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Huawei Matebook D14

Huawei Matebook D14 Review; Ultrabook For All Seasons

After Reviewing The Matebook D15, This Time We Went To Review The Huawei D14 Laptop (Or Better To Say The Ultrabook) As A New Member Of The Huawei Family Of Laptops In Our Country’s Market.

 Laptop 2020  Huawei MateBook D14 In the city laboratory, the hardware has been tested and tested, which we suggest you read in the following review.


Today, many users are looking for an ultrabook that is with them with low weight, low thickness, and high portability, always and in all conditions of the day. Companies are competing closely for this purpose, and Huawei has something to say.

Our experience reviewing Huawei laptops has been significant; With the company’s many years of experience in the notebook market, we must admit that in some cases, we see advantages over similar models from brands that have been in this market for many years.

Another reason for Huawei’s superiority in this area is high-quality and efficient power and electronic circuits. This is also the reason for the higher scores of Huawei laptops in some benchmarks. Huawei on the D14 It has tried to control the final price while retaining all the features of an ultrabook, and this is the key to competing with the greats in this field.

The latest version of the MateBook D14 Ultrabook With hardware from two AMD companies And IntelSupplied.

 Our gray version of the tenth generation Intel Core i5 processor Use with an independent graphics card. At the time of writing, this version is available for purchase in the Iranian market.

Most likely, the hardware-based version of AMDWill also is seen on the market soon. If you are looking to buy a laptop with modern hardware and a different appearance, the features of which seem ideal for the price, do not miss this review.

However, we know that no product is without its drawbacks, and for better comparison, we should refer to the results of the benchmarks. To review the tenth generation version of the MateBook D14 UltrabookWe will go, but before that, the series to the technical specifications of our desired version of the D14.


Model and specifications


10th generation Intel Core i5-10210U processor

graphic card



8 GB DDR4 type

Storage memory

512 GB SSD type M.2With NVME protocol


14-inch IPS type HD resolution

operating system

Windows 10 Home Edition 64-bit type

net weight

1.38 kg


Internal Li-ion battery With a power of 56 watts per hour


Two 2 watt speakers

Wireless network

Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n / ac With two bands

Continue to the specialized review of the D14 MatebookGo and test it on various challenges and benchmarks. Stay tuned to Hardware City until the end of this review.

Design and build quality

A few years since introducing the first version of the MateBook D14 UltrabookPasses to global markets, Admittedly, at least in the last two years, Huawei has not considered much change in material and design for product updates has limited itself to hardware upgrades.

 Both families D14And D15They use the same language in the design. It is worth noting that the MateBook D15In in the past.

The 2020 version of the D14 Matebook laptop is not different from its previous version in terms of body design and materials.

But compared to the eighth generation, there are differences in design.

For example, in the new series of this family, Huawei has reduced the thickness of the body and has also put its hand on the edges.

In the past, we’ve seen the use of a “mesh” design around the keyboard, which Huawei has removed in the new generation, but instead expanded the keyboard a bit.

Many similar ultrabooks on the market, such as the Asus Viewbook and the Modern MSI series, use a metal-plastic body combination. Huawei is following suit to produce the D14Uses. We see metal material (aluminum) on the back of the screen, while the lower cabinet is a compressed plastic material.

This combination will also be effective in weight control.

 One of Huawei’s changes to the 2020 model that is likely to be overlooked is the optimization to reduce fingerprint retention.

At first glance, there is no reason for this; however, our tests show that fingerprints remain on the body. Huawei engineers to design MateBook D14Have considered two important principles; The first is to follow the integrated design, and the second is low thickness.

Engineers seem to have made progress in both areas; The lower cabinet is designed to sink into the upper cabinet; Thus, the connection points are not given much attention in superficial views.

Sharper and narrower edges have also replaced round edges.

Keyboard and integrated design The upper part of the body and the hand rest also clearly show the adherence to the integrated design style.

Mitt books D14In its early versions, it weighed 1.5 kg, which, of course, was a relatively heavyweight for a 14-inch ultrabook; But in the new models, Huawei has managed to reduce its weight to 1.38 kg.

