How To Remove The Password Of PDF Files?

How To Remove The Password Of PDF Files?

Sometimes PDF Files Are Password Protected, But With Different Methods, You Can Remove The Password Embedded On This Type Of Document.

Some PDF files have a password, and you must enter the password whenever you want to use such files to be able to view their contents. If you are sure of the security of the place where you keep your files, you can remove the password of the File in question for more convenience.

In this article, we will examine two methods to do this: the first method, the most convenient method in most operating systems, is to use the applications you currently have, and the second is to use Adobe Acrobat software.

Both methods will be practical when you have the password of the desired PDF file; Otherwise, there is no simple way to do this, and removing such passwords will require complicated steps.

The easiest way: PDF printing

This method may seem silly, But you can easily remove the password by running the PDF file and printing it in a new one. The system creates two copies of the desired File; the completed copy does not have a password. This method can only be used when the File does not have a limit for printing. However, many encrypted PDF files can be printed without restrictions after entering the password.

There are several ways to do this. First, run the desired PDF file and enter its password, and after running the File, click on the Print button on the toolbar. If you use the Chrome browser on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome, you can do this with your browser.

 Print to PDF

Next, select the Change button under the Destination field and click Save as PDF. By selecting the Save button, you can choose a new name and location for your new PDF file. The new File contains the same contents as the original File, except that this File does not have a password.

 Print to PDF2

This method can be used in the Chrome browser and on any operating system, But you can also use this trick using other applications and PDF printers. For example, Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems have a PDF printer that you can use in the Microsoft Edge browser or any other program that can open PDF files in Windows. For example, open an encrypted PDF file in the Microsoft Edge browser, enter its password, and click the Print button on the toolbar.

 Print to PDF3

After that, select Microsoft Print to PDF option and Print. This will prompt you to specify a name and location to save the new PDF file. You can perform this trick on Windows 10 and any program that can open PDF files. Just select Microsoft Print for the PDF printer. In older versions of Windows, you must install a third-party PDF printer or use Chrome before performing this method.

 Print to PDF4

You can use this method in other operating systems as well. For example, this can be done on the Mac operating system using Preview or any other PDF reader software and the PDF printing feature.

First, open the File in Preview and enter the password for the document. To open the print window, click File and then Print.

 Print to PDF5

In the opened menu, click on the PDF button at the end of the opened box, select Save as PDF, and choose a new name and storage location. The new PDF will have the same content as the original File, except that the new File does not have a password.

 Print to PDF7

Official method: using Adobe Acrobat Pro software

This method can be implemented using the official version of Adobe Acrobat Pro. This application differs from most users’ accessible Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF version. After installing the official version of Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can use it for free for one week. You can use Adobe Acrobat Pro even when the File in question has printing restrictions, and you cannot print it using other applications.

Run the desired PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Pro and enter the corresponding password. After the File is executed, click on the lock icon on the left side of the window and select Permission Details. Additionally, you can select Properties from the file section and click on the Security tab.

Use Adobe Acrobat Pro

In the Security Method section, select No Security and click OK to delete the file password.

Use Adobe Acrobat Pro1

To save the settings, select the Save option from the File section. Additionally, you can save the applied settings by closing the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC program window and selecting the Yes button. The final result will be to remove the password of the original PDF file.

Use Adobe Acrobat Pro2

Remove the password of PDF files with Foxit Reader.

Foxit Reader is one of the best software for working with PDF files. This tool offers features like commenting on files and digital signatures and sharing documents via email. In addition, the mentioned program’s virtual printer helps you open encrypted PDF files. The critical point is that the said program does not apply any watermark or advertisement in the output PDF file. To use Foxit Reader to remove PDF password, follow the steps below:

  • Open the password-protected PDF file in Foxit.
  • Go to File> Print.
  • Select the Foxit Reader PDF Printer option from the Printer drop-down menu and click OK.

Remove PDF password with Foxit Reader

Remove the password of PDF files with the iLovePDF website

In addition to the mentioned methods, you can use different websites to remove passwords from PDF files. Of course, these tools are designed to remove passwords from PDF documents and can also be used to edit, sign, and share PDFs.

Site to remove password from PDF file

By visiting the iLovePDF website, ,click on the red Select PDF Files button, and after selecting your encrypted PDF files, wait until the unencrypted and unlocked version is available.

Remove the password of PDF files on Android with Unlock PDF

Although you can also use methods such as PDF password removal websites on Android devices, another solution is to use applications designed for this purpose.

Android Unlock PDF application

Unlock PDF application is one of the most powerful and practical Android applications to remove passwords from PDF files. By installing this program on your Android phone or tablet and choosing the desired PDF protected with a password, you can get the password-free version of that document. To use this tool, follow the steps below:

  • First, run the Unlock PDF program.
  • Choose the desired PDF file protected by a password from the device’s memory. At this point, you will be asked for a password to download the File.
  • Tap Unlock PDF.
  • Wait for the file decryption process to be completed in a few seconds.
  • Now you can open your PDF without a password.

Remove the password of PDF files on iOS with PDF Password Remover

If you use an iPhone or iPad, PDF Password Remover is one of the best tools for removing passwords from PDF files developed for iOS operating system. With this application, you can remove the restrictions to PDF documents and turn them into editable files.

PDF Password Remover app for iOS

To read a password-protected PDF file, you must enter the password each time, But by using PDF Password Remover, you can select the File you want and remove its password so that you don’t need to enter the password to read the document in the future.

To remove the password from the PDF file you want using the PDF Password Remover program, follow the steps below:

  • First, run the PDF Password Remover application.
  • Then, select the desired PDF file that is protected by a password.
  • Finally, tap on the Start button.