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The Best Cannibal Movies From Hannibal To Raw

The Best Cannibal Movies From Hannibal To Raw

Undoubtedly, Watching Movies With The Theme Of Eating Human Flesh Is Not A Pleasant Entertainment, But Under The Genre Of Cannibalism, We See Important And Influential Works In Cinema. 

Cannibal Movies From Hannibal To Raw, From the earliest days of the horror genre, filmmakers have enjoyed shocking audiences and changing the established boundaries of the genre on the silver screen.

A large part of the answer to the question of why fans of the genre are looking for new territories to explore is; it boils down to the simple fact that they always hope that the next movie will have something genuinely original and original to offer they haven’t seen before.

This article contains violent images and is not recommended for children under the age of 18

Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Of course, one should also pay attention to the critical fact that the existing taboos in this field have changed over decades. What was known as a shocking point in 1930 now provides more reasons for the viewer to laugh, just like if they showed a movie from the current era to the audience of that era, it would cause them deep fear.

The show of cannibalism is undoubtedly one of the taboos of cinema that still has the power to annoy viewers. We have seen such issues in horror movies for decades that the villains of the story feed on human flesh. But this subject is so unpleasant and original that it doesn’t matter how many times you see it because every time, it leaves the same memorable impression on the viewer.

Perhaps the most controversial films related to cannibalism belong to the works of Italian cinema during the seventies and early eighties—movies with an exploitative look often take place in South America and the Amazon rainforest.

That is where primitive tribes still live, far from civilized societies. On the other hand, the most extreme example of this field today, the movie “Cannibal Holocaust,” is like a white-fronted cow, which gained a bad reputation due to its violent content and indescribable cruelty against animals in real life.

However, this infamy has become a source of fame for this film in another way. Another issue that should be considered is that until now, cannibalism has been portrayed in terrible but different ways in cinematographic works.

Sometimes this movement causes laughter and is displayed symbolically and metaphorically, but it is still used as a standard but common way to scare the audience. Be with Zoomji by reviewing the best cannibal movies.

The best cannibal movies

The character of Fawad Ramses in the movie Blood Feast

15- Blood Feast movie

Blood Feast movie

  • Genre: Horror
  • Director: Herschel Gordon Lewis
  • Year of construction: 1963
  • Average scores of Blood Feast on IMDB: 5

The story of the horror film Blood Feast revolves around the efforts of an Egyptian man who is trying to revive the ancient goddess Ishtar. This man, Fouad Ramses, begins collecting young maidens’ body parts to bring this ancient goddess of good and evil back to life. Finally, he traps a young girl and tries to present the girl to Ishtar as the final sacrifice in the ancient summoning ceremony.

Blood Feast is considered the first film of the slasher sub-genre, which was noted for its graphic representation of grief on the screen. The film was hugely successful when it was released, making $4 million at the box office against a measly $24,000 budget. Of course, in front of the audience’s reception, the critics did not show much joy in this film, and a group of them evaluated it as an amateur and vulgar movie.

The characters of Walter and Giovanni in the forest in the movie Cannibal Frax

14- Cannibal Ferox movie

Cannibal Ferox movie

  • Genre: horror, adventure
  • Director : Umberto Lensi
  • Year of construction: 1981
  • Average rating of Cannibal Ferox on IMDB: 1.5

Cannibal Frax may be far from the best Italian cannibal films, but it is undoubtedly one of the most shocking. Of course, watching this movie, you’ll notice that there’s not much of the intelligence of Cannibal Holocaust, but Cannibal Frax offers some of the most graphic and disturbing scenes.

The scenes of this movie are so shocking that it is not suitable for everyone to watch

The film follows the same basic plot of similar stories: an explorer from the civilized world who is captured and eaten by primitive cannibals in a remote forest. However, the sadism and hatred shown in this film are high. It is because of the special effects used in the movie. Compellingly brutal visions. Perhaps this is why the film’s marketing department claims that Cannibal Frax has been banned in 31 countries, a claim that seems a little unlikely. However, looking at the film’s content, one thing is clear, Cannibal Frax is unsuitable for people with weak stomachs.

