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Introducing XPG CORE REACTOR II Series Power Supplies; Integrating Everything It Takes To Be The Best

Introducing XPG CORE REACTOR II Series Power Supplies; Integrating Everything It Takes To Be The Best

The XPG Brand, Which Is Facing Unstoppable Growth In Popularity Among Gamers, Introduced The XPG CORE REACTOR II Series Of GOLD Power Supplies. 

These power supplies have a modern design and comply with the ATX 3.0 standard, and along with the consistently premium quality of XPG products for gamers and compact design, it is an ideal choice for 2023.

In the rest of this article, get to know the outstanding features of the new XPG power supplies.

Introducing XPG CORE REACTOR II series power supplies: Integrating everything it takes to be the best

XPG,  as a unique gaming brand that offers products with the best performance and compatibility with the needs of gamers, has paid attention to buyers’ feedback in designing and manufacturing quality XPG CORE REACTOR II series power supplies.

The result of this work is the provision of new powers of 1000 and 1200 watts, along with a more stylish design, which is better than ever with high performance and the “intrinsic gamer-friendly feature” of XPG products.

Fully compatible with ATX 3.0 standard

XPG CORE REACTOR II GOLD series power supplies are not only fully compatible with the requirements of the Intel ATX 3.0 standard and pass it, but in many cases, they even exceed the requirements of Intel, which shows their advanced and modern design. With a VHPWR12 power connector and robust design, these power supplies are the perfect choice for professional PCIe 5.0 graphics cards.

Also, Reactor 2 XPG series power supplies have the latest developments in the electronics and power industry, which has given them maximum reliability and compatibility.Robust design with high-quality parts and high energy efficiency

XPG CORE REACTOR II GOLD power supplies, in addition to obtaining the prestigious PLUS Gold80 energy efficiency certificate, their energy efficiency almost reaches Platinum, which indicates the high efficiency of the design and the parts used in them. This issue guarantees full support for the world’s latest graphics cards and processors with the most minor energy loss and heat generation.

Users can get these high-quality gold power supplies in 650, 750, 850, 1000, or 1200 watts, depending on their needs, and they are ideal for any system with any use. Also, buyers can choose these power supplies in black or white colors.

Complete protection and long life

XPG CORE REACTOR II GOLD series power supplies have eight safety protections, including OPP, UVP, OVP, SCP, OTP, OCP, NLO, and SIP, which provide complete protection for the user’s system components and the power itself. Also, these power supplies, having a long lifespan and a long-term warranty, can provide energy for their professional system for years without any worries for the buyers.

The last word

ATX 3.0 is a new standard in the hardware world and a necessity for future components. You can equip your system for future hardware by choosing XPG CORE REACTOR II GOLD series power supplies with the highest quality and safety.

XPG power supplies are offered in the Iranian market with the well-known and long-standing ” Pendulum ” warranty.