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Information about the field of motion graphics

The field of motion graphics is established in many universities these days. For this reason, motion graphics style is one of the best options for advertising and digital marketing. Since images last longer than text and sound, this technique is widely used in marketing and branding. For this reason, the name of motion graphics may not be familiar to all users, but surely, they have seen all kinds of motion graphics on TV, websites, and social networks.

One of the most important features of motion graphics is that the images move along with sound, text, and music. It can also be used in all media. For this reason, motion graphics videos are abundantly seen in applications, sites, and the Internet. One of the most important factors that business owners expect from marketing and content production is the quick and correct transmission of brand messages and goals because the audience does not like to spend a lot of time getting to know the brand or getting information.

Motion graphics provide the possibility for brands to convey the most complex concepts and messages to users in the fastest time. The motion graphic designer can turn the most boring story into the most interesting story by using creativity and advanced design software. For this reason, most users are attracted to this video at the first glance. This factor caused motion graphics to become the most popular language in the world, and users choose this marketing tool when ordering content.

What is motion graphics?

What is motion graphic design? Moving images and sounding on different images with the help of specialized motion graphics software is called. With the help of this type of technique, it is possible to animate images in two or three dimensions. Animated images are used to create and produce commercial, educational, etc. videos.

Some people consider the two techniques of animation and motion graphics to be the same, but motion graphics, unlike animations, are not character-oriented. At first, the job of motion graphic designer was used to animate the logos of different companies, movie companies, etc. This modern technique is used for professional sounding, professional animation, etc.

In addition to this job, the motion graphic designer has a great role in the production of advertising films, media information, and filmmaking. A motion graphic has objects, text, or shapes that are constantly moving. In addition, with the help of this type of technique, complex ideas can be shown visually. The motion graphics technique is attractive to most audiences, and motion graphics, in a few seconds, can provide everything to the audience transparently.

Who is the motion graphic designer?

A motion graphic designer is someone who, by choosing the best color, format, design software, etc., creates extraordinary works of art, graphics, and motion for all media, including the web, television, and virtual space. This designer is also called a graphic designer. Using visual effects, animation, and various cinematic techniques, the graphic artist can create attractive and interesting animations.

Since motion graphics can be used in all media, graphic artists produce their products for the web, mobile applications, digital content production, electronic devices, etc. The computer system and laptop are some of the most important equipment of the graphic artist, by using which he can create his digital works of art.

Users can view these works through mobile phones, laptops, television, web space, etc. The application field of motion graphics is very wide and includes explanatory and educational videos for entertainment and games. Therefore, the motion graphic designer can produce all kinds of educational videos, computer graphics, promotional videos, explanatory videos, etc., for digital marketing and content production of companies and large and small companies.

Average annual income of motion graphic artists

Undoubtedly, one of the most important questions that comes to the minds of users, both those who are interested in this job and those who are active in it, is how much do graphic designers earn?

Due to the fact that today, video ads have replaced other advertising tools, and users enthusiastically welcome these clips, having a job in motion graphics design is considered a promising job. On the other hand, the only requirement to start this job is to have a computer with the necessary software skills and creativity. Hence, no high capital is needed to start this business.

Due to this issue, graphic designers can work both for companies and personally. Many graphic designers only work for companies. Naturally, the income of this group of people depends on the salary that the company has planned for them. Some other graphic artists continue this job on a free or freelance basis. Freelance graphic designers usually earn more.

Of course, we don’t mean all this group of graphic artists. Those with high income, high skills, experience, and creativity can attract more customers. Therefore, if you do not have high expertise in marketing and attracting customers, it is better to work in a company instead of freelancing. Some graphic designers also work as freelancers in addition to working in the company and personally receive projects from clients.

An introduction to motion graphics

Graphic design has different disciplines, among which we can refer to the fields of motion graphics, web design, designers’ user interface or UI, and user experience or UX. The field of motion graphics is one of the newest and most attractive fields of design, which managed to find many audiences and fans in the world quickly.

