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iPad Pro M2 Review; An Old Body, A Beating Heart And A World Of Limitations

iPad Pro M2 Review; An Old Body, A Beating Heart And A World Of Limitations

October 2022 Coincided With The Unveiling Of The Newest iPad Generation, Professional Models That Apple Introduces With The Suffix “Pro” In The Past Few Years.

The people of Cupertino have prepared a pen and a keyboard in addition to the iPad Pro. By purchasing this collection and having a device similar to a laptop, you will also have a platform for creating creative content.

The combination of Apple’s strategy regarding the iPad Pro with M series chips has caused much trouble in choosing between an iPad and a MacBook.

The 2022 iPad Pro model is generally not significantly different from the previous generation, and its main change is summarized in the M2 chip. Still, the tech giant has made other minor changes to its expensive product that will improve the overall user experience.

iPad Pro 2022 comes in two 11-inch and 12.9-inch models, priced at $799 and $1,099, respectively, and are sold in Iran for 43 and 55 million tomans in the basic model.

Note that during the review, whenever two hardware specifications were brought together, the first referred to the 11-inch version and the other to the 12.9-inch version.

iPad Pro M2 video review

Design and build quality of iPad Pro 2022

Apple’s iPad Pro can be considered a benchmark for tablet design; Because they have been developed entirely based on the user’s needs and the primary purpose of a tablet.

The weight of 466 and 682 grams, along with the thickness of 5.9 and 6.4 mm, the aluminum body, the right edges of the display, and even the placement of the buttons all form a product that you can watch movies for hours without getting tired, or do daily tasks and even play games in your hands. get yourself

If you look at the previous generations of iPad, you will notice that Apple has not changed the basic formula of its tablet design; To put; look at the first generation iPad. Flat edges, a 4:3 aspect ratio, and black borders will attract your attention.

iPad Pro 2022 back panel

By maintaining the original signature of the iPad and offering a product suitable for content creation, Apple held its superiority in the world of tablets. Unfortunately, tablet manufacturing companies such as Samsung, unlike Apple, still insist on using 16:9 (and sometimes 16:10) screens, and by reducing the available vertical space, they significantly reduce productivity. In the meantime, only Microsoft provides a similar experience to the user by choosing a ratio of 3:2.

The same iPad Pro 2022 chassis cannot control the temperature of the M2 chip.

I describe the edges around the screen as “appropriate” because, according to the device’s form factor, it will be a good place for the thumb to be placed; Therefore, when using a tablet, the possibility of suddenly touching the screen is significantly reduced.

iPad Pro 2022 volume buttons

The location of the volume and lock buttons are also intelligently and correctly chosen and will be easily accessible horizontally or vertically. As a comparison, when using the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra horizontally, the volume buttons will be challenging to reach. The narrowness of the controls also makes the situation a bit more complicated.

The only problem with the design of the iPad Pro is related to the placement of Face ID; This means that due to the professional nature of the device, the user mainly uses it in horizontal mode, and in this case, in case of making a video call, the contact will not be in the center of the image. His eyes will be staring at the corner of the picture.

We should probably look for the reason for placing FaceID and the selfie camera module on the vertical side of the device in the pen’s wireless charger; Where Apple seems to have a problem with the combination of wireless pen charger and Face ID; Because in the 10th generation iPad, with the lack of a wireless pen charger, Face ID is in the right place.

The aluminum body of the iPad Pro has nothing but a mirrored Apple logo on the back, a dual camera with a LiDAR sensor and a magnetic connector for accessories, and, of course, the name iPad. A wide range of keyboards and accessories can be connected to the iPad using the mentioned connector.

The thickness of iPad Pro 2022
iPad Pro 2022 speakers

The iPad Pro M2 still uses a set of 4 speakers placed on the top and bottom edges of the device, which, as expected, is the same hardware as last year’s model. The bottom edge hosts the Type-C port with Thunderbolt 3 and USB 4 support, which supports data transfer up to 40 Gbps.

iPad Pro 2022 screen and speaker

Last year, in an exciting move, Apple released the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2021 model with a miniLED panel, and it was expected that the 2022 11-inch model would also be equipped with this panel; But that did not happen. As a result, the professional tablets of Cupertino residents still use last year’s panels; in this respect, it is no different from the previous year’s model.

The brightness of the 12.9-inch model with the miniLED panel reaches 1500 nits, But the 11-inch model does not exceed 500 nits; Of course, the intellect of the bigger Brother’s board only reaches the mentioned range during HDR video playback, and in normal conditions, it will not be significantly different from the 11-inch model.

