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Small and cheap drones equipped with artificial intelligence are being added to the US defense network

The Pentagon plans to develop a fleet of small, smart and cheap drones to counter threats from other countries.

The US military is considering adding artificial intelligence-enabled systems to its defense network. In this regard, the Pentagon plans to develop a fleet of small, smart and cheap drones with the aim of countering the threat of other countries, and plans to finance its fleet in order to achieve this goal.

The Pentagon is working to expand its fleet of drones and autonomous systems over the next two years and bolster its military capabilities with artificial intelligence-based equipment.

cheap drones

The US is strengthening its military power: using small, cheap and artificial intelligence-based drones

According to the Wall Street Journal, apparently, the US military is trying to add new systems based on artificial intelligence, including small, cheap and intelligent drones to its defense system. The related report mentions that an official of the US Ministry of Defense has announced that the country plans to use artificial intelligence and small and cheap drones based on this technology against the threat of some countries, including China.

This is not the only program that the US Department of Defense is pursuing. Rather, this country is trying to add other capabilities to its drone network. For example, the Pentagon plans to develop special sensors to monitor other countries’ military activity.

Strengthening the US military power with an artificial intelligence system will probably form a fleet of solar drones that have the power to send and transmit signals as quickly as possible. It is not yet clear what kind of artificial intelligence is used in US drones and surveillance equipment. Even the details of this program have not yet been determined.

Currently, the US military is equipped with a large network of military drones and has been working on developing weapons based on artificial intelligence for years. But it seems that the Pentagon plans to add other programs to its previous programs.