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Knowledge of hacking with Python – Hack with Python, Gray Tutorial

In this article, we are going to talk about hacking training with Python and find out why Python programming language is preferred by hackers?

But let’s assume that you are not very familiar with hack and python and we start the discussion from a little more basic and finally, by explaining the two concepts of hack and python, we go to hack with python to know what prerequisites we need for this.

So let’s first get acquainted with the concept of hacking to continue the story together. But before we get into the main discussion, let’s talk a little bit about the word gray.

Because in addition to the title in the following, we will talk about this word and use it as an adjective. Gray is a very interesting word in the field of speech and a color that in addition to color, has a special meaning for itself.

 Gray is the color between white and black.


How to hack with Python

The meaning of hacking with Python

Before getting acquainted with hacking with Python, isn’t it bad to take a look at the Java or Python article which one is better?  We also have. That is, it is neither black nor white. If we consider white as a symbol of purity and black as a symbol of ugliness. Gray is neither good nor bad. So far so good. But it is interesting that gray can be close to white or black. Finally, when we say something is gray, it means it is like a knife. It can be peeled or killed.

What matters in these gray cases is how you use it. Therefore, it can be said that hacking with Python can be a positive use or a negative use for its user. In the following, we will talk about each of these positive and negative uses so that you can understand more about its meaning. Now it’s time to start the story of hacking and hacking training with Python . So be prepared.

Hack, a word that is scary even in hacking training with Python

It turns out that you have probably heard the word hack a lot, and it can easily be said that this word is one of the few specialized words that is very familiar with the name. Probably the reason for this can be seen in the movies and series that people watch, and of course we must not forget that they are also very attractive. Not bad for the Python programming language article Let’s also take a look.

In these videos, it is usually seen that a hacker is hacking with an attractive state, such as having a so-called secret place with three or four monitors and a headphone and chewing gum in his mouth. In fact, most of the interest in hacking is due to its special style. Therefore, those who are hacked just for this reason are called pink hat hackers, which we will talk about later.

But what does hacking mean when we come to the real world? Who can we call a hacker? What is hacking in Python hacking tutorial? Hackers do not necessarily have fancy clothes. But they have a very interesting and attractive mind. Hacking in the scientific sense can be called unauthorized entry. An entrance that normally no one can predict, and if it does, it will certainly close the way.

Scary Hacker

A thief can be called a hacker by definition. When a thief can break into a door or enter a house through a window, he has in fact found a way other than the normal way and entered it.

In one sentence, any unauthorized entry and intrusion is called hacking in various and unusual ways. So hacking is a general term and can exist in any topic and anything. Hacking is inherently a crime that causes inconvenience and may undermine security. So hacking is really a scary word. Even in hacking training with Python .

Hacking and hacking more in computer networks

Ever heard of a house thief or a car hacker being called? Definitely not. Why? Because the word and its definition have been in the vocabulary since the advent of computer networks. In fact, unauthorized entry into computer networks is called hacking, and to make it more tangible, home and thieves are used as an example. So hacking is a proprietary term in the world of computers and computer networks.

So so far we know we are going to move in the field of computers. It might be ridiculous to say that. But this simple word has many words in its heart. That is, when we say we are going to turn in the field of computers. This means that before learning to hack with Python, you must have a prerequisite, including having a minimum knowledge of the computer. Minimal knowledge in computer means knowing its operators, ability to install and run programs and having the ability to understand computer speech.

So if you feel you have a problem with these abilities. At the end of this article, go to topics like simple start with computer or also things.

Now we can easily provide a definition of a hacker. A hacker is someone who is familiar with a computer and tries to gain unauthorized access to another computer and system for any reason.


Become a professional hacker with Python

Hack, in any case a security requirement

These reasons may be good or bad. I think we do not need to explain for bad reasons. But for example, a good reason for hacking can be penetration testing. That is, in order to know that a computer network, site, or anything that should be prevented from being unauthorized and unreasonably entered, can stand in front of those entrances, we must try unauthorized entry ourselves.

To both identify penetration paths (bugs) and re-test those that have been identified and see how resistant they are. Therefore, Python hacking training is mainly based on Python penetration testing training.

According to the above, hackers can be divided into three general categories:

White hat

White hats, which are hackers, work to test security and detect intrusion bugs. They are very useful and used for the computer world today.

black hat

Black hats are the ones who use hacks and methods for their sinister purposes, which may range from stealing money to assassinating someone. These people are exactly the people in front of the white hats.

Pink hats

There are those we mentioned above. This group is more interested in hacking gestures than hacking itself. These are neither useful nor harmful. They are a neutral group for themselves. In this case, it is better to refer to the dictionary tutorial article in Python and review its methods .

