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Is Chrome OS Safe From Computer Viruses?

Since Its Entry Into The World Of Computer Platforms, Chrome OS Has Received Special Credit In The Field Of Anti-Virus And Complete Protection Against This Category Of Malicious Programs, And Google Has So Far Extensive Marketing In Terms Of Security.

It has made its operating system comparable to other existing platforms, But the big question remains, is this operating system really resistant to computer viruses? If this is true, how has Google succeeded in achieving this great success?

To better understand the answer to this question, it is better to become a little more familiar with the term virus.

What is a computer virus?

Computer viruses fall under the umbrella of malicious programs, or malware, which, by having malicious code, runs independently when navigating to its target system, or injects malicious code into healthy files without any problems, and contaminates the contents.

When they perform, they also perform themselves. When malicious code of a virus is released into the system, prevent malicious actions such as data corruption, overwriting files, or even spreading and spreading multiple versions of the virus on a personal computer and slowing down, displaying a blue screen of death error, etc.

These are inevitable factors, but the important point is that a virus is not destructive in itself and requires an environment to run.

Operating systems usually have one or more formats for running software and computer programs, the most common of which is the EXE extension in Windows.

Therefore, a virus writer must develop his malicious program in the form of this extension to distribute it on Windows systems or program the virus in such a way that when he enters the target system, he will publish his malicious code in safe and infected executable files.

According to this statement, it can be concluded that different operating systems such as Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, etc., are not compatible with each other. For example, Android executable files (APK extension) in the Windows operating system (EXE extension) by no means They are not executable (unless you install emulation software such as BlueStacks).

Accordingly, computer viruses are considered operating system-based programs and cannot be run publicly on all platforms; Therefore, the virus, which was developed specifically for the Windows operating system, is completely non-malicious on the Mac OS.

Malware and computer virus developers often seek to maximize vandalism or steal more information, so it makes perfect sense to develop malware for popular platforms such as the Windows operating system, which is used by millions of users around the globe.

Now, in answer to the question of whether the Chrome OS operating system is completely safe against computer viruses, ransomware, spyware, worms, etc., it should not be at all!

Just because the platform is less popular and a small and weak user base, virus developers are reluctant to develop malware. Still, Google’s claim that the operating system is more secure than other existing platforms is somewhat true and not a lie. But how?

One of the main features that contribute to the security of this operating system compared to other existing platforms is continuous updating and installation of update packages in less than a few minutes. Chrome OS is constantly reviewing the update packages offered by Google and automatically downloads and installs them.

As you know, updating the operating system and its protection subsystems is very effective in maintaining security and preventing the activity of malicious agents.

In addition, Chrome OS performs a self-test each time the PC is booted. Any changes that may compromise the security of the platform are identified (for example, the infection of one of the Files by injecting infected virus codes into the system).

Another protective feature of Chrome OS, which shows the intelligence and genius of Google, is the sandboxing technique in the execution of content. This feature means that all browser windows, add-ons, Android applications, etc.

Run in a completely isolated environment (sandbox) relative to another, and if a virus accidentally infects one environment, other sandboxes are completely safe and secure.

It does not threaten them. This factor has not yet been implemented due to the complexity of other existing operating systems such as Windows.

Is Chrome OS safe from any threats?

As mentioned before, no. Computer viruses are just some malicious tools that, given the features mentioned above, the Chrome OS platform is more secure than they are. Still, it should not be forgotten that this operating system is generally a browser software and, therefore, Against other malicious agents such as malware add-ons, infected Android applications, phishing sites And … it is vulnerable.

In addition, if, for example, a plugin is run in non-sandbox mode, the computer’s safety will be compromised.

However, it should be noted that the descriptions in this section are not limited to the Chrome OS. In general, all platforms are vulnerable to them, so take precautions such as guarding against phishing and scam sites and do not enter information.

Personalities such as passcode passwords, not downloading Chrome browser extensions from third-party platforms, not activating Developer Mode, and keeping the system updated are some of the things that can be mentioned about all platforms.