The quality of the hinges is relatively good in terms of longevity; However, the impossibility of opening the laptop screen with one hand due to the excessive stiffness of the hinges can be considered a weakness for the design department.

Everything in the design of the D14It looks good and even great; However, there is one important and unforgivable point that cannot be easily overlooked. Some ultrabook manufacturers transfer heat output exhausts under the display to reduce body thickness and maintain design integrity; This is not a problem in everyday operations, but in heavy processing, we see scorching air being thrown under the screen, which undoubtedly reduces the life of the screen.

Given the fact that the mainboards and T-CON displays are located in the lower part of the panel, which can lead to an increase in the number of crashes in this area.

Huawei uses a high-jump camera on almost all of its laptops. The camera sits like a keyboard key on top of a laptop with a camera icon engraved. The camera is removed from its position by pressing it, and the camera can be returned to its position in the same way.

This design removes the webcam from the edge of the screen and increases security.

 However, in video chats, you may need to find the right place for a full frame. It is worth noting that this is a quality webcam720p. Will be at the service of users.

Mitt books D14You can use Mystic Sliver with two colors, and Space Gray provide. As mentioned at the beginning, our version has the color Space GrayIs. In the hand rest section, the Huawei Share logo is visible.

By bringing your Huawei mobile phone closer to this section, you can experience a direct connection between the company’s laptops and smartphones. We will address this issue in the section on dedicated programs.

In conclusion, the good quality of the body material, the integrated and beautiful design, and the low weight are inseparable features of the new MateBook series.

Keyboard and touchpad

Trying to keep users happy with the keyboard has always been difficult; Some users have keyboards with a depth of Travel ( Travel) Prefer high and some low. The dimensions of the keys can also be a matter of taste. Nevertheless, Huawei has the right keyboard and touchpad for the D14 considered.

Many 14-inch laptops have removed the Num Pad keysAre; Mitt books D14It is no exception to this rule. The depth of travel and performance of this keyboard is quite similar to the D15 versions; From the depth of travel to quality and layout.

In early experiments, we found that users, such as programmers or people who deal with long typing, did not adapt very quickly but well to this keyboard.

Huawei has used a completely standard and quality keyboard in this model, which will probably satisfy many users.

 This keyboard also seems suitable for long typing with its “island” design and relatively large keyboard dimensions. Keep in mind. However, that finger fat or hand sweat moisture is quickly transferred to the keys and, in some cases, is well recognizable.

Also, the light quality in the keyboard backlight is excellent.

Mitt books D14It is equipped with a relatively large touchpad that leaves the mouse cursor free space without any restrictions. The left and right clicks are seamlessly integrated under the touchpad, and their pressure is quite standard.

In the hardware city lab, we have seen ultrabooks that do very poorly in this area and require a separate mouse.

Nevertheless, the D14Like its predecessor and the D15 Uses a large, standard, and convenient touchpad.

One of the attractive features of Huawei laptops is the fingerprint sensor, which is combined with the power key. While removing the fingerprint sensor from the body and improving the appearance design is an option for all models.

Built just below the power button, the sensor is relatively accurate and can guarantee that no one but you will access personal data. It does not matter which Huawei laptop you buy at what price and configuration; Fortunately, this feature is used in most models.

You will get used to working with the Matebook D14 keyboard in a short time; The quality and performance of the touchpad are within our expectations and will not disappoint you.

I / O Relationships

Undoubtedly, the input and output ports can be considered as one of the most important parts that should be considered before buying. Huawei I / O port arrangement On the D14 The 2020 version has not changed much.

On the one hand, it uses a 3.5 mm audio jack and a USB 2.0 port Are. On the other side of the laptop is a USB-C port. Of course, it also charges the notebook. As a result, it is not possible to use this port as long as the laptop is connected to the city electricity.

USB-C port Above USB 3.1 The first generation is connected.