The character of the movie Green Hell among the cannibalistic natives of South America

13- The Green Inferno movie

Green Hell movie

While cannibal movies have taken many forms over the past few decades, there have been few attempts to revive the old horrors based on the infamous forest of cannibals. I mean, especially the old Italian films of the early eighties that were made with such a vision. However, in 2013, Eli Roth tried to introduce this sub-genre to a younger audience who might not be familiar with the old films in this field, and that’s how Green Hell was made.

Like his other successful film, Hostel, Roth made Green Hell with a political eye. Here’s the story of a group of young and naïve environmentalists who travel to the Amazon rainforest to protest the destruction of native tribes’ habitat by a greedy logging company. But soon, things get out of control, and they are captured by a group of native tribes and have a place on their dinner menu.

The plot of Green Hell seems a little chaotic, perhaps because the director is torn between humor and the presentation of shocking scenes of carnivory. However, fans of horror films will not be disappointed to watch this movie because, anyway, this movie is more about reviving cannibals in the forest, which have not been noticed for a long time.

The cannibalistic scene in the cannibalistic apocalypse movie produced in Italy

12- Cannibal Apocalypse movie

Cannibal Apocalypse movie

For decades, the Italian film industry was known for its profound influence on Hollywood cinema. The success of works such as Star Wars or Jaws could quickly lead to the creation of dozens of copies of the original film. But in 1980 and with the peak of Italian cinema works with cannibalism, the director Antonio Margheriti decided to take a different turn this time, inspired by the classic and successful film ” Apocalypse Now, “which was dedicated to the theme of the Vietnam War, a movie with to present the issue of cannibalism.

This entertaining and somewhat ridiculous work looks at the lives of two Vietnam War veterans infected with the cannibalism virus. After the war ended, these two returned to the streets of Atlanta and engaged in assault and cannibalism. This film is a sad work, but it also has positive points. The soundtrack of the film, as well as the brilliant performance of the American actor “John Saxon,” is one of these points, the actor we know for his role in such films as “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Black Christmas.”

The characters of Julien and Sabina in the movie Cannibalism are who we are

11- We Are What We Are movie

The movie is what we are

While many of the films on this list have portrayed cannibals as an evil threat, We Are Who We Are puts them in the position of main characters.

This film narrates the story of a family that faces many problems after the death of the father and head of the family, such as preparing the next meal. To satisfy their hunger, the family members start kidnapping people, but these disappearances in the small town where they live soon attract the attention of the police. The film’s atmosphere is gloomy, and its lack of sympathetic characters is evident. However, this film is wonderfully directed, and its effect remains in the audience’s mind long after watching. In 2013, we saw another fantastic remake of this movie with the same title.

Jack and Alan filming in the forest where the cannibals live in the movie Cannibal Holocaust

10- Cannibal Holocaust movie

Cannibal Holocaust movie

  • Genre: horror, adventure
  • Director : Rogero Deodato
  • Year of construction: 1980
  • The average score of Cannibal Holocaust on IMDB: is 5/8

This classic work is still one of the outstanding and worthy works in the cycle of horror related to the theme of cannibalism in Italy. Perhaps it should be said that this work is the best example of this subgenre, although sometimes even watching one of the most successful and noteworthy examples of cinema can be extremely difficult and unpleasant. Well, it seems that the movie Cannibal Holocaust also belongs to this group.

This movie contains unremarkable violence against animals, which makes it impossible for everyone to watch it.

This movie consists of two parts. The first half is about an American anthropologist who travels to the Amazon jungle to find out what happened to a team of missing documentary makers who disappeared after a trip to the area.

He realizes that all these people have been killed. Now the second half of the film begins, which gives the audience a chance to find out what happened to these people by watching the found footage. And it is only there that we discover what heinous acts this group did to create exciting and unforgettable work. They did not stop inciting, persecuting, and torturing the native people to achieve their goals.

However, this behavior has resulted in a terrible outcome for them, which is painful to watch.

The film Cannibal Holocaust is a powerful and well-crafted commentary on the role of documentarians and the impact of the so-called civilized world on people who live far from communities and in closed environments.

