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The Advantage Of Buying A Camera From A Canon

Today, in the field of cameras and camcorders, many different brands are competing to take over this popular market, among which, Canon is the best, most popular, and highest quality, which uses a variety of cameras for all users from beginners to professionals.

The company has reputable agencies around the world, one of the largest and most active agencies in our country.

Canon dealership has made appropriate arrangements for the convenience and especially the reassurance of its customers for the safe purchase of Canon-certified cameras and original accessories, some of which we will mention below; But before that, let’s look at two important questions: What benefits can buying from a Canon dealer have for the user?

 Why is it always recommended that customers buy from a Canon dealer?

Obviously, in the first place, the reasonable price of cameras and their accessories in the Canon dealership is one of the main reasons for customers to buy from the Canon dealership; But more importantly, the originality of the camera and the accessories inside the box, including the battery and charger, that the buyer must pay attention to; Because sometimes, by replacing the original accessories with non-original accessories, many problems have been created for the buyers, and this is the most important reason for requiring the purchase from a reputable dealer.

Canon dealership in Iran is proud to seek the satisfaction of its loyal customers with its experienced and experienced staff, both in the field of specialized advice on purchasing a camera and its accessories and in the field of after-sales service for Canon products ( Canon cameras ).

For this reason, the company has directly offered the best quality Canon products to reassure customers. Customers can buy the products they need both in person and by visiting the company’s sales office, as well as online and online.

This can make shopping easy and safe for customers living in Tehran and other dear compatriots in all parts of the country.

Buyers of Canon products can enjoy free training on how to use the purchased product when buying in person or in-person from a Canon dealer.

All products are offered at Canon dealerships with a 36-month company warranty and a 10-year after-sales service, including free trial services and product hardware and software support.

Also, Canon camera and lens customers can cover their camera and lens by paying a set premium and benefit from insurance services including shock, fracture, abrasion, fire, and electrical and electronic fluctuations.


Types of Canon cameras

Canon cameras fall into two general categories: Powershot series (compacts); ۲. Eos series.

Powershot series (compacts)

Compact cameras or so-called home cameras are divided into three groups: Ixus series; 2. G series; 3. Sx series.

Ixus series

Ixus cameras are small and slim in size and can even be placed in a pocket. The Ixus cameras are of poor quality and have a moderate zoom; Therefore, it is one of the cheapest cameras in the world and is mostly used for organizational and administrative purposes to record construction projects.

Sx series

The Sx series cameras are small in size and have high optical zoom power, are of good quality, and are mostly used for home and corporate use. Compact cameras have fewer features than advanced models; For this reason, you can always get them at more affordable prices. If you are looking for long-distance photography or zoom is more important to you than quality photography, compact cameras are the best choice for you.

Compact cameras have a fixed lens and it is not possible to upgrade the camera by changing the lens; therefore, they are not used for advanced and professional purposes.

G series

The G series cameras are relatively smaller than the Eos series and have moderate zoom power. G-Series cameras generally have f2 / 8 lenses, which makes them significantly sharper than other series. G series cameras do not have the ability to change the lens; For this reason, they are much more affordable than their DSLR cameras.

G series cameras are great for home use and high quality and accurate photography; As most professional photographers have a G Series camera with all the cameras and equipment because of its small size and satisfactory quality.


Eos series cameras

Eos series cameras are divided into two groups: Dslr series; ۲. Series M.

DSLR series

They are professional cameras that take advantage of many features and excellent quality and the ability to change the lens, and you can increase the quality of your photos over time by changing the lens.

DSLR cameras are used for home and professional applications due to their satisfactory features and quality, including studio, industrial, modeling, laboratory, and sports photography, and are the best choice for educational purposes due to their manual mode (M).

DSLR cameras are always used in the film and documentary industry due to the use of the latest video formats and the best recording quality.

M series

Cameras with excellent quality photography and video recording and have the ability to change the lens. The dimensions and weight of this series are much lighter than the Dslr series.

The M Series cameras do not have a mirror, which improves the camera’s processor, resulting in increased ISO range (sensor sensitivity) and lower quality photos in low light.

With the passage of time and the advancement of technology, cameras are moving towards mirrorlessness, and currently, the only weakness of this series is the lack of variety of lenses and hardware components in the market.