Next to this port is a USB 3.0 interface Also embedded. It also has an HDMI port. We are for image and sound output. Unfortunately, we were expecting a little more than a 2020 Ultrabook. At least maybe better than Huawei having a free USB-C port Considered another for this model or instead of using a USB 2.0 port, From USB 3.1 port Used.

Ultimately, these portals support you for everyday purposes and seem sufficient; But with a closer look and considering the year of manufacture of the D14It should be said that expect better ports in I / O we had.

Using only one USB-C port, which is also used for charging function, is a disadvantage for input and output ports.

Wireless communication capabilities

This section will look at the capabilities of the MateBook D14 wireless network we will go. MateBook D14In the Wi-Fi network section To a controller with support for IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n / ac protocolsEquipped with 2.4 and 5.0 GHz bands. In this section, D14 Receives a good score.

In addition, D14 supports Bluetooth 5.0 support Are. Like many existing ultrabooks, the LAN interface From the body D14It has been removed for reasons such as thickness reduction. Despite deleting the LAN port-The company has a Wi-Fi module High level used for this product.

Another feature of the D14This section supports NFC communication Is. Huawei Share logo Next to the touchpad, part of this laptop is dedicated to NFC communication Intended with the company’s smartphones. Total D14 capabilities It is considered acceptable and competitive in the field of wireless networking.

Proprietary operating systems and software

Many companies today are even switching to Windows 10 Home Edition on gaming laptops. Fortunately, this leads to maximum use of the hardware potential for the main applications. As expected, the D14 MatebookAlso uses this operating system. Windows 10 64-bit Home version It is installed on the notebook with the drivers, but for the first time, you need to start it first.

Windows is a lightweight operating system that meets all needs and prevents additional hardware conflicts with features that never work for us. In the news package of the DVD, There are no drivers, and hardware drivers are already on the D14Are installed. However, the proprietary software programs that we will discuss later will easily solve driver management.

My PC Proprietary software

These days, many notebook makers provide users with various proprietary software that monitors and analyzes hardware and issues such as troubleshooting and updating drivers. Huawei is also dedicated to this part of My PCUses. It is worth noting that for the MateBook D14Go to the Huawei website and gets the latest version of My PC software, We downloaded.

Part One, My Computer Is called. As can be seen from the options in this section, the above tabs are designed to check for hardware issues. In this section, you can check all the laptop hardware to find the problem. This process does not take much time and is an admirable part of finding a flaw in Huawei laptops.

It is also possible to configure “multiple monitors” in this section.

The second part is called the driver. You can see all laptop drivers in the Driver section, including graphics cards, chipsets, touchpads, networks, etc. These drivers are displayed with their installed version. In this tab, you can check all 19 laptop drivers for updates. If a new driver is released, it will be installed automatically. One of the features of this section is not to confuse and search the user to install drivers.

The final option in this section is PhoneIt is called the same option as My PhoneIn older versions. And what is the use of this tab and section? Huawei handsets and many of the company’s laptops have a proprietary technology called Huawei Share.

Huawei Share Can be considered the company’s proprietary tool for multiple connections between smartphones and laptops.

Huawei ShareIn addition to the ability to share files, images, and videos, the ability to record the computer monitor with the phone, share files and share Clipboard content(Also provides space for duplicate files).

As a result, there is no need for additional applications such as Share It. You can transfer various files and take advantage of its other features. Apps like Share It will make you angry with a lot of advertisements.

If you need more help in this area, in the Tips option, You can watch instructional videos.

The new version of My PC has visual and practical improvements. A complete and lovely program that helps you in management and various departments.


Mitt books D14IPS 14-inch display It has been Equipped. This panel has an FHD resolution. It uses 1920 x 1080 pixels, made by AU OptronicsIs. This display has a maximum light intensity of 250 nits; Many of today’s ultrabooks carry between 200 and 350 nits of light for the price.

The viewing angle of this display is 178 degrees on all sides, and with a ratio of 16: 9, it has a contrasting intensity of 800 to 1. With a screen-to-body ratio of 84%, you can focus well on the screen. The display used on the MateBook D14 Pixel density 157PPI Brings with it.