But it should also be noted that this film uses an exploitative and brutal method to express its point of view. In the movie, we see indefensible violence against animals and extremely excruciating scenes of the preparation of cannibal tribes’ meals, which not everyone has the heart to watch.

The remarkable technique of this work had a noticeable influence on other films such as “The Blair Witch Project,” and it can be said that watching this film, even after almost forty years since its creation, is still surprising and impressive.

Beatrice Dahl in the film Trouble Every Day

9- Trouble Everyday movie

Daily trouble movie

Claire Danes are better known for acclaimed art dramas like Beau Travail than for cannibalistic horrors. But in 2001, he combined both fields to present a different work. In the movie “Dresser Every Day,” we see the performance of the well-known French actress “Béatrice Dahl” in the role of a mysterious and cannibalistic woman who her husband imprisons. “Vincent Gallo” has also appeared the part of an American man obsessed with this woman.

It’s a slow-paced, artistic work that doesn’t belong in a typical horror movie category. But fans of strange and adventurous filmmaking will appreciate this uncompromising combination and enjoy watching this work.

Mary Beth Hart and Randy Quaid in Cannibalistic Parents

8- Parents’ movie

Parents movie

  • Genre: horror, mystery, comedy
  • Director : Bob Balaban
  • Year of construction: 1989
  • The average rating of Parents on IMDB: is 1.6

Bob Balaban is best known as the actor in classic films such as “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “Gosford Park,” and “Isle of Dogs.” Still, it is interesting to know that In 1989, he made his first directorial experience by creating a horror and comedy film.

The film “Parents” story takes place in the 1950s and focuses on the life of a ten-year-old boy named Michael, who is convinced that his parents are cannibals. Much of the film’s success was because the audience was never sure whether Michael’s mother and father (Mary Beth Hart and Randy Quaid) were the flesh-eating monsters that Michael believed they were. The stunning performances and the sweet humor of this fifties film made this film gain many fans over the years.

One of the scary scenes in the movie "The hills have eyes".

7- The Hills Have Eyes movie

The hills have eyes

The Hills Have Eyes is one of those rare remakes that has improved its overall level impressively compared to the original version. The original, directed by Wes Craven and produced in 1977, was a horror thriller that was strangely enjoyable to watch. In contrast, Alexander Aja’s remake of this film has shown a more frightening, cruel, and bloody work.

The movie’s story is straightforward: a family’s car breaks down in the desert of New Mexico. Then, a group of cannibalistic and terrifying mutants living in the mountains arrive and trap the family and eat them. In contrast to the simple and almost usual storyline, the production team, with the help of make-up artists and famous and unpleasant face painting, have succeeded in creating terrifying creatures that easily terrify the viewer.

The scene of the first meeting of the characters of the horror movie Fresh or Farsh

6- Fresh cannibalism movie

fresh movie

  • Genre: comedy, horror, psychological
  • Director: Mimi Q
  • Year of construction: 2022
  • The average score of news on IMDB: is 6/7

The new movie’s story is about the life of a girl named Noa who meets a man named Steve in a grocery store. Desperate to find a friend on dating apps, she gives Steve her number. Several events bring her closer to Steve, but Noah eventually realizes that this caring new friend is trying to hide something from her about his unusual appetite.

Sir Anthony Hopkins and Ray Liotta in the horror film Hannibal

5- Hannibal movie

Hannibal movie

  • Genre: Drama, Horror, Psychological
  • Director: Ridley Scott
  • Year of construction: 2001
  • Average rating of Hannibal on IMDB: 6/8

Although Anthony Hopkins, in the role of the famous serial killer Dr. Hannibal Lecter in the movie Silence of the Lambs from 1991, shined very brightly and left a deep impression, in reality, the audience of this movie did not have much opportunity to watch him cannibalize. At the same time, this issue does not apply to the cinema Hannibal, directed by Ridley Scott.

Hannibal takes a different route here, which is ridiculously entertaining. On the other hand, this movie ends with one of the craziest scenes you will probably encounter in such famous works, which again adds to the charm of this work.

