SEO services

Review of website design and SEO services

In site design and SEO services, the site’s overall framework is designed. But a site that works properly can be seen and found by searching. This is where SEO comes in. Getting a site indexed depends on proper SEO with search engines. SEO is a site optimization operation for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

How search engines work

Search engines perform three operations:

  1. The first stage is crawl. To find the searched content, it crawls in the engine like a snake and checks every address and signs it reaches.
  2. The second step is indexing. In this way, all the addresses and signs checked are saved, organized, and listed.
  3. The last step is rank or ranking. It means that the organized list created in the previous steps is ranked according to algorithms by search engine robots and is printed as a suggestion for the searcher.

What is SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and means search engine optimization. In other words, SEO is a process that helps a website to get a higher rank among the suggestions of search engines by performing various methods and steps. According to the steps above, site design and SEO services make search engines index the site and increase the site’s rank among the results.

Reasons for site optimization and providing site design and SEO services

Increase organic traffic

Organic traffic refers to the visits of people through search sites. On average, businesses spend about one to two percent of their total revenue on advertising. You may think this percentage is small, but the problem is that to conquer larger markets, this percentage must increase. But in the world of the Internet, people are looking for something.

With SEO and site optimization, your site ranks higher when searching for keywords in search engines and attracts organic traffic. Comparing the number of searchers who reach websites through organic search and those who come to your site through ads shows this difference. Official statistics declare this amount to be 15% organic search and 2% click ads.

Continuous work

When you reach a point on a trail, you never want to miss it. One of Google’s algorithms that it uses in checking the performance of sites is the Freshness algorithm, which checks the number of visits and the duration of updates of a site. If there is a deficiency in any of the parameters, The ranking of the site decreases. This means that to continue to stay high in the results, you must constantly work and keep the site updated.

Now we understand what SEO is and how it hurts. But how is a site SEO? Before addressing this question, you should keep one thing in mind. Google uses different parameters to rank sites in its algorithms. These parameters are classified as follows:

Internal SEO

It includes site design parameters and content parameters. In other words, it means optimizing the site with the help of information, content, and other things inside it. Such as continuously placing keywords related to the site’s work strategy, quality, and long content with updating strategy and such parameters.

External SEO

It includes parameters related to the brand and parameters based on links. In other words, it means optimizing the site by being approved by other sites and other external factors. For example, it uses backlinks and publishes content from other sites.

How are site design and SEO services provided?


Search engines search for keywords. So the first step to optimizing the site is related to this. SEO specialists can check the keywords related to the site through the tools available in Google, such as keyword planner and kw finder, and obtain them.

Content production

The next step is the site’s content, which should contain those keywords with a maximum density of 0.5 to 2.5. The next step is the size of the content. For a blog, 1600 words are the ideal size. Before creating content, you should check the first ten results of Google to see how much they have written.

The content size is also involved in Google’s algorithms because it indicates that the content of this site is more complete and has comprehensive information to present. In addition, the more people stay on your site, the higher the site’s performance and, accordingly, the higher its rank in the results.

Continuous update

Search engines and the Freshness algorithm prioritize sites that are constantly updated.


Backlinks are one of the most used SEO and site optimization techniques. Backlinks are the same links that you click on to enter other websites. In other words, when a page includes the address of another site, this address is considered a backlink. Now, why is it important? Because it indicates that the content is so comprehensive and practical that it is used in the rest of the web pages.

Membership in directories

By joining the directory, a one-way link to the site is created, and if the directory means high traffic, the traffic of the destination site will also increase, so choosing the right directory is a must.


Bookmarking web pages can also be involved in increasing the ranking. For this, you should bookmark the pages created on the web so that search engines become sensitive to these pages.

The relationship between the language used in website design and SEO

The design language itself does not affect the ranking. Still, factors such as page loading speed, the connection between pages, mobile compatibility, CSS and js codes, HTML output, etc., can influence the site ranking.

The result of website design and SEO services

In general, website design and SEO services, with their techniques and details, which are required to be implemented both in the field of content production and in technical issues, lead to optimization and higher ranking in the suggested results of search engines. This way, you can get more visitors and a more acceptable result than click ads.