Online SEO website

Online SEO website analysis and review

Online SEO site review is done to check the progress and success of our website. No online business can survive without a website. But having a website alone is not the solution; the SEO of the site should also be analyzed and investigated. We need the tools we will introduce in this article to analyze and check website SEO online.

Online SEO review, also called Website Analysis, measures the site and prepares reports and information. Website analysis is done to optimize the site to improve its position. By analyzing your website, you can have a specific analysis of the site’s SEO and how the site works. For this purpose, some tools can help you.

Online SEO review with Google tools

Online SEO review can be done with important SEO tools, such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, etc. Google Search Console, previously called Google Webmaster Tools, is one of the most important tools we need to check SEO online. Google Search Console provides you with the following features:

1. Checking the overall traffic of the site

2. Checking the indexing type of pages

3. Content SEO review

4. Checking the internal and external links of the site

5. Check Google penalties for your site

Another tool provided to us by Google is Google Analytics., which we can use to check the site’s online SEO. Google Analytics specifies the following information for us:

1. Checking the amount of site input

2. Site conversion rate

3. Checking the presence of users on the site

4. Checking how users enter the site

5. Checking the escape rate of site users

6. Checking the place of residence of site users

Online SEO review with Woorank

Woorank is one of the most widely used tools that can be used to check the SEO of a site online. Woorank tool shows your website using three different analyzers with green, yellow, and red colors. Each of these colors has a special meaning. Examining the concept of colors and symbols:

1. The green represents what we have followed well on the site.

2. The yellow indicates things you should try to improve.

3. The red indicates your errors, which you should fix as soon as possible.

4. The percentage displayed in each circle is the percentage of cases observed in Google.

Using this tool, you can check the performance of your website properly and learn about the positive and negative points of your website.

Using Semrush and Site Auditor

Semrush is a tool by which you can learn more about your competitors, and this tool can examine your site from a technical point of view and evaluate your site’s flaws. Semrush can provide you with the following information when checking your site’s SEO online:

1. Check the difficulty of keywords and phrases

2. Check the site of your top competitors

3. Identify relevant keywords

4. Checking the activity level of competitors

5. Specifying technical faults and site coding

This tool can analyze and provide you with the information received from Google.

Site Auditor is a tool for online SEO review that can analyze site performance and let you know site errors. By sending crawlers to different pages of your site, this tool can analyze site links, images, contents, meta, etc. Some of the information provided by the Site Auditor:

1. Check site performance and report

2. Checking the security level of the site

3. Solving site SEO problems

4. Follow up the necessary steps to solve the problems of the site

Alexa and Moz review

Alexa is one of the oldest site analysis tools to say goodbye to the SEO world in 2022. The information provided to us through Alexa was accurate and reliable. Alexa ranked the site and provided links to other sites and web pages through a toolbar that included a search box, site ranking, links to reputable sites, etc.

Moz is another online SEO review tool with many fans. Moz can be used for campaigns such as content marketing, etc. With SiteMoz, you can focus on your keyword rankings and SEO strategies. Maz is one of the most accurate tools for ranking your website’s keywords.

Quantcast is another tool that investigates the behavior of users and consumers. The main purpose of this tool is to check the data it collects from users. Quantcast can generate data by placing a tracking code on your website.

Why is site review important?

Your site is your store from which you earn money. If there is a problem with your site’s SEO, your income stream will suffer. To prevent such a problem from occurring, you need to continuously check your site’s SEO and prevent it from occurring and solve the site’s problems. For this purpose, you need tools that check your site. We have reviewed some important tools, and we will continue to introduce and review two other tools:

1. Similar Web

Similar Web is one of the companies that analyze site competition. This tool examines these data in 4 categories:

  • Creating a panel for anonymous web browsing.
  • Global review and data sharing
  • Check and measure the actual traffic of the site
  • Scan web and store explorers

2. GT-Metrix

GT Metrics is one of the important tools for checking the SEO of a site, which after entering the site URL, checks that web page. GT Metrics provides you with important information in the form of the following:

  • Lcp: the time it takes for the longest content of your website to be displayed to the user.
  • Tbt: In this section, GT Metrics tells you how much of your script code can be used.
  • Cls: the amount of state change that the site user sees when the site is loaded.