The quality of the display, or to put it better, is not great but is well evaluated.

Medium contrast and light intensity can be considered weaknesses; Despite the high color accuracy relative to price, the Delta E value Below 3, good viewing angle, and support for proprietary Display Comfort software Can be categorized as one of its strengths.

If image changes are important to you, you can use the Display Comfort software to calculate, give the bill. Right-click on the desktop environment, an option called Display comfort you would find. This program can provide you with options such as reducing blue lights and controlling the color temperature.

Although the screen brightness is moderate, we see acceptable quality along with good color accuracy. It can be said that the MateBook D14 is equipped with a multifunction display for different applications.


Mitt books D14In our configuration, it has balanced hardware. You should not count on playing the day’s games; However, some E-Sport games are unobstructed. However, this combination is sufficient to support all design programs, engineering, graphics, editing, etc., regardless of heavy renderings.

This ultrabook is enough for everyday tasks and will not disappoint you in any way. But you have to keep in mind that we are dealing with an ultra-low-power processor and a 64-bit economical graphics card. The following is a detailed introduction to the hardware used in the D14 we will go.


The beating heart of this beautiful ultrabook is the Intel Core i5-10210U processor sharesCore i5-10210UAmong, the 10th generation chip from Intel in the Comet Lake-U family, was introduced in the third quarter of 2019. This 14-nanometer processor has 4 cores and 8 threads and has frequencies of 1.6 ~ 4.2 GHz. This processor belongs to the Ultra Low Voltage family) And has a maximum thermal power of 15 watts.

Core i5-10210UIt has 6 MB of smart cache and has an integrated Intel UHD graphics processor Is.

graphic card

Separate NVIDIA GeForce MX 250 graphics card It has two gigabytes of GDDR5 memory. They use a frequency of 7 GHz. This graphics card does not have Share VRAM capability, and all its space includes the same two gigabytes of memory.

MX250From 14 nm Pascal microarchitecture It is used and produced in two models, which most companies use the same 25-watt model.

MX250 graphics card used in many ultrabooks, laptops, and minicomputers. This graphics card from GTX1050It is weaker, but with reduced sharpness and detail, it will run some games. In fact, we can say that the MX series Nvidia replaces the GT series are.


This ultrabook has 8 GB of DDR4 ram with a frequency of 2400 MHz and timing with  CL 39It has been Equipped. RAM is installed on the board with a two-channel arrangement, and unfortunately, it is not possible to upgrade it. Huawei, in many models of the D- Series MeatbookUses the same makeup; The difference is that the capacities are between 8 and 16 GB.


Mitt books D14For storage to an SSD module M.2Supports NVME protocolEquipped. In this model, there is no news of the hard disk or its support. In our configuration, we see the use of 512 GB of M.2 SSD memory. Huawei in this model of Samsung PM981A SSDHas used. Interestingly, Huawei uses Samsung’s server-class series, which have a longer lifespan than desktop models such as the EvoIs higher. The maximum consecutive read speed in this memory reaches 3500 MB / s.

Possibility of upgrade and repairability

In this section, we will go to one of the most important parts of the review, namely the ability to repair and upgrade. Ultrabook MateBook D14We performed an autopsy in the hardware laboratory of the city and analyzed it for this purpose.

Remember to open the door to ultrabooks, especially models like the D- Notebook It requires a lot of experience and should not be done by ordinary people in any way.

To open this ultrabook, we need a special 6-way screwdriver and special clamps to open the press. You will also need to be careful and patient in opening it. After unscrewing the bottom door, most of the contents of the laptop are visible.

Battery, SSD memory, and the coolant occupy the entire bottom surface of the motherboard.

In the cooling section, we will provide details and analysis of the air conditioner. This ultrabook uses a dual-channel arrangement for RAM; Its memory is non-replaceable, and up to 8 GB of DDR4 RAM We are limited.

