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Selected Images From Sony National And Regional Photography Competition Released

The World Photography Organization Has Released Unique Images Selected By Sony National And Regional Photography Competition In Cyberspace.

The World Photography Organization, founded in 2007, aims to raise awareness and conversation about photography worldwide. Every year, the organization provides Sony with a platform to host works by photographers from more than 50 countries and award Sony national and regional awards to top artists.

So far, the program has awarded awards to more than 500 photographers, and that number is growing. This prestigious and influential competition is now in its ninth year, and its best images have been selected from all over the world.

The competition winners will be presented with Sony digital imaging equipment, and their work will be exposed to the world. The festival helps support artists active in the photographic media and showcases their work. The World Photography Organization organizes international tours and competitions and helps to form collaborations and present prestigious awards.

Bored Panda News Agency has collected selected images of the contest and contacted some of the winners. Would you please write the name of the work that you find most attractive and effective in the comments section? In this article, you will see all the top images.

Winner of Myanmar

Foggy Morning Fishing by Min Min Zaw


This scene shows a father and son fishing early on a winter morning. In Myanmar, children work with their parents to earn an income for the whole family.

Camilla J. Gross, the author of The Girl of the Moon, spent 10 years in Berlin and returned home to Poland to pursue a family business after becoming a literature professor. She, who is a mother of two, said:

Photography is my passion, obsession and way of breathing. Photography is the part of me that I like to get lost in, the wonder of, the part where I can create versions of reality that are most compatible with my sensibilities. The photo I am always creating is the last thing on my mind before going to sleep.

Camila revealed that she is struggling with depression and that photography has been a cure for her. In 2018, he was among the 100 winners of National Geographic’s YOUR SHOT, and this year he won the Sony National & Regional Award.

Winner of Italy

Fox Portrait by David Giants


Following the heavy rain in Abruzzo National Park, this wild red fox is looking for food.

Latvian winner Janis Palolis, 27, told Bored Panda that he is competing in Sony national and regional competitions; Because it has a great collection of nature photos of its country. Janice is a nature and wildlife photographer; But sometimes it covers business and even weddings. He said being among the winners would help him improve his visual content. He said:

This is an experience to inspire my future!

Janice has more than 10 years of experience as a freelance photographer.

Latvian winner

Glowing Mushroom by Janis Pallis


Painting with light in the Latvian forest.

Second place in Japan

Autumn Snake by Hiroki Noz


This is an aerial photo of the mountain roads in Hakone, Japan. The path seen from the sky is like a snake. The leaves of the colorful trees photographed in the fall were beautiful.

Qatari winner Abdullah al-Musifari told Bored Panda that it is difficult to describe the category in which his work falls. He believes that any photo can become a work of art if recorded in the best way. Originally from Oman, he lived in Qatar and began his journey in photography in 2012, when he left filming. Abdullah said:

I participated in many workshops to increase my skills and knowledge; But the fact is that if you can not admire the art around you, none of these workshops will help you, and the most important question is how you can make a point of view a reality.

Al-Musayfari, a photographer who captured the winner of the Museum of Islamic Art, said the competition keeps him motivated by showing his love for the art of photography. He continued:

I still believe that one day I will achieve my dream of being a well-known figure in the photography community and that my works of art will be interesting subjects to inspire the next generation.

Winner Austria

Horse Against Black Background by Michael Steiner


I photographed this beautiful horse at the entrance of the stables, using only natural light and a black background.

Indonesia winner

Poems For Sisters by Hardijanto


You are disguised, angels

You are next to each other or miles apart

Sisters will always have a heartfelt relationship.

Barcelona-born Miria Villaplana, a self-taught photographer, started analog photography experimentally and then moved on to digital cameras. The United Arab Emirates winner has lived and worked in Dubai since 2016 with his wife and 9-year-old twins. He specializes in black and white photography and creative portraiture and works mostly with natural light and creative lenses. Villaplana said:

2020 has been a challenging year for many people. The sense of insecurity and the new way of life that had become normal forced me to go to the symbolic cause of face masks and discover the ways in which we reveal ourselves to others. My twins worked with me and a series of “mask” photos came to life in our garden.

Miria said winning the Sony 2021 World Photography Competition is a great honor and an encouragement to continue to work hard and continue to use the art of photography to express ourselves and the world around us.

Winner of Finland

Night by Matthew Virtanen

I may not have been able to catch any meteorites in 2020, but I did this night-time shooting, full of surprises. This image was captured in ISO 4000 with a 30-second exposure using a tripod.

