Plan 12288 or VDS is our highest service. This service is the best option for all users who want our most potent and best service. The processor’s high speed, the high amount of RAM, and the high server traffic can assure users that they will not have any problems related to their service.

With this service specification, you can install various programs on your Windows server without slowing down. You can open many tabs in your browsers or open different programs simultaneously.

The specifications of this plan are as follows:

CPU: 4 core (3500 MHz)
H.D.D: 400 GB
PORT: 1000MB
IP: One
Bandwidth: 12TB


CPU4 core (3500 MHz)
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Virtual Server Features

Easily increase RAM, CPU and storage

Full Root and Administrator access

Automatic OS installation (Max installation 10 times)

All servers have a control panel to turn off, on and reset.

Cryptocurrency Payment


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Share processes and data secure lona need to know basis

Safe and Secured

our team assured your web site is always safe and secure

Our Dedicated Support

We finally found a host that truly understood the unique


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Availability:

It seems that the most important and first feature of a virtual server, especially for freelancers, is uptime (availability). It means to be able to access it at any time and place.

2. Amount of RAM:

The amount of RAM used is another feature of a good VPS that should be considered when buying. Because the more RAM, the faster the VPS accesses data and information. The minimum amount of RAM selected for a typical server is one gigabyte.

3. CPU:

The CPU, also called the computer’s brain, is the computer’s central processing unit. This section receives commands given by the user quickly, then processes and decodes them, and finally executes them. Therefore, choosing a dual-core VPS will improve the speed and performance of the system.

1. Shared hosting:

This type of hosting is suitable for sites that have just started working and have low traffic. It can also be a good option for bloggers and small business owners. A shared host is like a house where each person has a private room and can only make the desired changes in that room.

2. Host word press:

This host is for WordPress websites. Using it lets you have different features of these types of hosts on your WordPress website. WordPress configures servers as needed. For example, we can access the plugins installed with one click.

3. Dedicated hosting:

Dedicated hosting is flexible and fast, making it more suitable for websites with high traffic. But due to the high cost, it is not recommended for small or medium websites. If using VPS, you can choose and configure the operating system and other necessary programs and even hardware. Because there is freedom of action in the virtual server, and our hands are open to make changes.

Types of managed virtual servers

When a business or organization has a heavy and highly visited website, it is better not to use common and shared services and use dedicated services. For dedicated servers, in connection with the server, infrastructure, and specialized topics of server management, technical knowledge is needed. In many works in this field, their owners do not have the expertise, so it is better to use Sedeh management virtual server. In this case, the management of the virtual server is done by the experts of those hosting companies, which have different advantages such as: having dedicated resources, backups, control panels such as cPanel and Direct Admin and Plesk, SSD hard drives, and the most professional configuration and settings for services.

Types of unmanaged virtual servers

In this virtual server type, the server’s control and management are the responsibility of the user, and the cost of using it is usually lower. Its low price is because the company from which you purchased the VPS is only responsible for providing the hardware and trying to save and maintain it. At the same time, the server rented by you manages, maintains, and updates it. Is. It is better to know that these types of VPS have less security than the managed type, and people who are beginners and novices do not have information about server management, which is recommended from managed virtual servers that the company’s support team provides the necessary technical knowledge for It has a server that will make your information more secure.

A virtual server is like an apartment unit in a large residential complex. You and your neighbors live together in this residential complex (physical server), and each has your own safe and private space.

It is an apartment complex with several different units; You and your neighbors each have your separate unit. You can even manage your unit and increase or decrease whatever you like. Also, in this housing complex, if your neighbor misbehaves, the complex’s owner has to solve the problem, not you.

Similarly, in the case of VPS, multiple users are using the same server; But they are separated from each other. This means exactly: no source affects another source. You will get the speed and security you need without interfering with other resources.

  • Compared to shared hosting, it is faster and more reliable.
  • Traffic from neighbors (other virtual servers jointly installed on your physical server) does not affect your site or cause problems.
  • You have root (or superuser) access to the server and can configure it.
  • Your database and files are completely safe, and the neighboring servers will not have any access.
  • It is easy to upgrade; That is, if you want to develop your website, you can easily increase your virtual server’s RAM, CPU, bandwidth, and storage space as much as you need.
  • Considering the features you get, you pay an affordable price.
  • It is possible to install and modify special software on the virtual server.

We Offer

The Services You Receive

Automatic OS Installation

Automatic installation of operating systems on a server is one of ShopingServer key features. Due to this feature a customer can get a ready-to-go server right after the payment has been made.

OS Support

CentOS 6, 7, 8; Debian 8, 9, 10; Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, 18.04; Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019.

Console Access

In our services, you have direct access to the server console

Pay With BTC

You can pay your invoices in renew VPS or new order VPS with BTC