However, it is possible to upgrade or replace the SSDThere is simply. As a result, you can only access SSD memory calculate for the upgrade section and give the bill. Maybe it was better to have an SSD module far from the heatsink and hot parts like the graphics card. Anyway, SSD is in server-class, and there is not much to worry about.

In this section, you can also see the high-jump camera mechanism, which has an interesting design.

The battery socket, in turn, is a bit odd. This socket is exactly like the D15 socket of the MateBookDesigned, and you need the patience to bring it out. The plastic of the socket is relatively dry, which makes it difficult to pull out the socket. In the battery section, we will explain the internal battery used.

Huawei has coated some parts to separate them from the cooler. However, with a 14-inch ultrabook, it is not easy to fit all the parts next to the battery and cooler.

But the main ICs such as voice, network, and I / O controllers moved to the other side of the motherboard. Quality of electronic components, ICs, chokes, and MOSFETs, SMD components … is valued at a good price.

Some companies, such as Lenovo, are trying to reduce the final price of the notebook by using cheap parts, which fortunately Huawei is not one of them.

Apart from the low quality and strange battery socket, we carefully analyzed the used felts and gave them a relatively good score. The quality of connections, ports, and flats is also very good for the price paid. The arrangement of parts (except SSD installation location And wireless network card) is good, and in this section, we give an acceptable score to Huawei MateBook D14.

It is better not to rely too much on the upgrade of the D14; Because you can practically only replace the SSD. Note that opening the door and press cabinet of this laptop is a difficult task and requires expertise.

Hardware tests and benchmarks

In this section, we get to one of the most important parts of the review, the hardware benchmarks, to see if the MateBook D14 What’s in the bag?

Tests 3DMark

First, look at the benchmarks 3DMarkWe are going By running 7 benchmarks from3DMark, we achieved the following results. You can see the results below and compare them with other laptops we reviewed. To increase the benchmark accuracy and prevent thermal bottlenecks, we set aside 10 minutes for the laptop to rest between each benchmark.

With a little care, it can be seen that some of the points earned can be higher than some laptops with similar hardware. What is the reason? Huawei uses the appropriate cooling for this ultrabook and uses the maximum frequency of the hardware.

High-quality and stable power supply circuits also lead to higher results for this laptop than similar models that use the same hardware.

And now compared with the other laptops we reviewed:

Cinebench Test

Cinebench is one of the most popular modeling, 3D simulators, and graphic render in general. Is. This benchmark, which has different versions, in three versions of Cinebench 15And Cinebench 11.5And one of the newest ones, version 20, was selected by us, and then we see the results obtained by Mate Book D14 We will be.

In the Cinebench benchmark 11.5, Witness the acquisition of appropriate points 71.17 fpsFor OpenGL And 7.27 pts CPU part, we are in full core mode. The score obtained is perfect for the graphics card; Because Nvidia has the processing power of some libraries such as OpenGL the last few years, the processing power of the company’s graphics cards in each series introduced in the desired sectors has increased significantly.

It is interesting to know that the above scores are similar to the scores received by D15 Are with the same hardware.

In the Cinebench R15 Extreme benchmark, Witness to earn points 94.32 fpsFor OpenGL And 162cbWe are for the processor part. The scores obtained seem ideal for an ultrabook in this class; Although slightly less than the D15 are.

One of our new tests in the laptop review section is the addition of the Cinebench R20 benchmark. The CPU is also in this benchmark is tested for rendering and speed of baguettes.

In fact, it can be said that if from engineering programs such as3DMaxOr any CPU Based programmer uses in this area, you can see the results of Cinebench R20Consider CPU performance testing in this section.

Mitt books D14With Intel Core i5-10210U processor Win points 1469 CB In this test.

Geekbench test

At this point, go to the well-known benchmark Geekbench 5.1.0We went and got the processor in the first place. The following results indicate the score1105 For single-core and 3900For multiple cores. It should be noted that the Geekbench test scores in Mate Book D14In the multi-core segment, some laptops have a similar processor as the D15 Is higher.