Note also that hackers, both white hats and black hats in general, are very important and useful for the development of the network and its security. Because every hack that takes place means that there is a bug, and by finding that bug, a security is added to the security of the previous day.

In Python hacking, any of these categories may also be born. So learning to hack with Python is a double-edged sword.

Programming language, the only way to hack

Once we know what a hack is and who the hacker is. Let’s find out what hackers use in computer networks to infiltrate and what could be their key. In other words, what caused the hack?

Let’s go back a little bit. At the time of the invention of the first computer. These computers defined zero and one by turning the lamps on or off. This is the zero and one most basic and important language for computer or machine. Because only he can understand it. When we are going to ask for something from a computer or a machine, we need to know how to change this zero and one and use it.


Hack with Python programming language


This gave rise to expertise and a job that knew how to put zeros and ones in a row to ask for an action from a computer or to understand what it was saying when the machine was saying zero and one words. Later this ability is called programming and the person who has this ability is called a programmer.

Programming language

Because a hacker must be able to refer his actions to the computer, which are actions that can not be performed normally. He must know this language and understand how to speak with a computer.

Taken together, this suggests that a hacker is a programmer before he or she becomes a hacker. So if you have a basic computer skills, you have taken a step forward and now that you are here, you need to know programming. Before that, you should get acquainted with programming in general and know and learn algorithms, etc. If we are interested in programming, where should we start? So stay with us to enjoy this trip.

Machine language to human language is part of Python hacking training

We went on to say that the machine, and especially the computer, has a special language called zero and one. Because this machine language understands only zeros and ones. If we open the topic a little more, he understands zeros and ones, which means that he can understand a combination of zeros and ones when they are in a row. For example, for a car 01001 is very different from 01000, and as each house changes to zero or one (in popular parlance, on or off) the command changes.


Hack with Python


Now suppose you want to command the car. You have to speak its language. For example, if you want to say “write” you have to write (hypothetically) 000110101101 and when you want to say “read” you have to write (hypothetically) 00000111110101.

Later, as the life of the world passed, man set foot in peace and comfort. He concluded that the more a person can speak his own language, the easier it is. Hence the need for an interface between man and machine. So that human beings can write in their own language and that interface will take on the role of translator and turn that language into the language of the machine.

Python programming

This is where the beginnings of today’s programming languages ​​like c, C ++, Python and came into play. We have nothing to do with the structure and architecture of programming languages. Continuing to learn how to hack with Python, we just wanted to remind you that modern humans are far ahead of their imagination and can give the necessary instructions in their own language.

But the important thing is to know how to give these commands to the computer and the machine. This is where the programmer separates himself from ordinary people. Next time, after a general discussion of programming, let’s move on to the second part of the training title, Python. Next we need to know Python to know on what basis we are going to talk and know it.

Python programming language

Python is a versatile programming language. That means you can use that software to produce, analyze data, calculate complex equations, and even become a professional hacker.

These probably promise a tough programming in Python. But it is not. Python is so simple and sweet that many are the first programming language to learn Python.


Hack using Python


Python is an object-oriented programming language written at a high level. High level means closer to human language and easier understanding of human language. So learning to hack with Python can be a fluent tutorial.

What does it mean to understand human language?

Let’s talk about this a little bit. What does it mean to understand human language? For example, what is the difference between understanding human language in c programming and python programming? In programming, the fewer sentences (so-called less instructions) we can give our concept to the machine while it is a high-level program. For example, to say the calculation of a cos in program c, several lines of instructions must be written, but in Python, it can be explained to the machine with the shortest command.

Of course, this has many advantages. First of all, it makes it much easier to work with and makes it easier to work with the programming language. Second, fewer lines means less calculation, and this means higher speed and less usage. These are the benefits of a high-level language like Python.

Another attractive feature of Python is that it is completely free. All its libraries, which are the main source of small and large instructions, are provided to the user by the developers completely free of charge, and this has attracted many fans all over the world.

Google, Python Pro

It may be interesting to know that Google is one of the biggest fans of this language today, and this company uses Python in all its works, including artificial intelligence products, and is looking for a Python programming engineer.

Google is not the only pro-Python giant. Yahoo, Mozilla, Facebook, NASA and many familiar names are die-hard Python fans.
In a word, Python eliminates the need for anything else. From beginner to advanced. You no longer need to start a thousand programs earlier to progress in a task and succeed in hacking with Python. Learn the Python programming language and get hired on Google.