Reading a book with iPad Pro 2022

The 12.9-inch mini LED panel uses a set of 10,384 LEDs to illuminate the display, which forms 2,596 dimming zones. In other words, the bigger Brother turns off, or on the exposure, zones depending on the displayed content to create deeper blacks and behave closer to OLED panels.

iPad Pro 2022 display performance against competitors


Minimum brightness

Maximum brightness

contrast ratio







Average error


Average error

iPad Pro 12.9 2022





100 percent


iPad Pro 11 2022





100 percent


Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra



۹۴۳ (HDR)

100 percent



100 percent



Galaxy Tab S8 Plus



۶۷۹ (HDR)

100 percent



100 percent



Galaxy Tab S8





100 percent



iPad Pro 12.9 2021



۱۵۱۷ (HDR)

100 percent


iPad Pro 12.9 2020





100 percent


iPad Pro 11 2018





100 percent


Although by using miniLED technology, it is possible to achieve higher brightness in addition to producing lower temperature, the problem of the aura around the content or Blooming will plague users; for a better explanation, we need to refer to the iPad Pro 2021 review written by Mehrdad Isalo:

Apart from the amazingness of Mini-LED technology, if the exposure control process is not carried out accurately, a phenomenon called Blooming Effect occurs; In the sense that while displaying a bright subject with a dark background, the exposure of that part causes light to leak to the adjacent areas and create a halo. This condition is rarely seen on television screens, But this is not the case with a device like iPad; For example, consider reading an e-book with a black background and white text. Mehrdad Isalo

A wide range of iPad Pro users is content creators and graphic designers, which is one of the best purchase options due to the support of this model for Apple Pencil and its high color accuracy. Therefore, similar to previous years, Apple’s professional tablets cover the sRGB color space completely; Of course, keep in mind that it is not possible to change the color profile on the iPad like the iPhone, and the color space is determined depending on the content and the ambient light.

Watching movies with iPad Pro 2022

Apple representatives continue their excellent performance in color accuracy in color temperature as well, and by offering neutral colors, they complete the quality set of their display.

The best sound output among tablets, even though the speakers are the same

Both 11 and 12.9-inch models use a set of 4 speakers, including two tweeters and two woofers, which are placed in pairs on the top and bottom of the device. Despite the skinny body, these speakers provide an excellent sound with a unique bass that doubles the pleasure of watching action scenes in movies or video games. The warmth and volume of these four speakers are so much that they can be used as a speaker for an environment of 30 to 40 square meters.

Back view of iPad Pro 2022

One of the problems of the iPad Pro 2022 speaker can be considered to be the blocking of the lower output when playing or horizontal use; Of course, this issue also goes back to the way of holding the tablet; But in general, it can turn into an annoying incident.

iPad Pro 2022 hardware, performance, and battery

After Apple’s MacBooks, now it’s the turn of the iPad Pro 2022 to use the powerful M2 chip, A 5nm chip that has experienced a 25% increase in terms of the number of transistors, and its number has now reached 20 billion; Of course, the mentioned increase does not mean a performance improvement of the same amount, and according to Apple, the new chip offers only 10-15% better performance compared to the previous generation.

Running the game on iPad Pro 2022

It was hard for me to imagine the power of the M1 chip, even for the 2021 model, and now we are facing a more powerful chip in a similar body. The question still arises to me, what other use will such power be for editing and exporting video or gaming?

iPad Pro 2022 performance against competitors



Speedometer 2.0

GeekBench 5


Web browsing experience

GPU computing power

CPU computing power

Game simulator



Aztec Ruins



iPad Pro 2022

Apple M2







Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1







Galaxy Tab S8 Plus

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1







Galaxy Tab S8

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1







iPad Pro 12.9 2021

Apple M1







iPad Pro 12.9 2020

Apple A12Z






iPad Pro 11 2018

Apple A12X







Galaxy S22 Ultra

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1







As you can see, the iPad Pro M2 is up to 15% faster overall and up to 65% faster in GPU-based computing processes than the previous generation; But how does such a dramatic improvement affect the performance of the iPad Pro in the real world? To find the answer, I set out to play a heavy game of Ganesh Impact.

iPad Pro 2022 performance in Genshin Impact game

As the chip’s power increases, the iPad chassis cannot cool the chip! Because, unlike the 2020 and 2021 models, even at the beginning of the game, there is no news about the stability of the frames, and the device provides an average rate of 55 frames per second in the highest graphics settings. In the graph above, you can also see the frame drop of up to 40 frames per second.

iPad Pro 2022 performance in playing games

Mobile game title

Game graphic settings

Average frame rate

Genshin Impact


55 frames per second

Call of Duty

Very High

120 frames per second

Real Racing 3

120 frames per second

Zomit has used GameBench software to obtain game frame rates.

