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It Will Be Possible To Prevent The Integration Of Program Icons In The Windows 11 Taskbar Soon

It Will Be Possible To Prevent The Integration Of Program Icons In The Windows 11 Taskbar Soon

Windows 11 Users Will Soon Have New Settings For More Personalization Of The Taskbar, One Of Which Is To Prevent The Combination Of Program Icons If There Is A Lack Of Space In This Section. 

Windows 10 currently offers the mentioned feature, and many Windows 11 users have requested the addition of the said feature since the release of this operating system. This feature is one of several updates to the taskbar in the latest preview build of Windows 11.

Windows researcher Albacore has shared a video on Twitter showing the new taskbar customization functions in Windows 11, Features that Microsoft has not officially mentioned yet. This video shows the possibility of changing the work view and widget icon, changing the hero’s direction from left to center, and how to display the search bar. Albacore also mentioned other features like ungrouped items.

According to TechSpot, it is unclear when Windows 11 taskbar updates will be available to the general public.

The latest build of this operating system with ID 23440 offers the possibility of hiding the date and time. In addition, you can identify network problems by right-clicking on the System Tray.

Although the Windows 11 taskbar was not very popular after the initial release of this operating system, Microsoft has added various features to it. The company optimized how to interact with the Windows 11 taskbar on devices equipped with a touch screen and added features such as direct search with the Bing chatbot. In addition, it is possible that soon the ability to force close programs by right-clicking on the taskbar will be available to users.

However, some user-requested features in previous Windows versions have not yet been provided in Windows 11, including moving the taskbar to the sides or top of the screen. Microsoft announced last year that not enough people needed the feature.