In the continuation of hacking training with Python, we will go to the features of Python. Then why not Python’s programming language? We are going.

Attractive features of the Python app

We mentioned the first and most important feature of Python above. This program is high level and very close to human language. So programming with it can be very engaging and enjoyable.

Python syncs well with the Internet and adapts quickly to the library as it updates, and there’s not much need to update the entire program.
The Python language can be developed using various modules available on the Internet, and even c and c ++ modules can be used in this direction.

Python programming language can be implemented and used in Linux, Windows and any other operating system. This is a great feature in an application that is compatible with many operating systems.


Perfect tutorial for hacking with Python


Briefly, the main features of Python language in hacking with Python can be defined as follows:

And many other benefits that we do not have time to talk about here. But there are drawbacks to Python that need to be addressed. In the continuation of hacking training with Python, we will go to these disadvantages.

Disadvantages of not so problematic Python

Python, like everything else in the world, has its advantages and disadvantages. It is important to know how to deal with these advantages and disadvantages in hacking Python and how to measure them in our scales. If we want to name the disadvantages of Python.

The most important problem in hacking with Python is the weakness of Python programmers in writing other languages. In fact, a python that works a little harder with languages ​​like c and c ++. This stems from the high level of Python language, and since many commands and scripts were removed, the Python programmer could not understand why so many things exist in other programs.

Another problem with Python hacking with Python is that it is interpretable. This means not using a translator and being self-reliant. This means that the program itself expends energy to understand itself to the machine. An example in today’s world is that, for example, the President of Iran travels to China to learn Chinese and then to negotiate with the Prime Minister of China.


How to hack with Python


He may understand his words better and speak his words better. But how much time and money is going to be spent? This is exactly what happens in Python.

Disadvantage of Python programming language

One of the coolest disadvantages of this language is its advantage. Hassle-free syncing. In fact, with the updating of libraries and Python itself, the program you wrote earlier may have errors today when updated. This means a lack of confidence in the future and that errors may be found with each update. It is very interesting.

The inability of full compatibility as a mobile application in training to hack with Python is also one of the backwardness of the Python programming language, which has taken a lot of its collar today and has caused it to be slightly separated from the public portfolio market and become more specialized. .

Everything to hack with Python

There is also a small problem with hacking Python in its database. Because it is a bit simple in design and the lack of different layers has made the work a little harder for data analysts.

However, Python is very popular today and as we said, it is one of the most popular programs among computer giants. This is not the time to talk about Python applications, introduction of versions and how to install and و. If you are interested in Python or are interested. I suggest that you get more acquainted with this interesting and lovely program by simply searching on Iranian and foreign sites.

We get a little more dangerous here and want to explain the concept of hacking with Python. So before we start with the first line question, why is the Python programming language popular with hackers?

Why is the Python programming language popular with hackers?

Until we finally get to why Python’s programming language is hackers’ favorite?

We implicitly stated the reason for this interest in the above words. Here’s how to put one together for use with Python. To learn more about Python, you can read the article Getting to Know the Python Programming Language Better .

One of the main reasons that hackers are drawn to Python and hack with Python is very popular is that Python, as we said, is used in many places. It is the most widely used programming these days, which can also support the C language. In hacking, it is very important to know what makes up the operating system and the application base.

So since many places like Google use Python, hackers can easily infiltrate using the Python program. If we want to investigate the reason for this further, we will reach this point. In hacking, when we use the basic program itself, it is a kind of program that is more easily deceived and makes mistakes and instead of applying its own program, it performs your program as a hacker.

Python and penetration testing

Another answer to the above question and the reason for learning so much about learning to hack with Python is that Python uses very large libraries and modules online. That means more tools and more ways to infiltrate and hack. This feature in hacking with Python is really a great feature for hackers. If they can’t open the door by breaking the lock, they go to the window, and if that doesn’t happen, they eventually become ghosts and pass through the wall. it is interesting. Not?

We have left the sweet story behind so far. Our goal was to explain hacking and Python and go to Python hacking tutorial. To explain how to hack with Python, we had to go through all the steps one by one to get to this point.

Python hacking training has become very popular among users, teachers and programmers today. We explained the reason in full and above and did not know that when the language of popular social networks such as Facebook and Instagram is in Python base, Python is also the best tool to hack it.


Familiar with Python Hack


In fact, in learning to hack with Python, we are taught to build a Trojan horse and try to be so real that our words allow us to enter smoothly and then pursue our goal. Of course, how to build and log in is a separate goal called Python penetration testing training.