Winner of Greece

Foggy Farming by Todorus Apirantis

At an altitude of 1,003 meters, Mount Zeus dominates the Greek island of Naxos. One day in early April, I decided to reach the summit. When I was halfway through, the fog was so thick that the mountain was completely hidden, and I felt like flying. I noticed a small flock of sheep grazing peacefully in this strange environment. I took this picture before I continued on my way and got lost in the fog.

Winner of Mexico

First Breath by Brian Mena Lorino

Sunrise on the slopes of Popocatépetl volcano.

Russian winner

Silently In The Mountains by Eugene Ivanov

Houses drowned in complete silence that will be forgotten until spring.

Winner of Thailand

Autumn Float by Savannah Centark

Autumn in Lake Kawaguchi, Japan. Mount Fuji is very popular with photographers for its fall foliage, and I love taking pictures this season.

Winner USA

Hourglass by Patrick Müller

The dunes of Death Valley face the surrounding mountains.

Bangladesh winner

Her Name Is Chandi by Saber Hussein

Portrait of a child working on a paddy field. She works alongside her parents; Because it allows him to continue his education. His passion was inspiring.

Winner of India

Asian Buffalo by Shariat Bortacor

An animal from the northeastern forests of India.

Winner of Bulgaria

Extraterrestrial Earth-Mars by Aniz Karadzha

This barrier is usually full, But this time it was dry. Scenes like these show that the effects of climate change are more obvious than ever. After a few weeks of studying the sun’s angle, I was able to get the image I dreamed of; Needless to say, I was a little lucky.

Lithuanian winner

Traditional Crafts: Portrait Of A Toymaker by Simas Bernotas

Ancient handicrafts are full of the wisdom of past generations, and each nation has its own stories and legends about them. I captivated Lithuanian artisans with a mystical spirit to show them devoted guardians of declining traditions for this collection. This image is one of the many photos in this project.

Winner Croatia

Driving Through The Ice Forest by Tomislav Witch

After the first snowfall in late 2020, I took my camera to the largest old forest in Croatia. This road crosses it.

Winner of Serbia

Serbia’s Pepper Harvest (Vladimir’s Red Gold Pepper Harvest) by Vladimir وiچinoviچ


An older woman prepares red pepper strings in Dunja Lukosnica, Serbia. In this village in South Morava, about 250 out of 280 families are growing peppers; However, a declining population means that this number is also declining. About 500 tons of ground pepper is produced in an area of ​​250 hectares.

Winner of Poland

The Moon Girl by Camilla J. Gross

The dark side of social media where everyone seems to be happy.

Japan winner

The Last Winter by Yukihito Ono

The train (known as the Ki-Ha 40), pictured in Fukushima, Japan, retired from the Tadami line on March 11, 2020.

Slovak winner

On His Own Path by Peter Swoboda

A cross-country skier climbs a hill. I wanted to capture a minimal winter image that is symbolic and offers a parallel to human life.

Winner of Vietnam

Waiting by Tuan Nguyen Quang


This photo was taken in Hagyang, Vietnam. I entered a house in the village and got permission to take pictures there.

Egyptian winner

The Mevlevi Dancer by Abdul Hamid Fawzi Tahoun


Tanura is an Egyptian dance performed in a circular motion with spiritual roots in Sufism. Its performers believe that all the movements of the world begin and end at the same point, so this is reflected in the dance; This dance, with constant rotation, causes them to appear like planets in space.

New Zealand winner

Wrong Place Wrong Time by Murray Chent


This piece of ice spun in shallow parts until it finally took on a worn and organic form. I took a picture of it at sunset and gave it light from below.

Winner Malaysia

Long-Tailed Macaque by Yoganatan Yuk


This photo of a tall macaque, also known as a crab-eating macaque, was taken in the mangrove forest of Kuala Gula Park. One evening I went there hoping to photograph birds or snakes when I saw a group of macaques searching for their last meal of the day in Golulai. As the macaque looked up, a ray of sunset fell on it. I felt as if this symbolic gesture meant hope for the future.

Winner of Turkey

Artificial turf (Astroturf) by Aslan


The coronavirus has affected everyone. Because the shrines are closed, the men prayed on artificial turf while observing social distance.

Cambodia winner

I Miss You (I Miss You) by Sean Chanel


It used to be a place where the audience released their stress and shared their excitement, but everything has changed since the outbreak of Covid-19. The theater is now silent and lonely. I hope one day everything will return to normal.

Sri Lankan winner

Hustle For Survival by Isira Soria Arachi


One day in August, while wandering the main street of Colombo, the man caught my eye amidst the crowds and heavy traffic. I crossed the road and pulled out my phone to capture the life of a worker trying to survive the Corona epidemic.