This visual discipline is a combination of filmmaking and graphic visual elements along with sound, music, and text. The images of this design field can be both real and graphic. If the images of this work of art are accompanied by text, it is called motion graphic typography. In many cases, music and sound effects are added to make these videos more effective.

This field consists of various essential elements, of which the motion graphic designer or graphic artist is one of its most important elements. Due to the wide applications of this field, motion graphics jobs are very diverse. This means that users who intend to enter this field can work in different departments. Among motion graphics applications are television, filmmaking, and cinema industry, advertising and video marketing, advertising teasers, web banners, and social networks—websites and… pointed out.

Advertising and marketing is the most important role of motion graphics. This artwork has a specific scenario. For this reason, it is better to write the script before making the text to produce an accurate and attractive video. Accuracy is the first word in the field of motion graphics. Because the smallest change can change the intended purpose and message. Storytelling motion graphics is also very important because it attracts the attention of users.

The role of motion graphics in the world of art

One of the most important uses of motion graphics is in the film industry and cinema. Although this technique is a very simple art, by using creativity, it can be turned into an attractive and professional work of art. Motion graphics do not require professional photography, video cameras, and other studio equipment. For this reason, it has become one of the most widely used techniques in the world of art and filmmaking.

Users can use this technique and voice to make short videos and teasers. The teasers made through motion graphics will convince every viewer to watch this video once. Since the application range of motion graphics is very wide, graphic artists can display their works of art in all kinds of media, virtual space, conferences, exhibitions, etc.

Therefore, one of the most important applications of motion graphics in the world of art is to introduce better and wider works of art. Helping artists create digital works of art is another application of motion graphics in the art world. Digital painting is one of the latest works of art that artists create using computers, design software, and other digital technologies. Motion graphics help these artists produce a digital work of art.

Familiarity with different branches of motion graphics

Motion graphics have different categories. Therefore, if you want to work as a graphic artist, you must know the different types and branches of motion graphics. In general, motion graphics are produced in the following styles:

  • Motion video: This style is a combination of video or filming and graphic images.
  • Stop motion: In this style, real objects are used. In this way, their different states are photographed and converted into a moving clip by editing and graphic software.
  • InfoMotion: In this style, infographics are animated.
  • Logo Motion: In this technique, all kinds of brand logos move.

Now, using these several styles of motion graphics are used in different branches, which are:

  • Explanatory videos
  • Product Marketing
  • User interface
  • Icon
  • Short Film
  • Movie and TV titles
  • Presentation
  • Broadcasting
  • Gif

In what fields are motion graphics used?

The most important application of motion graphics is advertising and branding, so it is used in various fields. In fact, the purpose of using this technique is to convey messages and concepts. Therefore, they use motion graphics in the following fields:

  • The field of marketing (advertising) and branding
  • in the film and television industry
  • In the world of IT and website design
  • Artistic application of motion graphics and digital art
  • On social networks

Conditions for entering the market through motion graphics

Now, if you are planning to enter this field and want to know the conditions of the motion graphics job market, we must say that this field is very popular with companies and organizations due to its up-to-dateness and demand. For this reason, after graduating from this field, animators can work in the film and cinema industry, website design, application development, and advertising agencies.

Today, all businesses need to produce content and digital marketing, and they welcome the latest marketing tools to avoid the competition. Due to the widespread use of motion graphics, many animators work in television stations, film and video production industry, video and computer games, and technical service agencies.

Others enter software companies, making applications and programming and web development. The interesting thing to note here is that motion graphics can be continued as a freelancer. Therefore, the question of how much graphic artists earn depends on what part the animator works in.

Final word

In this article, we talked about motion graphics. This field is one of the latest video marketing tools used in various fields, including the film and cinema industry, application development, graphic logos, website design, digital art, etc. Due to the wide applications of this field, animators can work in different departments.