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Some Features of Android 12 that you should know

In Android 12, we notice beautiful visual changes such as dynamic themes to enhance gaming elements and increase privacy. In this article, we present these credentials.

And In Android 12, visual updates such as the new formation of widgets and components such as enhanced privacy elements can be seen. At first glimpse, it may seem that the latest version of Android has changed only in build; But that’s not all; Because new features have been added to Android 12 that are worth exploring.

The new features of Android 12

  • Wallpaper based dynamic theme
  • Game Dashboard
  • One-handed mode
  • Quick Tip
  • Direct sharing in the Recents overview menu
  • Privacy dashboard
  • Darken the screen
  • Conversation widget
  • Scroll screenshots

Wallpaper based dynamic theme

Monet dynamic theming engine is one of the prominent elements of Android 12 that makes the theme look very impressive. The engine receives wallpaper colors and uses them in the UI to construct themes. Colors are also involved in applications that are updated to keep the theme engine. Dynamic Android 12 engine does not make the user interface light. Even a simple change of wallpaper is enough to gain a new look.

Game Dashboard

One of the only elements of Android 12 is the Game Dashboard, which enhances the gaming experience of users by containing essential tools and information such as the power to record game execution and stream game sessions on YouTube and display the FPS live counter. You can even choose one of three other gaming profiles (Performance, Standard, and Battery Saver) based on your needs. Nevertheless, this certain element only works for games that have been updated to fit Android 12 APIs.

You can allow the Android 12 Game Dashboard element by going to Settings> Notifications> Do Not Disturb. Then, like the Schedules choice from the drop-down menu. Tap Gaming to enter a new page where you can enable the Game Dashboard choice. Also, if you do not want notifications to be displayed while the game is running, you can allow the Do Not Disturb for games choice.

One-handed mode

Inspired by Android side skins, Google has added a native on-handed element to Android 12. As the name suggests, you can operate your phone with one hand. This element is appropriate for devices with large screens such as the Pixel 6 Pro.

On your device, go to Settings> System> Gestures, then tap One-Handed mode and turn it on. You can now access the on-handed shortcut at the bottom of the page. Unlike the implementation of Samsung and Xiaomi, the one-handed mode in Android 12 on Google Pixel takes the entire user interface to the bottom of the screen to make it easier to access elements with the thumb. You can exit this mode by tapping any part of the top of the screen.

Quick Tap

Google introduced the new Quick Tap element in Android 12 by adapting the Back Tap feature in iOS 14. With the simple double-tap feature, you can run an app on the back of the phone, change voice controls, take screenshots, view recent apps, or enable Google Assistant. You can enable the Quick Tap feature in the menu Settings> System> Gestures in Android .12. Assign custom action to Quick Tap by priority.

Direct sharing in the Recents overview menu

Quick image sharing has been enhanced from the Recents summary menu in Android 12. Now you can readily drag and drop images from Instagram or a web page in Chrome or other similar apps. A list of suggested contacts is displayed at the bottom of the page for quick sharing. This will make the whole process of sharing content faster and easier than the Recents resume.

Privacy dashboard

Google has enhanced its privacy measures with the Privacy Dashboard, supplying a summary of access to apps, location data, cameras, microphones, and other licenses over the past 24 hours. If you are obsessed with apps installed on your device about location data or eavesdropping, you can utilize the Privacy Dashboard to confirm. You can access this section from Settings> Privacy> Privacy dashboard.

Darken the screen

If the screen brightness bothers you even the least, you can use the new Extra Dim option. This feature is appropriate for people who stare at the screen in a dark room. You can find this choice under Settings> Accessibility> Extra dim; Of course, there is also a quick setting option for it.

Conversation widget

Google has updated the widgets in Android 12 and the Conversation widget to this collection. With this widget, you can access your most frequent discussions with just one tap. To add the Conversation widget to your Home screen, follow these steps:

Hold your hand on the empty part of the home screen for a moderately long time. From the menu that seems, select Widgets Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Conversation. In this area, you will see the Conversation widget.
You can resize the widget. Now select the recent conversation that you want to be in the widget. You can access it just by tapping the conversation.

Note that the Conversation widget does not dynamically update deals; Rather, you have to manually adjust the conversation specified to the widget by tapping the pencil icon.

Scroll screenshots

Gone are the days when taking screenshots was enough; Users usually need long lists of screenshots. Scrolling screenshots No longer need to take multiple screenshots to record a long list. Instead, you can take a screenshot and select Capture more from the toolbar that appears at the bottom of the screen. Note that this option only appears in guides or places where long screenshots can be taken.

One of the advantages of enforcing Google is that it permits you to choose when to begin and end screenshots; So you can record precisely the part you want.

Android 12 is one of the largest and most consequential updates of this operating system in current years. This version concentrates on enhancing the abilities of Android 10 and 11; however, it also delivers a bunch of new features.