Online SEO training

Online SEO training and what you need to know about content title optimization

Online SEO training emphasizes the importance of title optimization in terms of SEO. If you choose the right title for the content, the Google crawler will be informed about the topic and content of your site more quickly. It will help Google’s crawlers crawl your site more easily.

Choosing an attractive and user-friendly title for your content will encourage users to click on your link. The content’s title greatly affects your site’s click rate and traffic. Optimizing the selected SEO title will increase your site’s rank when searching for the desired keyword.

Online SEO training topics related to content title optimization

Different strategies can be used to optimize the SEO title. In this part of comprehensive SEO training, we will examine some solutions.

Use of specific and unique titles

If several pages of your site have the same title, you will encounter a Duplicate Title error. To prevent this type of error in SEO, you must choose a unique and special title for your content. To choose a unique and special title, you can use plugins designed in WordPress space. If a duplicate title is selected, the function of the plugins will be in such a way that the publication of the content will be prevented, and the duplicate title error will be observed.

Using the right keywords in the SEO title is one of the most important topics of online SEO training.

Another topic of online SEO training for SEO title optimization is using the main keyword in the content title. When choosing the right title for the content, remember that the main keyword must be present in the title. Also, the wording should be done so that the desired phrase begins with the keyword. In addition to the main keyword, another important keyword can also be used in the SEO title.

Using user-friendly expressions in online SEO training

In online SEO training, there is a lot of emphasis on using user-friendly phrases. These terms should be terms that users use to search. Among the phrases that most users search for, Google’s suggestions can be mentioned when typing in the search box or the Google Trends tool.

The importance of considering the length of title phrases in online SEO training

Among the other points that have been emphasized in online SEO training and content title optimization, we can mention the consideration of the length of title phrases. Keep in mind that if the SEO title is longer than 60 characters, the title will be incompletely displayed on the search results page.

If you are at the beginning of the road, you should use Long Tail phrases to increase site rank, click rate, and traffic. Despite being long, these phrases create an optimal and purposeful structure. When updating the site, you should use short titles for your articles. In this case, you will appear successfully in the search results, and finally, you will be able to increase your site’s rank.

Based on these explanations in the online SEO training, the SEO title and phrases that you put in the article or the text content of your site page will, directly and indirectly, affect the SEO of the site. Therefore, all these points should be considered to improve and optimize the site space.

I am not using the brand name in the title of the content.

Some websites that sell products and provide services to customers tend to use the name of the site or their brand in the content’s title. If the desired page name is too long, it is recommended to avoid putting your brand or site name in the content’s title. If you do this, the possibility of seeing the incomplete title of the website page in the search results will increase.

Important topics of online SEO training

It can also harm the visual experience of users. Ultimately, it will cause the user not to click on your content. Most websites that use WordPress content management automatically put their site or brand name in the content’s title. Of course, when you manually select a long title for one of your website pages, it is better to remove it. The brand’s name and site are placed at the end of the content’s title.

If you insist on using the brand and site name at the end of the website page title, you should remember the 55-character limit. It would help if you used shorter titles for your content to continue using the brand name. When using the brand and site name next to the content title, it is recommended to use a hyphen instead of “l.”

Prioritize the current pages on the website

In online SEO training, it is recommended to prioritize the pages on your website to optimize the content’s title. This is a simple and trivial matter. Achieving the desired results by using the content on the website is better than creating new content daily.

Sometimes new content may not bring you good results. Therefore, it is always recommended to prioritize the content on your website. Identify the main keywords and content that get the most traffic for your website and do your best to optimize them.

Content on your website

It’s best to focus on the content on your website that ranks one to five in Google’s search results. Because these pages will increase the click rate of your website significantly. Updating old content and website content title shows Google that you are active. It will cause the algorithms and crawlers of the Google search engine to enter your website pages and index them.

Keep in mind that by optimizing the title of the website content. You can achieve better results and get a better rank for the main keywords of the desired page. In this regard, be very careful to use the appropriate keywords searched by Google users in the page title and content. It will show the Google search engine that you care about your users’ satisfaction.


Online SEO training emphasizes the importance of content title optimization and SEO as important elements and factors. These factors greatly impact achieving the right rank and attracting the opinions of users and audiences.