Prerequisites for hacking with Python

Although we talked in full and in detail about the prerequisites of hacking with Python, but it is better to summarize them here in the form of headlines so as not to cause confusion. Before that, let’s take a look at the for iteration loop article in Python .

The most important and first prerequisite is familiarity with the computer. If you have a problem with technology, come back here and change the hacker dream into a dream like writing. Believe that you will be more successful.

Another important prerequisite is familiarity with how to program and familiarity with algorithms. You may not know it, but you know one language. In fact, you can write all languages. And the reason is that the method of finding the answer and writing the whole program from the beginning to the end is the same and only the way it is written is important. So try to find a programming mind.

After learning how to hack with python , self-programming training in Python, it is important to learn and get acquainted with the instructions and all its features.

Prerequisites for hacking with Python

Another prerequisite that we did not talk about at all in this hack tutorial with Python. Linux operating system tutorial. Python, however, works on many operating systems. But in hacking, we sometimes have to go beyond the scope of working with the programming language itself and go to the operating system. Since the Linux operating system is an open source operating system and is very programmable, it is better to know this operating system for success.

The next prerequisites are like Kali training and که things that are more needed instead of prerequisites and you can go to it according to your needs.

A tutorial neither black nor white

Someone may hack into users’ personal accounts after seeing the Python hacking tutorial and harass them, or they may harass security systems. Of course, this black face is also not inconspicuous.

Because every site or network or wherever it needs to be protected has a strong security team and prevents you from easily entering those places. Not only will they hinder you, but they will also punish you by informing the beautiful legal authorities. So clear the beautiful cloud that is probably forming over your head and in which you are a billionaire who has gained his benefits by hacking security systems.

Python penetration testing training Why in Iran?

One of the most frequently asked questions is why Python penetration testing training in Iran is one of the hacking trainings with Python? Or better to ask, why in Iran is it easy and free to teach hacking with Python, even though they know that instead of surgery with a knife, a person may be killed?

The answer lies in a few things. First of all, in Iran, if you want to carry out an illegal hack, you will most likely be discovered and get into legal trouble.


Learn to hack with Python


Second, those who are abroad and want to enter internal sites and networks for any reason are less likely to be legalized and more likely to flee, thus increasing the importance of protection. In order to prevent these attacks, the owners of these networks must find ways to infiltrate themselves before others discover and use them. Therefore, Python penetration testing training in Iran has become one of the most obvious and main reasons for training with Python hacking.

High penetration testing can ensure the security of sites and on the other hand can cause the validity of a site and a network to be confirmed or denied in terms of security.

Work success platform

Python hacking training in Iran can be considered as one of the great educational investments. Because Iran, like the rest of the world, has made progress, and many companies were thrilled to rely on their site and network, and if it is disrupted, it will cause destruction or great loss to them. These companies are looking for people who can provide their virtual security.

Since this field is a very specialized and new job in Iran and few people are doing it compared to other conventional jobs in Iran, so it can be guessed that good money after waiting for Python hacking training is waiting for those who Become an expert.

Becoming an expert means being able to do infiltration testing, find and fix bugs on the site and network. On the other hand, by monitoring the site and through security cases, they can prevent the unauthorized entry of others, whether Iranian or foreign.


You may sometimes hear in the news that Iranian scientists have succeeded in thwarting a cyber attack on Iran’s security centers, including nuclear energy centers. These scientists are in fact the ones who one day, like you and me, felt the need for training in this field and went to it. Now that you have the opportunity to learn Python hacking and you can use it without having to attend a face-to-face class, why not pursue your interests? An interest that can secure your future a lot.

in short

Finally, it is better to give a general summary of the sweet story of hacking with Python to make the final conclusion. Offer. Given the details that were at first glance a clear explanation, open your eyes to the facts that lay beneath these simple things.


The best way to learn hacking with Python


One of these cases is that hacking may be inherently dirty and ugly in nature, but it increases the security of sites by infiltrating and identifying ways to infiltrate the site.

In other words, it was the bad hackers who developed the concept of site security, and then from their descendants came the white hat hackers. So let’s thank the bad guys in the story together.

Interest, do not forget

In this sweet story of training with Python, everything we said was appropriate and seemed necessary. But we did not talk about one main thing. It is also an interest. You need to know if you are interested in this job or not. Because no matter how beautiful, profitable and popular this work is, if you do not like it from the heart, it will lead you to lose your life more than to succeed.

You need to know if you are interested in being a hacker. Is this your interest due to the hackers’ gesture in the movies or not? This point is really a very sensitive and important point so that in the continuation of hacking training with subconscious Python, you will not be drawn to pink hat hackers and you will be able to benefit yourself and your community. Of course, having a high income.