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Say Goodbye To The Troublesome 12VHPWR Connector Forever; Enter Intel

Say Goodbye To The Troublesome 12VHPWR Connector Forever; Enter Intel

After Publishing The News About Fire connectors 12vhpwr, Many Companies Stepped In And Produced Improved Or Customized Versions Of This Connector Type.

However, the problem of the users was not solved, and there were still reports that the connector of these cables caught fire. Now Intel has started working and plans to change this type of connector design in general.

After the launch of Nvidia’s new flagship, the RTX 4090 graphics card, and the use of cables 12VHPWR, many reports were published in cyberspace, which showed that these cables would catch fire and users’ high-end gaming systems would experience technical malfunctions.

Changed design of 12VHPWR cables by Intel Fire and melting of 12VHPWR cable connectors

Although Nvidia has had such a problem with the cables for some time12VHPWRdenied it, after some time, announced that the issue existed and was caused by the improper connection or poor quality cables. Sometime later, a user published a complete report and showed that even the lines made by CableMod, a company that is one of the top companies producing high-end lines for gaming systems, will also melt after some time.

Intel came in to change the design.

Accordingly, intel has now decided to update the design of the male connector of the 12+4 pin ATX 12VHPWR power cable. According to Intel officials, the redesign was initiated to increase the surface area of ​​the connector and protect it. At the same time, researchers also sought to reduce potential fire hazards from short circuits or improper maintenance. To work.

However, it seems that Intel is focusing on redesigning the male cable, and the new design of this connector will be compatible with the female connectors used in existing devices.

Changed design of 12VHPWR cables by Intel Improved version of 12VHPWR cable with an entirely new design

The modified line includes an articulated switch with three dimples for connector pins. This change in structure significantly enhances the connector’s durability and the ability to withstand the forces caused by cable bending and prevents the weakening of the contact surface and the sudden disconnection of the connection.

As a result of these changes, the updated connector will have much higher structural integrity and stability, and the risk of electrical fires from poor connections will be significantly reduced.

With this change in design, Intel intends to ensure the safe and reliable performance of its power connectors in a wide range of devices.