In the second test from GeekbenchGeForce MX250 2GB graphics card OpenCL testing Participate in this benchmark and earn points 11520 For comparison, and it is not bad to know that the GTX 1650 Max-Q graphics card In a similar test, he scored about 36,300.

These results can be compared with several other laptops, which can be seen in the benchmark below.

CPU-Z test

CPU-Z program has a dedicated benchmark that many of you probably know. This benchmark even allows users to compare and record the results obtained. You probably know the CPU-Z testing generally, benchmarks, and stress programs are highly dependent on heat. The resulting room temperature to 22 We have considered the degree and a certain time interval between each benchmark and test.

Processor Intel Core i5-10210U Score in this benchmark as well 2300.6 He registered 2336 in his name. The single-core test section also scored458.8We got it. In this section, D14With a slight difference behind the D15 Placed with similar hardware.

PC Mark 10 test

Benchmark named PC Mark 10It is one of the most prominent hardware testing programs. The program provides a powerful modeling tool used to examine the general performance of a computer system and the capabilities of various hardware components. One of the most prominent features of the PC Mark 10 is using different scenarios to test the hardware in various processes. From games to graphic edits, everyday applications, home and …

Above, you can see the Mate Book D14 rating in the PC Mark 10 benchmark. Be the benchmark with a good score of 4236 Finished.

NovaBench test

Probably the name of the NovaBench benchmark you have heard in the past; This benchmark can be used in several ways, and the most obvious of which is the overall testing of the system. NovaBench final score to Mate Book D15 hardware, number 1313 Is.

You can see the results of comparing the Matebook D14 with several other laptops in the image below.

AIDA64 test

AIDA64 program is a well-known name in the field of benchmarking and specialized monitoring. With this program, it is possible to run several different tests in the system. First, to the AIDA GPGPU test, Go and see the results in the slide below.

AIDA64 program In several different tests, it checks the CPU cache speed and system RAM. One of the most comprehensive is the Cache & Memory Benchmark section. We will see the result of its implementation in the following.

In a general comparison with other models, the following image can be considered.

AIDA64 program It has a specialized benchmark in-memory speed with details and operational features of the processor.

In the CPU section, Witness tests such as the fastest processing time to find the solution to the Queen Benchmark CPU problem), Image processing and reconstruction rate ( CPU PhotoWorx Benchmark), Zlib Benchmark CPU Compression Test), Test the speed of operation in data encryption ( CPU AES Benchmark) And algorithm implementation test ( CPU Hash Benchmark) Is. The results of the tests in this section are as follows.

29528 MB / s

Memory Read

32477 MB / s

Memory Write

25725 MB / s

Memory Copy

85.2 ns

Memory Latency


CPU Queen

16551 MiPixel / s

CPU Photo Worxx

344.7 MB / s


17749 MB / s


1473 MB / s


Storage memory test

In this section, we refer to specialized memory speed tests to test the performance of SSDUsed in  Mate Book D14We are going As mentioned in the hardware section, this ultrabook has an SSD module Samsung model with capacity 512GIGABYTE, model PM981Abenefits. One of the features of this module is long life1.5 It is a million hours.

First look at the Crystal Disk Mark 7.0.0 benchmark) And we obtained the following results.

And now we compare it with several other laptops.

The second benchmark in the field of speed testing of this SSDAS SSD BenchmarkIs. The final result of this benchmark can be read below. It is worth noting that during speed tests, most of the SSD memory laptop was empty. In the slide below, you can see the results obtained and the final scores of this SSD in AS SSD Benchmark.

Heat, sound, and battery

This section will go to a vital part of the study; Temperature, ventilation, sound, and battery.

Ventilation and temperature

First of all, let’s mention that the thickness of MateBook D14It reaches 15.9 mm (with the display closed), which is why it falls into the category of ultrabooks. As a result, ventilation can be an important issue for design engineers. Unlike 15-inch models like the MateBook D15In this model, the manufacturer’s hand is closed to use a larger fan and ventilator.

