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Six Things You Need To Know To Buy And Sell Digital Currencies

Buying And Selling Digital Currencies Can Be An Emotional Experience. Because They Are Exchanged Very Quickly, And Different Methods Are Used In Trading These Currencies.

Some people buy and sell digital currencies in the short term for cross-sectional profits and make a profit depending on their price changes. Others are looking for long-term investment and see digital currencies as a means of storing value.

All of this makes digital currency trading enjoyable and potentially profitable. On the other hand, the same issue can cause titles FOMO and FUD to Be remembered. FOMO stands for “Fear of missing out,” which means fear of loss. The term is used in the digital currency space when a person is worried about losing their return on investment or decision.

FUD also stands for “Fear, uncertainty, and doubt,” meaning fear and doubt.

The term is commonly used to refer to uncertainty about a situation.

Both of these situations cause a person to make decisions based on emotions instead of relying on facts. Therefore, to maximize the risks in the digital currency space, it is necessary to control one’s emotions.

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One: Plan

One of the most important steps before entering the digital currency market is to set a specific goal and determine your intention to enter the market. Before buying and selling any digital currency, you need to ask yourself these questions:

1- To what extent does buy and selling digital currencies correspond to your general economic situation? Do you have any other savings? If not, is this the best way to start investing? Is there another way to provide more economic security for you?

2. Will you be able to afford the investment you make in digital currencies economically?

3- Are you aware of the instability and risks in this market?

4- Do you buy digital currencies for sale, or do you intend to keep them?

Two: Do ​​some research

It is necessary before investing in the field of Digital currenciesFind out about the technology behind it and check it out. Make sure the job report (WhitepaperHave you studied the projects you intend to invest in? Also, make sure that the currency you are looking for is in the right context for the technology. While doing both of these does not guarantee your success, it will help you better understand your purchase.

Three: Choose the right exchange

Choosing the right platform will help you reach your ultimate goal based on the plan you have laid out. Some of these platforms have multiple supported currencies, while others have a handful of others.

Finally, Some of these platforms allow you to convert your digital currencies into currencies, but some do not. Some have the ability to purchase currencies through other currencies, and some do not provide this feature to users. Finding out which platform is best for you is a must.

To make this choice, you need to pay attention to a few points:


Use one Exchange Located in your own country would be more appropriate because of the legal framework.

Coins and Trading Pairs:

Take a look at the platform you want to use. What coins are there to buy? What are the trading pairs like in them? Can you buy digital currency with common currencies? Or is it possible for users to buy only through digital currencies such as Bitcoin?

If you are looking for a long-term investment, exchanges that only work with basic pairs are good options. On the other hand, if you do not want to invest in binal term and want to take advantage of the daily changes in this market, an exchange with extensive facilities in this field will be suitable for you.


The security of a platform is of particular importance. What method does the website use to log in users? The more rigorous this method is, the better for you. Make sure your platform has all the requirements you need to protect your assets from hackers.

Always follow the news and comments about your chosen platform. One of the criteria for determining the security of the platform is constant access to their support team. Such a feature allows you to communicate with them in times of danger and trouble.

Four: Know your limitations

You need to be fully aware of your budget and act within those limits. The amount of funding you need to invest will vary depending on the plan you choose. Investing in digital currencies comes with many risks, so you need to invest money in them so that if you lose it, your life will not harm. Once you have set your limits, move forward within the same framework.

Never increase your investment by cyberspace whims or rumors. Because it can be catastrophic in your life.

Five: Use limited orders

The limit orders that can be used to perform stop-loss operations prevent the sudden losses caused by reducing cross-sectional prices in the market. Such orders allow you to determine at what price you will not be willing to sell your currencies. Limited orders will also guarantee your profit.

For example, if you buy a currency for twenty dollars. If you expect the value of this currency to rise rapidly, you can set your limit at $ 19.99. In a sharp price drop, the platform will automatically sell your currencies at $ 19.99.

If the price of this currency goes up to twenty-five dollars, you can set a limit of twenty-four dollars. Most exchanges use such a system—test and test these systems before entering the market. There is no 100% functionality associated with such systems, but it can improve your profitability.

Six: Do not immerse yourself in market charts

At present, the nature of digital currencies demands many ups and downs in their prices. On the other hand, this issue has made the exchange of digital currencies attractive.

Prices can change in seconds and create opportunities. At the same time, such instabilities can create emotional ups and downs for buyers and sellers. Looking at market charts can raise your blood pressure and eventually lead to an emotional decision on your part. Looking at such charts 24 hours a day can not help you control your emotions.

So use them as much as possible.


Buying and selling digital currencies is a rewarding and exciting activity. But it is full of risks, and it is mixed with emotions. Therefore, reading the above can help you find a “middle ground” in this market.