Some important Reasons for not Ranking your website

What’s wrong with not communicating your post in Google search results despite optimizing your post? Is this problem caused by your website being Google? Not written, or is there another issue? What stops you from ranking first in Google search outcomes? This article will look at ten possible reasons why your website is not ranked in Google search results.

Possible problems can be divided into four parts:

Indexing and crawl problems: How to check your site in Google and find out the causes why your site or page is not in Google results

Problems with your website: Is Google missing your website because of technical issues?

Relationship Issues: Has the internal link system and lack of quality backlinks made your website a loss?

Content and keyword issues: Is your content of the necessary quality and in line with searchers’ needs? Are your keywords competitive in your text?

Indexing and crawl problems

  • Your site or page will not be depicted on Google
  •  Site or page has just been created
  • Your content is not indexed
  • Bad site or the page has been blocked by robots.txt by Google

Your place or courier will not be depicted on Google

If you do not know if your site is written in Google or not, you can search for your site address in Google search, for illustration, you can search for area:, if your site occurred in search results, it means Google is aware of your site, so your site is not optimized.

Solution: First, check that the Yoast SEO plugin for your website is set up perfectly. And check if the post-production settings are in Google search results.

Your site or page has just been created.

If your site or page is recently constructed, it may not have been written with Google yet; sometimes, it can take days or even weeks for this process to complete.

Solution: First, check if your site is registered with Google or not. If it is not written, you can first install Yoast SEO and submit your sitemap to Google Search Console to cover your website.

Your content is not indexed.

One of the most common causes a website or a specific page is not indexed is to use index code in your content. This forces Google bots to refrain from indexing pages as soon as they meet the code.

Solution: Look at your content in code source mode and delete it if you find it somewhere on the same code page <meta name = “robots” content = “noindex”>.

Your site or page has been blocked by robots.txt by Google.

Blocking the search of crawling bots on your website to facilitate traffic is a dangerous action that can significantly damage your SEO. The process of blocking crawlers is done in a file called robots.txt. In acquisition, there are settings in WordPress that, by starting it, WordPress will do its best to keep crawlers away from your content. Other technological problems may cause this error so that Google will not index your site correctly.

Sufficient technical issues in ranking your website

If your page or website is indexed but not in the Google ranking results, it likely has technical problems. It is enough to use our SEO optimization tool to solve this problem.

  • Your website will not be ranked in Google search results because it has technical problems.
  • Google will penalize you for violating SEO rules.
  • Your site does not have a proper internal link structure
  • There are a few links to your site

Your website will not be ranked in Google search effects because it has technical problems.

If you want your website to be ranked in Google, it must meet the minimum technical criteria. Loading speed and security are the most important of these factors.

Solution: Troubleshooting the site relies on the sort of technical issues, and we can not review all of them here:

  • Set up the Yoast plugin correctly.
  • Check that your site loads in the shortest possible time.
  • Ensure your site keeps the HTTPS: // protocol and your site security certificates are up to date.
  • Check that plugins and plugins do not pose a problem for your site.

Google will penalize you for disregarding SEO rules

If you use inappropriate techniques to increase your SEO and violate Google rules, you can be sure that Google will eventually penalize you and your website’s ranking problem.

Solution: Then check if Google has penalized your site for having this type of problem or not? To do this, check the Manual Actions tab in the Google Search Console (GSC) section and see if there is a problem in this section. Having a good internal link structure and quality linking is crucial if you want to rank high in search results. Google has checked every link it finds in your content, and if these links have problems, it will negatively affect your website ranking.

Your site does not have a proper internal link structure.

Another reason why your content does not seem in search results is due to the internal link design of your site. This is an essential part of your SEO strategy. Using the right site structure will lead to a better understanding of your site content by Google. If your internal link structure is not good, you will lose your ranking in Google search results even if your site content is excellent.

Solution: It is straightforward to start adding links to your content and link your most important posts and pages to these pages. Rigorously avoid linking to irrelevant content and link to the content that is most valuable to your users. You can use the Yoast SEO plugin to find posts without internal links. Even our plugin can find the best content to link to.

There are a few links to your site.

You should know that your content will not be ranked immediately if you have just launched your website, even if you have optimized everything. To enhance your website ranking, you need to get links from other sites.

Content topics and keywords are effective in ranking a website

  • Your site is outstanding in every way, but the competition is very close
  • Poor quality or unrelated keyword content

Your site is excellent in every way, but the competition is very close

In most cases, the reason for the low ranking of the website is that there is close competition. If you optimize your content for competing keywords, chances are you won’t get ranked that soon.

To find out if this is a problem, you should check the Google results pages for your keyword. Do sites like Wikipedia or Amazon fill the results page? If you see a lot of places that have been on the front page for a long time, most likely, your site does not yet have the necessary qualifications to be next to these sites. So if you optimize your site, unfortunately, you will not have an option to occur on the first page of search results.

Poor quality or unrelated keyword content

The last thing that can guide your content website to not rank is that your content does not match the target people who search for your keyword. Search target has become an essential element for search engines these days.

Solution: Unfortunately, you cannot modify the target of search engine users. But you can adjust your content strategy to it. If your optimized content is not ranked, take a good look at the search results and diagnose what you see.


As you know, there are numerous reasons for not Ranking your website, but in This article, we talked about the necessary ones. Therefore we hope you will learn these issues and you will employ them.