Unlike many existing models, Huawei has used an air intake/exhaust system below the product. It is worth mentioning that the Matebook D14 is dedicated to the HUAWEI Shark Fin. It has been Equipped.

As mentioned in the design section, if heavy processing is performed, the heat is directed directly to the bottom of the display, which unfortunately will not be a good thing. High heat can affect parts of the display in the long run, such as the panel itself and the T-CON board damage.

However, we recommend that you use a suitable Cool Pad for long-term and heavy processing and rendering.

The cooling system uses a large fan (similar to a 15-inch Mitbook model fan) with two heat transfer tubes ( Heat Pipe). Accompany it. Also, GPUAnd CPUThey has their own heatsinks. Anyway, we have a 15 x 25-watt processor and a 25 x 28-watt graphics card.

The heat transfer tubes receive heat from the main chips and conduct it to the heatsink blades in front of the fan. The heat is then directed to the top of the laptop. It is worth noting that this fan receives fresh air from the valves of its lower part.

It remains to be seen what the performance of this cooler has been in our stress and heavy tests.

Since the ambient temperature was 25 ° C, we reduced the test time from 15 to 12 minutes to be accurate and similar to the hardware city laboratory’s hardware standards.

 After 12 minutes of heavy stress testing that CPUGPUAnd even SSDIncluded, we achieved the following results, it is worth mentioning that, as in the past, the Ida 64 stress program was used in this section.

As you can see, the temperature of the graphics card has reached 67 degrees Celsius, and the CPU cores also recorded a maximum temperature of 65 ~ 66 ° C. The results are not very good but acceptable. Maybe if the exhaust were to the rear, we would see faster heat output because Huawei has used a good cooling combination in this ultrabook.

But let’s go to the heat of the laptop body. After 12 minutes of heavy stress testing that involved all parts, we proceeded to test the body temperature and exhaust. For this purpose, we used a “thermometer” device.

 While the ambient temperature was between 25 and 26 degrees Celsius, after 12 and a half minutes of heavy stress testing, the temperatures of the various sections were as follows:


The amount of heat after the stress test

Top of the laptop

45 ° C

Hand rest occasionally

38 to 39 degrees Celsius


43 to 44 degrees Celsius

Below the exhaust outlet display

44 to 46 degrees Celsius

Graphics card stress test

We know that the graphics card heavy stress test is mostly done for gaming and gaming laptops, so the cheap and mid-range MX 250 graphics card will not be very convenient. Despite this, the MX 250 is not bad considering the possibility of reduced performance due to the increase in temperature. Invite used in this laptop to challenge heat stress testing.

This test is different from our other heat tests and specifically targets the graphics card. For this purpose, refer to the Geek3d-Furmark test software we went. This test lasted about 12 minutes and was measured in an environment with a temperature of 24 ° C. It is worth noting that the test resolution was set to 7624 × 1024.

The temperature of the graphics card at the end of this test is set at 68 degrees Celsius, and the GPUManaged to maintain the original frequency of 1025 MHz. Hence, with the heavy performance of the MX 250 In this laptop, there will be no loss of quality and thermal bottlenecks.


Laptop MateBook D15It has two two-watt speakers embedded in the bottom of the body. As a result, the laptop’s location will directly impact the intensity and sound quality. Huawei has placed both speakers in small compartments to increase low frequencies.

Creating a dedicated box will be effective in improving the bass and low frequencies. Sound circulation in the cabinet improves the received sound, but full support for Dolby protocols will not be. Output sound quality is higher than some newer models; However, it can be placed in the middle category, and you should not expect a loud and detailed sound.

Since the speakers are located on the laptop’s bottom, you will get good quality as long as the laptop is on the desktop and any other flat surface. But when the laptop is on its feet, you should look for a suitable mode to hear the sound.

In any case, do not expect high-pitched sound in the sound section; However, you will not be disappointed with the quality and intensity of the output sound. Low-frequency distortion can also be achieved using the equalizer or Realtek software settings. Easily controlled.

