Site SEO training

Site SEO training

SEO of the site requires going through many steps. After designing or purchasing the site, this question will arise in your mind, how to SEO the site so that the website can be displayed to the customer in the best way? It would help if you considered SEO for your site to increase site visits and get closer to the first page of Google using specific keywords. SEO of the site is the best, most reliable, and least expensive way to increase visits and provide special services to customers.

Production of exclusive and creative content

The first step to seo the site is to produce exclusive and creative content. If you want more points from Google, it is recommended to use your creativity and produce content that no one but you has worked on.

Avoid copying content from other sites. Remember that copying content makes the source site and competitor’s site valid, and your site will be invalidated due to copying. Always look for exciting content. Creating valuable and useful content allows other sites to copy and receive credit from them.

The importance of optimizing images in site SEO

Another step for seo site is image optimization. When creating content, you will also need to use optimal images. Pictures can convey independent concepts, and you can also use pictures to complete your statements. It is always recommended to use images in their actual size.

You should reduce the size of the images as much as possible without damaging them. Reducing the size of images will increase their loading speed. Increasing the loading speed is also known as one of the important factors of site seo today. It is better to use an Alt or alternative tag in the images.

Optimizing internal and external links is another important step in SEO

From the beginning of SEO to today, links have significantly impacted content. One of the things that should always be considered for SEO is link building. Internal linking is a set of links that are used to direct website pages to other pages.

The purpose of internal linking is for the user to access other pages he needs on the website easily. External linking is a set of links directed from other sites to your website. These links are usually generated on other sites, blogs, social media, and forums.

Optimizing meta tags and page titles

The most important step for seo site optimization is meta tags and page titles. The internet robots in Google examine the content of your website and, according to their impression of your website, transfer the information to the Google server and index and rank your website pages. These robots examine the first part of the coding until the end.

By guiding the way to check these robots, we can help them index the detailed information on our site quickly. Part of these guidelines is title meta tags, descriptions, social pages, and their addresses. These tags will be placed in the site’s header section, and the visitor will not be able to see them. Google bots are only able to see these tags. These meta tags have a significant effect on improving the SEO status of the website.

Being up-to-date is one of the other steps of site seo

To SEO the site, you must always be up-to-date in this field and study new research. Over 70% of Google’s algorithms have changed and improved over recent years. Therefore, by updating your information, the best results will be obtained in terms of website SEO.

Using trending keywords on social pages

Today, social networks are the most important entertainment space for people. Therefore, the literature used in this environment is of special importance and some words have become trends. To SEO the site, you must use trending words on social networks. This will help you get the best results from your SEO process.

The importance of site optimization for Google Rankbrain in site seo

The most important Google SEO tool that evaluates the level of interaction between the results of the first pages of the Google search engine is Google Rankbrain. This tool helps Google to create a specific color scheme on their sites, which has a significant impact on the SEO of the site. Therefore, optimizing different sites in this tool is of special importance. Also, sites should be able to adapt to the patterns and algorithms in this tool. One of the most important SEO techniques is site optimization for Rankbrain.

Using long tail keywords in title tags

Content keywords are classified into short to long words, each of which has unique characteristics. To choose a good and appropriate title, it is better not to use short keywords. Long keywords are a good option for this purpose, so using them in the titles and main phrases of the content is recommended.

The importance of using optimal and correct URLs for site seo

Using page addresses or URLs correctly can achieve high value in terms of technical SEO. Avoid using irrelevant words in URLs and consider descriptive mode for this section. It is recommended to write URLs in English and avoid using long URLs.

Generating content regularly is one of the most important stages of site seo

After you have chosen the right keywords for your field of work, you should start producing content regularly. Newly established sites will need to produce content regularly to prove themselves to Google and get out of the Google sandbox. Newly established sites are kept in Google’s sandbox to check their adherence to SEO principles and rules.

Maintaining the security of the site and user information

Among the other SEO steps of the site, we can mention maintaining the security of the site and user information. SSI protocols play an important role in maintaining site security. If your website is not accessible with the HTTPS extension, you can request the hosting company to activate it.