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Introducing the best artificial intelligence technologies

Artificial intelligence has many proportions and technologies that enhance human life. In this article, we will mention some of the most important ones.

Artificial intelligence was invented in 1955 to introduce a new area of computer science, which is rapidly and fundamentally changing the way of daily life because the market for artificial intelligence technologies is booming. A critical competition to be won by many beginners and internet professionals. In this note, we will talk about the best artificial intelligence technologies that you should be aware of.

Introducing the best artificial intelligence technologies

  • Natural Language Generation
  • Speech Recognition
  • Machine Learning Platforms
  • Virtual Agents
  • Decision Management
  • AI Optimized Hardware
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing
  • Bio-metrics
  • Cyber Defense

Natural Language Generation

Natural language production is a subset of artificial intelligence that converts text into data and helps systems communicate ideas and thoughts as much as possible, a segment widely used in customer service to generate reports and summaries—used in markets. Attivio, Automated Insights, Cambridge, Semantics, Digital Reasoning, Lucidworks, Narrative Science, SAS, and Yseop offer natural language production. Not surprisingly, this technology is included in the top 10 artificial intelligence technologies list.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition is used to turn human speech into a valuable and comprehensive format and process computer applications. So today, we are witnessing the transcription and transformation of human language into practical forms that are overgrowing. Companies like NICE, Nuance Communications, OpenText, and Verint Systems offer speech recognition services.

Machine Learning Platforms

Learning Machine is a sub-discipline of computer science and an essential branch of artificial intelligence. The purpose is to develop new techniques that make computers learn and smarter. In addition, With the help of algorithms, APIs, development tools, training tools, big data, and applications, machine learning operating systems have become more popular. In addition, They are widely utilized for assortment and forecasting. Amazon, Fractal Analytics, Google, H2O AI, Microsoft, ‌ SAS, Skytree, and Ad text sell machine learning operating systems.

Virtual Agents

Virtual Agents is a computer system or program that interacts effectively with humans. AI currently offers the technology in customer service via chatbots and an intelligent in-house manager. Therefore Companies that provide virtual assistants include Apple, Google, Amazon, Artificial Solutions, Assist AI, Creative. Virtual, IBM, IPsoft, Microsoft, and Satisfi.

Decision Management

Artificial intelligence machines can introduce logic to artificial intelligence systems for training, maintenance, and tuning. Organizations now use decision management to add value to businesses and profitability by incorporating it into their plans to advance and execute automated decision-making. Also, Some companies that offer this service are Informatica, Advanced Systems Concepts, Maana, Pegasystems, and UiPath.

AI Optimized Hardware

The devices are under construction due to better graphics and central processing units, and in particular, use artificial intelligence tasks to perform them. An excellent example of this is the AI-optimized silicon chip placed in any portable device. Therefore, companies and organizations invest heavily in artificial intelligence to accelerate the production of future applications. This technology service is supplied by companies such as Alluviate, Google, Cray, Intel, IB, and Nvidia.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation guides the performance of corporate processes due to the imitation of human tasks and their automation. In this particular area, it should be borne in mind that artificial intelligence does not mean replacing humans but supporting and completing their skills and talents. Companies such as Pega Systems, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, UiPath, and WorkFusion focus on this process.

Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing (NLP) concentrates on the interaction between human languages ​​and computers, using text analysis to analyze sentence structure and their interpretation and intent through machine learning. In addition, This technology is widely used in fraud detection and security systems.

Many assistants and automated programs provide unstructured data by NLP. Basis Technology, Expert System, Coveo, Indico, Knime, Lexalytics, Linguamatics, Mindbreeze, Sinequa, Stratifyd, and Synapsify are some providers. Not surprisingly, these terms put it on the list of the top 10 artificial intelligence technologies.


Biometrics deals with identifying, measuring, and analyzing the physical properties of the human body structure, shape, and behavior; this organic interaction strengthens the relationship between machines and humans. Because it works with touch, image, speech, and body language, it is often used for market research. VR, Affectiva, Agnitio, FaceFirst, Sensory, Synqera, and Tahzoo provide this technology service.

Cyber Defense

Cyber defense is a computer defense mechanism that aims to recognize, prevent and reduce attacks and threats to data and systems infrastructure. Also, Neural networks that can process input sequences can be used with machine learning techniques to develop learning technologies to detect suspicious user activity and cyber threats.


Artificial Intelligence has transformed the experience of the world concerning the power of reasoning and ways of problem-solving. Besides, it has also inspired us about the complexness of human intelligence.

So while some people may smell Artificial Intelligence as a menace to human existence, reliable and limited use will help humans and technology coexist. Together, such a co-existence will help reshape the very reality we live in and change the face of this world entirely.