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iPhone phones are named based on what?

iPhone phones are named based on what?

On what basis are iPhone phones named?

What do these names on the iPhone phones mean? For example, SE, X, or s that comes after the numbers like 5s 6s and…

We want to answer all these and we want to know what is the matter of iPhone naming.

What was the first iPhone that was introduced?

The first iPhone did not have any special name and it was called the empty iPhone, which was introduced by Steve Jobs.

The first iPhone phones

What was the second iPhone?

It’s called iPhone 3G, the reason it’s called 3G is because this iPhone supported 3G network, while the previous iPhone didn’t!

That’s why it’s called 3G, what a reason!

Some people call the first iPhone that used 2G network as iPhone 2G!

After that, the iPhone 4, 5, 6 came along with the s version, i.e. 4s 5s 6s.

What do these s mean?

These s mean the word Speed, it means speed!

Steve Jobs (the owner of Apple company) gave this answer when he was asked: Speed means that these s versions are faster in processing than the normal version.

For example, 5s is faster than 5 Hess, this is the convincing reason of Steve Jobs!

But there are a few points! It doesn’t hurt to say that and it’s interesting!

Some say that these s give other meanings

For example, the iPhone 4s was the first iPhone that was equipped with the Siri assistant (the same woman who talks on iPhone phones), and because of this, the 4s was named iPhone 4siri.

Siri Iphone

Or, for example, the iPhone 5s was the first iPhone that had a fingerprint and had high security, that’s why experts say that this s represents the word Security, which means security.

What’s interesting, what happened next? Did the pluses come?

Then iPhone 7 and 8 came, which has no special point! It’s just that the iPhone added Plus versions along with this, Plus means + sign.

The differences between the Plus versions were in size, battery, etc., which I don’t want to compare here because this article is specific to the names.

What does iPhone X mean?

iPhone X means iPhone 10, in ancient Greek X means 10

If you have seen the old clocks, like the photo below, instead of 10 o’clock, the word X is written, or instead of 11 o’clock, XI is written, this X means 10.
What does Max mean? For example
Xs Max

Well, the s that we said means speed, Max is the abbreviation of Maximum, which means the most, the maximum

iPhone wants to understand that this phone is the latest and maximum phone of this version.

For example, the x series will be the first version, then xs will become Xspeed, then the last version of this xsMax series

What does Pro mean?

Peru means professional, which means professional.

iPhone wants to say that this phone is a more professional version than the previous one, for example, 11 empty, 11 professional

11pro max is another professional iPhone 11 model with maximum power!

wow you got it :))

What does Mini mean?

Mini means small, it means tiny, it also means the smallest! Which is the complete opposite of Max

From series 12 onwards, iPhone decided to produce both Max and Mini

For example, the next iPhone that is going to come in 4 versions:

(For example, if the name was iPhone 13)

13 empty

13 Mini

13 Peru

13 Promax

Mini versions usually have a smaller screen and a smaller battery.

According to the news that has been spread, iPhone has said that from now on it will have mini series in all models, now that I am writing this article, series 12 has arrived and it has brought mini with it.

Let’s see if there will be a mini series in the next versions!

What do SE iPhones mean?

Well, having said all that, now let’s say what iPhone SE means?

SE is the abbreviation of two words Special Edition which means special design!

The iPhone made an interesting and creative move in this series of iPhones, for example, the first iPhone SE released

Its internal specifications mean that the parts were all iPhone 6 parts, but in the iPhone 5 frame!

Suppose you buy iPhone 5, but it has the power of iPhone 6! Isn’t it interesting?

Or, for example, the iPhone SE2 that was introduced in 2020

Its appearance was very similar to the iPhone 8, that is, it had the overall design of the iPhone 8, but the internal parts and specifications of the iPhone 8 were not there, and the parts that were used in the 11 were used.

Suppose you fit the iPhone 11 in the case of the iPhone 8, or if I want to say it more simply, you buy an iPhone 8 but with the power of the iPhone 11.

iPhone has the right to be called SE (Special Edition) because it is really a special design and no other brand has come to do this.

Where is the iPhone nine phones?

Guys, the truth is, I searched for the answer to this question and searched many sites, and I did not get any results, there was no convincing answer anywhere.

Most of the time, they wrote a series of ramblings about it that bores you, the truth is that I didn’t even sit down to read some of them.

Because it is very boring, but I hope this article did not bore you 🙂

If you know why there is no iPhone 9 and you know the answer, write me in the comments

Well, guys, this article is over. I hope it was interesting and also useful to you and added something to your knowledge.

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