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How To Run Old PC Games On Windows 10

As The Competition Between The Xbox 1 And PS4 Intensifies, The PC Seems To Occupy A Lesser Position. The Problem Of Running Old Games On The Windows Platform Has Always Been Raised, And New Windows Send A Message To Their Users Not To Play Old Games.

Old PC Games, Though it requires the implementation of tricks. So we share with you the best ways to run old PC games in Windows 10.

How to run DOS games on Windows 10

PCs have been running DOS for a long time, and the problem with many games in the 1990s was that they were not designed for this old user interface. This is where DOSBox comes into play. 

DOSBox is a DOS prototype that is critical to running DOS games on modern PCs. If you have a DOS game installed, you can drag its executable icon to the DOSBox icon. 

If you do not want to repeat this process every time, you can create a shortcut for your game to run automatically on DOSBox. First, download and install DOSBox, then create a shortcut for games that run on DOSBox (right-click on DOSBox And select the Create Shortcut option).

Move the shortcut you created to where you want to open the game.

 Then right-click the Shortcut option, then click Properties, and then click Shortcut. Then in the Target box, type the full directory path of the game’s executable file. So to run Sid Meier’s Civilization, the full text in the Target box would look like this:

“C: \ Program Files (x86) \ DOSBox-0.74 \ DOSBox.exe” -userconf “D: \ Downloads \ Sid-Meiers-Civilization_DOS_EN \ CIV.exe”

Click OK, rename the DOSBox shortcut to the game name (you can also change the icon image in the Properties window), and your game will be ready to run.

How to install old CD-ROM games

If you have a DOS game on a CD-ROM, you can install it using DOSBox. To install DOS-based CD-ROM games, first create a folder in the desired location in Windows (for example, we use ‘c: \ DOSGames’), then enter the following command in DOSBox:

mount cc: \ DOSGames

Next, you need to install the CD drive in DOSBox. Assuming you have drive d on your PC, the command you need to enter is:

Mount dd: \ -t cdrom -ioctl

Now that you have the CD drive on the DOSBox change the active drive on the DOSBox to the CD drive by entering the ‘D:’ command.

 In the next line, we enter the command according to the game installer on the CD (you may need to open the CD in File Explorer to do this, but we will usually have the option to install, set up, or dos4gw). So your command should look like this:

Z: \> D:

Finally, we use the installer instructions to install the game: If your CD game is built to run on an older version of Windows, it gets a little more complicated because older installers (especially from the XP era and older) Often not compatible with modern versions.

 A possible solution is to run the installer as an administrator. If you are really disappointed, you can run an older version of Windows on the Virtual Machine and install the game using it.

Open-source versions and patches

If you install an old game CD or buy it from an online store, you may encounter horrible situations such as getting stuck at 1024 x 768 resolution, graphics problems, and the game not running. 

This method is applicable and applicable for games after the DOS period. To run older games on Windows 10 and take advantage of modern features such as HD resolution, DirectX support, etc., you need to see if open source or patch versions are available.

For example, you can install classic open-source versions such as Command & Conquer:

Red Alert ( OpenRA ) and Theme Hospital ( CorsixTH ). Other games include Gothic II, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, and Arx Fatalis. Perform it.