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iOS 17 Arrives With Lock Screen Sharing, Updated Apple Music And More

iOS 17 Arrives With Lock Screen Sharing, Updated Apple Music And More

New Information About iOS 17 Has Been Revealed, Which Points To Some New Features And Changes In This Operating System.

As we get closer to Apple’s WWDC 2023 event, we see more information being released about Apple’s new products and services. Many expect iOS 17 to be introduced as the essential product of Apple at this event, and next to it, we will see new versions of iPadOS and macOS.

According to XDA, the new version of iOS 17 will offer changes to better control the flashlight’s brightness. In addition, users can take advantage of new customization options and fonts with different dimensions on the lock screen. The latest update will also allow sharing custom lock screen settings.

According to the leaked information, iOS 17 will also introduce changes to the appearance of Apple Music. The new version of this program may also support the lyrics of songs that will be displayed directly on the lock screen. Another expected change in iOS 17 is the ability to customize and organize the app library, which will help manage them better and make them more accessible.

Some reports have already mentioned that iOS 17 will be a big update.

Still, perhaps this update will supplement the previous version as Apple shifts its focus to the company’s mixed reality headset. Another expected feature of iOS 17 is the ability to sideload apps; In this case, this feature, offered in Android years ago, will also be available to iPhone owners. Continued pressure from the European Union could force Apple to offer sideload functionality in at least some European countries.

Another significant change that can be expected from iOS 17 is the revamped Control Center. This part of Apple’s mobile operating system has been one of the main features of the iPhone user interface for the past years, and now the new update can be fascinating for users. We do not know what changes iOS 17 will make in the control center, but the possibility of customizing this section can be beneficial and attractive.