To challenge the chip as much as possible, we took the help of the 3DMark benchmark performance test. Looking at the graph below, you can see the high-performance drop of the M2 chip. Following this incident, the M2 chip achieved 64% stability in the previous test, which is not at the level of the last generation; Of course, we must mention that after 3 minutes, when a 36% drop occurs, the chip with temperature control provides stable performance.

Performance stability of M2 chip in iPad Pro 2022

The cooling system of the iPad Pro 2022 does not work well in keeping the M2 chip cool, and this causes the body temperature to experience a noticeable increase in heavy and continuous processing. During the performance stability test, the temperature of the body’s center (part of the Apple logo) increased noticeably and reached the overheating limit. Although we did not experience such a temperature during the game, you should expect it during heavy duty.

You will probably never use the maximum hardware potential of the M2 chip

Apple has provided a 28.6-watt-hour battery for the 11-inch model and a 40.8-watt-hour battery for the 12.9-inch model, the size of which is no different from the 2021 model. Even with the M2 chip, Apple has announced that the battery life of the 2022 model is equal to 10 hours.

iPad Pro 2022 battery life against competitors




Play video

Everyday use

Dimensions, resolution, and refresh rate

milliampere hour

minute: hour

minute: hour

iPad Pro 2022

11 inches, 120 Hz

1668 x 2388 pixels



Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

14.6 inches, 120 Hz

2960×1848 pixels




Galaxy Tab S8 Plus

12.4 inches, 120 Hz

1752 x 2800 pixels




Galaxy Tab S8

11 inches, Adaptive

2560×1600 pixels




iPad Pro 12.9 2021

12.9 inches, promotion

2048 x 2732 pixels



iPad Pro 12.9 2020

12.9 inches, promotion

2048 x 2732 pixels



iPad Pro 11 2018

11 inches

1668 x 2388 pixels



To verify Apple’s claim, we went to the continuous playback of the standard 720p Zoom video with a brightness level of 200 nits. The 11-inch iPad Pro 2022 model managed to play the mentioned video for 10 hours, which, despite the favorable result, is still 15-20% away from last year’s model.

After the hardware section, we should look at the camera of the new iPad Pro. The people of Cupertino use 12- and 10-megapixel sensor sets with wide and ultra-wide lenses in both models, along with the LiDAR sensor.

iPad Pro 2022 rear cameras

Unfortunately, the rear camera cannot record portrait photos, and this feature will be limited to the selfie camera; If you do such a thing (especially in the 12.9-inch model), due to the large size of the tablet, actually taking a portrait photo will become a complex and challenging task.

As a tablet, it is impossible to maneuver on factors such as dynamic range, color registration accuracy, and other things. Still, you should know that the iPad Pro cameras provide suitable and satisfactory performance in recording images. The existence of the LiDAR sensor, although it will not be used much by the general user, you can use it to create high-quality 3D models of natural objects.

Sample photo captured in challenging lighting conditions with the main camera of the iPad Pro 2022
Sample photo captured in challenging lighting conditions with the primary camera of the iPad Pro 2022
A sample photo captured in challenging lighting conditions with the iPad Pro 2022 ultrawide camera
A sample photo captured in difficult lighting conditions with the iPad Pro 2022 ultrawide camera
Sample photo taken by Reza Heydari Nesab with the main camera of iPad Pro 2022
Reza Heydari Nesab took a sample photo with the primary camera of iPad Pro 2022
An example of a portrait photo taken by Mojtaba Abfooreh with the iPad Pro 2022 selfie camera
An example of a portrait photo taken by Mojtaba Abfooreh with the iPad Pro 2022 selfie camera.

In the iPad Pro 2022 ads, Apple has also mentioned the possibility of recording ProRes videos; Of course, with a big “but”! The camera software does not provide such an option for the user, and for this, you need to use additional video recording applications such as FilmicPro.

Software and user experience of iPad Pro 2022

The main challenge for Apple to make a more advanced and professional model than iPad is seen in its operating system. The part developed based on iOS and, with the addition of various and exclusive features in the past years (some of which are directly borrowed from the Mac operating system), has become a half-mobile and half-desktop product.