Our voice tests with a Samsung microphone yielded the following results. To get these results, we have placed the microphone at the height of 5 to 8 cm from the keyboard. The maximum sound output at close distances from the laptop is about 82 decibels.

 The separation of audio frequencies in our tests is appropriate but not excellent. Huawei on X Series MatebooksIt uses its best audio system with 4 speakers. It is worth noting that the D14 is equipped with two microphones for better and fuller sound.


Mitt books D14To an internal Li-ion type battery equipped with a capacity of 56 watts, which is very good for an ultrabook in this category. As you probably know, the battery’s nominal capacity is not the only factor determining its performance, and the build quality and final performance must also be considered.

This laptop is equipped with a charger with a maximum output power of 65 watts and 3.25 amps. It is interesting to know that this laptop can provide the energy needed for an hour and a half to two hours of use with only 15 minutes of connection to the city electricity.

This charger with SuperCharge technology Huawei is also compatible and can be used to charge other Huawei products such as smartphones.

In the following, we will go to the internal battery performance tests. Can this 4-cell battery save you a full day without recharging?

We reduced the screen brightness to 55% for the first test and closed all unnecessary and open programs. Then connect the notebook to the Wi-Fi network connected to get interesting results. In this test, the D14 managed to record 14 hours for web browsing and internet browsing performance.

In the second test, we considered watching the movie. And in this situation, we increased the panel’s brightness to 55% and turned off the Wi-Fi wireless network.

This test also includes the D14It managed to record 10 hours and 48 minutes, which is a perfect number for an ultrabook in this category. As a result, we have to say that this 56 watt-hour battery with a full charge can provide users with a full working day.

Summary and rating of Hardware City

To summarize and finalize the score, we must first see what notebook we are dealing with and in what class. There are different types of ultrabooks and laptops on the market these days; From economical and cheap to gaming, engineering, rendering, and …. Mitt books D14 In our configuration, it is a mid-range ultrabook that has a high purchase value due to its final price.

Huawei claims that the Matebook family rivals Apple’s MacBooks, which come with lower prices and even higher features; This claim cannot be completely true; However, comparing this ultrabook with the big ones in the market and similar and even more expensive models is quite correct.

Huawei is a brand that has been in the laptop market for several years, and it must be admitted that its products can beat all the models of brands that have been in this market for many years.

Unlike the brands in question,

Huawei does not only pay attention to the appearance of the story; High-quality battery, good and stable performance of electronic components, quality display about price, suitable software in the working category, outstanding and ergonomic keyboard and touchpad, quality body, and beautiful and slim design can be among the prominent features of  D14 To know.

Nevertheless, MateBooK D14It will not be without flaws; Not-so-modern ports and the use of only one USB-C port, Which is also used to charge and power the laptop, and low scalability can be classified as its negative points.

With all that said in this review, the Matebook D14A head and neck is more expensive than many competitors, and its purchase value is quite verifiable.

This ultrabook can handle design, engineering, graphics, programming, etc. programs, but it can not be relied on to run heavy games.

Due to its low weight, high portability, and long battery life, the Matebook D14It can accompany you on a busy day, and you can get what you want with the peace of mind and without worrying about finding a power outlet in the city.

Mitt books D14It can alleviate your worries about the city’s processing power, cooling, and electricity needs; However, keep in mind that it is better to think of an exhaust output located at the bottom of the screen cool pad for heavy processing.

Positive points:

  • Convenient design, quality materials, and low weight
  • Using a suitable and quality cooling system about the dimensions of the laptop
  • High purchase value against similar models
  • IPS quality display compared to competitors with image parameterization software
  • Good software capabilities like My PC and Huawei Share


  • Exhaust is the heat output to the bottom of the display
  • We expected higher sound quality
  • Not so desirable scalability

Now, with all the explanations mentioned in this review, finally, the HUAWEI MateBook D14 2020 laptop with an 18-month official warranty managed to receive an excellent score of 8.3 out of 10 and the ” Good Value ” badge.

“From the specialized laboratory of the city became hardware.