The story is about Paul Chandler, played by Ray Liotta, who is among the corrupt officials of the Department of Justice and is captured by Dr. Lecter. He drugs Paul and then removes the top of his skull.

While tied to a chair and not knowing that his brain is now exposed, the innocent Krendler begins to eat a part of his brain that Dr. Lecter had fried and ready to eat a few minutes before. Don’t you think this is an exciting ending for a movie about cannibalism?

Guy Pearce in the horror movie Greedy

4- Ravenous movie

greedy movie

  • Genre: Horror, Western, Adventure
  • Director: Antonio Bird
  • Year of construction: 1999
  • Average rating of Ravenous on IMDB: 6/9

Harris is one of those weird genre mash-ups that shouldn’t work, but it is surprisingly successful and efficient. The combination of the horror genre, western, and dark comedy, the production of which was accompanied by various problems. After its release, it was a complete commercial failure. However, this film is a very entertaining work that gained more attention over the following years.

Guy Pearce stars in the film as an army captain sent to a remote military outpost during the Mexican-American War in the 1840s. There, he meets a mysterious man named Calquhowan (Robert Carlyle), who tells him stories about cannibalism. During the growing cold and winter, everything in this remote place becomes strange and dark, and the stage is set for surprises to come.

This movie has some horrible things to offer. But the presence of Antonio Bird, who took responsibility for the work after the original director was fired during the production of the film, as well as the fantastic music of Michael Nyman, has made this film a funny and exciting work.

Grant Marillier plays Justin in Raw Horror

3- Raw movie

raw footage

  • Genre: Drama, Horror
  • Director : Julia Dacorno
  • Year of construction: 2016
  • The average score of Raw on IMDB: is 7

It might be interesting to know that some of the most influential horror films of the last decade originated in France, and Raw is undoubtedly one of them. This film gained a lot of fame during its screening at the film festival, and its depicted scenes of cannibalism made the audience swoon many times. Sure, the film has intense sequences, but there’s more to the raw footage than the display of horrific shocks, making it such an impressive work.

This film, which Julia D’Corno directed, is about a vegetarian named Justin, who suddenly develops a strange desire for cannibalism after starting his studies in veterinary medicine. The atmosphere of the raw film is bizarre and dreamlike and has a surprising amount of dark humor that profoundly affects the audience.

In addition, the actor who played the role of Justin gave an extraordinary performance. Justin’s character still has significant emotional depth, even as he struggles to control his growing desire to eat human flesh.

Kurt Russell as the sheriff in Bone Tomahawk

2- Bone Tomahawk movie

Bone Tomahawk movie

  • Genre: Drama, Horror, Western
  • Director : Craig Zaller
  • Year of construction: 2015
  • The average score of Bone Tomahawk on IMDB: is 1.7

Bone Tomahawk is Craig Zaller’s directorial debut. The film is about the life of a sheriff in a small town who tries to save the lives of three people who a tribe of cannibalistic natives has kidnaped. Next, the audience witnesses something almost like a trip to hell on earth because the rescue team realizes they are facing an enemy whose brutality knows no bounds.

Bone Tomahawk was a box office success and received mostly positive reviews, praising Zahler’s script and direction and the cast’s performances.

A member of the Leatherface family in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

1- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie

Chainsaw Massacre in Texas

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie is a well-known American horror and slasher movie banned in several countries due to its violence. On the other hand, many movie theaters stopped showing the film in response to complaints about excessive violence.

Although this film faced mixed reactions from critics, it had good sales at the box office, and after several years of its initial broadcast, it gradually gained attention and fame for itself.

The movie is about some friends who fall victim to a family of cannibals while visiting an old house. Initially, it was claimed that the film was based on a true story, encouraging more audiences to see it. But in practice, this film was only inspired by little details of the murderous crimes of “Ed Ginn”; on the other hand, a large part of its plot was fictional.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of the best and most influential horror films that profoundly influenced other slasher genre works, including the use of power tools as killer weapons and the description of the killer as a faceless person with a bulky body. Cited.

So, what do you think about the works mentioned in this list? What do you think are the best works presented in this field? Are you at all interested in watching movies with cannibal content?

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