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Motion graphics rates

Motion graphics rates and answers to your frequently asked questions

Motion graphics rates are affordable for business owners. For this reason, most people tend to use motion graphics videos for digital marketing. You can easily advertise your business and achieve significant profit by making appropriate and high-quality videos.

Why do we use motion graphics?

Why is motion graphics important? The answer to this question comes back to the attractiveness of motion graphics for the audience. Have you ever noticed how much animated graphic content excites you and engages your emotions? Motion graphics content combines several important and attractive elements for the audience, i.e., text, effects, animated graphic images, music, sound, etc. Such content can easily attract the attention of any viewer.

As a result, it has great value for advertising and attracting the audience. If we look at global statistics, we will find that 80% of the content on the Internet is made up of videos. This high acceptance of animated graphic content is due to increased audience attraction. The rest of the article will explain why motion graphics are important.

As a result, you can differentiate your business from competitors by using motion graphic advertising. Different techniques and techniques are used to produce motion graphics content. 2D and 3D animations, 360-degree teasers, traditional and manual designs, etc., are the most important motion graphics design techniques.

Advantages of motion graphics

Continuing the answer to the question of why motion graphics is important, we can point to its great advantages. Next, by introducing the most important advantages of motion graphics, we will introduce you to its great importance in digital marketing.

Help with branding

One of the most important advantages of motion graphics production is branding. The importance of motion graphics in branding has been fully proven. Branding includes works that introduce your collection to customers. Motion graphics can do this in the best possible way. Effects, graphic images, sound, music, etc., in motion graphics content will help your branding appeal.

Ease of understanding the topic for the audience

In response to why motion graphics is important, we can point to the simplification of various topics for the audience. Maybe after reading a complex text several times, you still cannot understand its meaning. At the same time, graphic motion content makes it easy for you to understand complex topics by using images, diagrams, sound, etc. This way, the audience will follow your graphic content with seriousness and interest.

A lot of feedback on social networks

One of the reasons why motion graphics is important is their high feedback on social networks. According to the surveys, motion graphic content receives 12 times more comments than other content creation methods. Also, the speed of their broadcast in the virtual space is very high.

Durability in the audience’s memory

Another reason for the importance of animated graphics is their long-lasting memory in the audience. According to our research in this regard, graphic content remains in the minds of 80% of viewers for up to a month. Therefore, using these services gives you a special place in the audience’s mind. Considering the many advantages of motion graphics, you are probably interested in using these services. Continuing the content, we will teach you the terms of use of these contents.

What is the rate of motion graphic design?

The role of motion graphics in marketing cannot be ignored; that’s why many people use motion graphics videos for advertising today. Before ordering a motion graphics design, you may have this question, what is the price of motion graphics? In response to the mentioned question, we must say that the motion graphics rate is variable and is determined in seconds.

The final price of motion graphics is determined according to the duration of the video, but other factors influence the price of motion graphics videos. People who want to order motion graphics videos for advertising or educational purposes should get the necessary information about the factors influencing the rate of motion graphics.

Is the price of ordering different types of motion?

Yes, the prices of different styles of motion graphics are different from each other because each of these styles has its characteristics. You have to pay more for the production of 3D motion graphics than for the production of 2D motion graphics.

What is the minimum duration of motion graphics?

The duration of motion graphics design is influential in determining the value of motion graphics video. Motion graphics videos have a minimum and maximum time, which is better for different business owners to know about. The minimum duration of motion graphics is between 0 and 30 seconds.

If the duration of motion graphics is less than 30 seconds, the audience’s engagement with the video will increase. Motion graphics with a minimum time frame are suitable for sharing on Instagram. Among the most important factors affecting the duration of motion graphics the following can be mentioned:

Motion graphics video contacts

The audience is one of the most important factors affecting the duration of motion graphics. First of all, check thoroughly which people will see your video. You should have enough information about the common characteristics between your contacts; then, you can consider a more suitable duration for the motion graphics video.

Type of motion graphics content

Motion graphics videos have narrative, educational, advertising, etc., themes. A certain duration should be considered for each of these videos.

Motion graphics sharing platform

Motion graphics videos can be shared on different platforms. Each of these types of platforms has specific contacts. As a result, the type of platform where you will share the motion graphics sample affects the duration of the motion graphics.

How to calculate the price of motion graphics?

The exact calculation of the motion graphics rate is determined according to the following factors:

Advertising studio credit

Reputable studios and experienced designers have a lot of credibility in motion graphics design. The salary of skilled designers is higher than that of less experienced designers. In addition, if you want a high-quality video designed for you, getting help from famous studios is better. Note that well-known studios charge more for motion graphics design.

The amount of complexity of the motion graphics project

The more difficult the project’s design stages are, without a doubt, the customer must pay more. If you have just started your business, ordering simpler motion graphics videos to make is better.

Motion graphics duration

The duration of the motion graphics affects the determination of the motion graphics rate. The longer the duration of motion graphics, the more you have to pay for its design. If you want the motion graphics video to be shorter, using more creative ideas for video design is better. Creative videos can attract more audiences.

Using attractive vectors or characters in motion graphics video

The use of attractive characters and vectors can greatly impact the motion graphics rate. If you want to use more characters for motion graphics design, you must pay more.

Voiceover and number of speakers

If you want the motion graphics video to have a greater impact on the audience, you should also get the help of a professional announcer. The more professional the announcer is, the higher his salary for announcing in motion graphics videos.

Equipment used for motion graphics design

If you need more advanced equipment for motion graphics video design, the final quality of the video will undoubtedly be higher. The use of modern equipment increases the rate of motion graphics.

Motion graphics style

Each of the motion graphics styles has a specific tariff. For example, the cost of making a stop motion differs from that of a video motion. You have to pay more to produce some styles of motion graphics.

Employer goals of motion graphic design

The goals that the employer pursues from the design of motion graphics can greatly impact determining the rate of motion graphics. Any goals, such as introducing products or services, branding, increasing sales, etc., can affect the cost of motion graphics design.

Costs related to scenario writing

If you need to write a professional scenario, you should ask someone with enough skills in the field of content production to write a professional scenario for you.

Is it necessary to view motion graphics portfolios before placing an order for motion graphics design?

By viewing motion graphics portfolios, you can gain more confidence in designers or motion graphics design studios. In addition, it is better to register the order of motion graphics design in a reliable collection. In reputable collections, significant motion graphic design services are offered to customers.

It is worth mentioning that it is better to get enough information about several motion graphics design sites before designing motion graphics.

last word

Why is motion graphics important? This question may come to the mind of many people. It can be said that motion graphics videos are among the most useful videos. With the help of these videos, educational messages, advertising messages, etc., can be easily transmitted to the audience. As a result, the use of motion graphics has increased significantly today. In this article, you got acquainted with the methods of determining the rate of motion graphics. We hope that you have gotten the necessary information in this field by reading the article in front of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the rate of motion graphics determined?

In determining the rate of motion graphics, there are many factors, such as the style of motion graphics, the employer’s goals, the duration of the motion graphics video, the degree of difficulty or simplicity of the project, etc.

  • What is the minimum duration of a motion graphics video?

The minimum period for making a motion graphic video is from 0 to 30 seconds.

  • What are the most important factors influencing the duration of motion graphics videos?

Among the most important factors affecting motion duration and graphics are the audience, the type of motion graphics content, and the platform where the video will be shared.