Introducing Dude in MikroTik

In this article, we will define Dude in MikroTik. Soot or Dude is a monitoring tool in MikroTik that you can …

In this article, we will only introduce Dude in MikroTik as well as its benefits, and in future articles, we will teach you how to install and use this powerful tool.

Introducing Dude in MikroTik

Dude, is an efficient monitoring tool provided by Mikrotik. The development of this tool was initially only for MikroTik, but after a while, other features were added to support other networked tools.

Today, monitoring tools have become one of the most important tools for network administrators and it can be said that complete network management can not be done without monitoring.

Many tools and software such as PRTG, MRTG, SolarWinds, etc. are known today and many network administrators use them to monitor software and hardware, but their high cost and the need for powerful hardware to set up, sometimes aside. It has become important to put this.

But the Dude tool provided by Mikrotik, although it seems very simple, it is very efficient, and in general, it can be said that it monitors all the infrastructure hardware such as routers and network switches, especially the MikroTik brand, and most importantly for free. Is offered.

The dude is currently available in two versions, server, and client. To use it, you must install the server version on your Windows operating system and run the client version on MikroTik.

Also This way you will be able to have an accurate monitoring system of your router and network switches.

In the next articles, we will install Dude in MikroTik as well as Dude server and we will teach them completely.


The DUDE is a Windows-based application developed by Mikrotik for network monitoring.
The DUDE’s functions in the network are very numerous and can be used cross-platform or in other words, different brands of network equipment are used.
The dude is one of the best network monitoring applications, which can be used to:

1. Network monitoring
2. Create usage graphs
3. View device resources
4. Device status notification
5. Create network diagrams

In the following, we will draw your attention to the features and benefits of Dude.

Dude Benefits

  • Completely free monitoring tool
  • Ability to find and cover most hardware brands
  • Provide a network map automatically with ready-made icons
  • Easy to install and use
  • Draw regular graphs for various monitoring items such as ping time, bandwidth, and …
  • Access the Dude server remotely, locally, and over the web
  • Supports DNS, TCP, ICMP, SNMP, and other widely used protocols
  • Search and explore all devices within the network with just one click
  • No need for powerful hardware to install and run
  • And…

The mentioned benefits are only a part of the features and benefits of Dude, Also which you will get acquainted with other benefits by installing and getting more familiar with this program.

How top  Upgrade many Mikrotik devices at once using Mikrotik Dude

If you are a Mikrotik RouterOS user, you will know that Mikrotik regularly pushes out updates to their devices. These updates are designed to ensure that already installed Mikrotik devices work effectively. Apart from introducing new features to RouterOS, updates are used to improve the security of RouterOS as well as provide corrective measures in form of bug fixes to already discovered anomalies. In this post, I will share with us on how to upgrade many Mikrotik devices at once using Mikrotik dude.

To be able to perform this task, you must know how to install the Mikrotik Dude either on a Windows computer or on a Mikrotik device and you must also know how to add network hosts to the dude.

Upgrade many Mikrotik devices at once using Mikrotik Dude

To upgrade connected devices that have all be added on the Dude server, the devices must be reachable from the Dude, they must have had their username and passwords entered, and finally, they must have been configured on the Dude as RouterOS devices.

upgrade mikrotik devices using dude









  • Go to and download the current version of RouterOS for your device
  • Upload the downloaded file into the file section of the dude
  • Double click on devices
  • Click on RouterOS
  • Select devices to be upgraded
  • Click on upgrade and choose the file (.npk for Mikrotik hardware or x86 for RouterOS installed on PCs) you uploaded

After the upgrade, devices may be observed offline line. Remove the power and plug back again to have them back online.

Therefore We hope you have taken the necessary advantage of the introduction of Dude in MikroTik at the end.