

Follow the Difai domain

The best digital currencies to invest in 2021

In this article, I did not mention Defy projects much, because I think at the time the article is published, Defy has entered a period of madness and bubbles, and many Defy tokens are traded at a higher price than the real value.

However, this area is moving forward very promisingly and should be pursued for the rest of the year and entered in the right place.

Making a profit in the field of defense is possible in two ways:

  • Direct investment on the token itself
  • Activity in the project and profit from participation

You can invest directly in project tokens that you think have a future. It’s just like investing in the stock of a company that you think has a future. For example, if you think decentralized ion swap exchanges or the Compound payment platform are good projects, you can invest in tokens for these projects.

You can also benefit from commissions by providing liquidity for projects using your assets. Simply put, in a Diffay project, you can donate your assets to the project to lend or exchange with other people and receive a portion of the fees.

Remember that these activities are not risk-free and you may lose some or all of your assets along the way. Working on these projects without sufficient research is like pouring money into a well.

From This link You can follow Defy projects.


The best digital currencies to invest in 2021

The best digital currencies for investing is a question I am always asked in the comments section or on social media. To meet this demand, I introduced digital currencies, which I think are the best options for long-term investment in 2021. Certainly Polkadat, Cardano, China Link, Olench, Terra, etc. could have been on my list, but I did not want to name 50 digital currencies or fill the article with only the currencies at the top of the table.

I reiterate that all the contents of this article are my personal opinion and I have no responsibility for your losses. It is definitely the duty of every investor to do thorough research and assess their conditions before investing.

Remember that the overall market situation plays a major role in your profits and losses and can affect all of your choices; Like in 2017 and 2018, in the former you made a profit on everything you bought and in the latter you lost everything you bought. Always invest with a certain amount of money so that if all of it is lost, there will be no problem in your life. Also, as a general rule of thumb, if you invest in the long run, your risk will be reduced, because the history of the digital currency market shows that long-term investors win the field; Provided that the right projects are invested in.

I hope this article can help you be more successful in the digital currency market.