The edge of the iPad Pro 2022 display

Although for laptop users, iPadOS does not look very professional; for content creators, such as graphic designers, it is an ideal option; Because it provides a more straightforward and more efficient user interface for this category of users. Despite their lighter weight compared to laptops, iPads are considered a better option for entertainment purposes.

iPadOS advanced multitasking makes working with iPad a pleasure

The most essential part of any iPad to make the most of the hardware is its multitasking features. Equipped with screen splitting and floating windows, iPadOS runs applications in both tablet and smartphone formats, resulting in an iPhone in the heart of an iPad.

Running two applications on iPad Pro
View running applications on iPad Pro
View all running applications on iPad Pro

Version 16 of the iOS operating system was also introduced with various improvements, such as Stage Manager. However, this feature will only be available to iPads with the M series chip. To learn about all the features of iPadOS 16, we suggest you look at the following article.

Apple's iPadOS 16 was introduced with a focus on improving the iPad's multitasking and productivity capabilities

If we skip talking about the operating system, we will reach the professional software developed for iPad. As mentioned, in addition to graphic designers, the iPad has also targeted the editing community, and powerful software such as DaVinci Resolve has recently been introduced. However, there is still a lack of powerful software such as Final Cut.

In general, if we want to know the scope of iPad Pro’s abilities in creating content and acting as an entertainment product, it can handle all the mentioned tasks well; However, the limitations in areas such as file management do not allow the user to take full advantage of the full potential of Apple’s powerful tablet.

The experience of using Apple Pencil 2 on iPad Pro 2022

Although the second generation of Apple Pencil has not received a significant update and does not have a different function, the people of Cupertino have significantly improved the performance of the iPad Pro pen by adding the ability to hover. The process of this feature is similar to what was previously in the SPen, and by keeping the cell at the maximum distance from the screen, the content reacts to the location of the cell; For example, the icons become slightly larger than usual or a preview of the content is displayed to the user.

Apple Pencil Hover software feature will be exclusive to iPad Pro 2022

In addition, when using design applications, a preview of the pen (Brush) or its color and size will be printed on the screen, which will significantly help the design process.

Summary and Comparison of iPad Pro 2022 with Competitors

The presence of the M2 chip alone will guarantee the power of the desktop class in the world of tablets, But the main question is which user needs such power?

iPad Pro 2022 user interface

Suppose you are currently using the M1 model. In that case, you will not experience any other difference except for the hardware power and Hover feature of the Apple Pencil. Waiting for the next model is probably a better option. Still, suppose you are using iPad Pro 2021 before. In that case, iPadOS software features for M series chips like Stage Manager, along with the impressive performance of the M2 chip, will make iPad a more efficient product.

It is worth noting that the Apple Pencil hover feature is probably wholly dependent on the software. Although Apple could provide this feature as a software update for previous iPads or at least the 2021 model, he preferred to keep it as a factor to attract customers in the exclusiveness of the 2022 model.

Keep in mind that currently (April 1402), in the Iranian market, the basic version of the 11-inch model is sold for 44 million Tomans. The basic understanding of the 12.9-inch model is also dealt with with a price tag of 55 million Tomans, While last year’s model is also available in the market at a similar price. Therefore, buying the 2021 model is not very logical.

iPad Pro 2022 camera module design
Playing music with iPad Pro 2022
Apple Pencil design next to iPad Pro 2022
Gaming with iPad Pro 2022

Will the iPad Pro be a suitable replacement for laptops and especially MacBooks? If we consider the conditions of Iran and the currency market, it is impossible to use an iPad instead of a computer; Because you have to pay a lot of money to buy professional programs, which will probably be beyond the scope of purchasing power of many of us. On the other hand, many professional programs have not been developed for iPadOS, and as a result, an iPad, even its “Pro” model, will not meet your needs.

If your tablet or laptop use is limited to design, 2D and sometimes 3D graphic work, and average video editing, iPad Pro 2022 with the second-generation Apple Pencil will be more suitable.

Strengths of iPad Pro M2

  • Powerful M2 chip
  • High build quality
  • High-quality screen
  • Clear sound output from the speakers
  • The Hover feature of the second-generation Apple Pencil

Weaknesses of iPad Pro M2

  • Location of Face ID
  • Operating system limitations
  • Lower battery life than the previous generation
  • Vacancy of some professional software