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How to increase the SEO of your site?

How do you increase the SEO of your site? One of the main concerns of internet website managers is increasing the site’s SEO ranking. Online business owners and all those who work in digital marketing are well aware of the importance of SEO and its impact on the expansion of new businesses.

According to recorded statistics, more than 90% of search engine users only visit the initial pages. In this way, many websites that are placed on the next search pages have very few visits.

In such a situation, no matter how appropriate and useful the content published on those websites is, they will still not get many visits. Increasing website SEO is a basic and appropriate solution to increase website visits and branding. For this purpose, SEO services are provided by the specialized SEO team.

Follow the basic tips to rank in Google.

Ranking in Google and maintaining this position is one of the key factors in increasing the output of a website or online business. The importance of site ranking in Google is so much that many businesses use Google Ads service to be at the top of the search results. Google Ads is an advertising service provided by Google.

The Google Ads payment system is such that the website owner pays a fee to Google for each click and entry of users. Despite this system, some people believe that the effect of advertising is temporary, and to stay in the first place, it is better to use natural techniques and rules to increase SEO.

How do you increase the SEO of your site? The topic of SEO is designed based on the algorithm of search engines, including Google, and following its principles and rules can significantly increase the site’s rank.

Effective tips in Google SEO

There are many resources in the field of teaching the principles of SEO and optimizing websites. Next, we will learn how to increase the SEO of our site.

1. Installing an SSL certificate

Website security is one of the key factors in Google SEO. Installing an SSL certificate (SSL) is a practical solution to increase the site’s security factor.

2. Responsive site format

Today, most internet users use mobile phones or tablets. In such a situation, the site’s format and structure responsiveness will encourage users to your website.

3. Create a blog

Since most people go to the Internet to find answers to their questions, creating a blog can be useful in attracting people who work in your field.

4. Use of content distribution network

High site loading speed is important in Google SEO. CDN, or content distribution network, increases site loading speed and increases site security against malicious cyber attacks. This network consists of several servers and stores the website’s static information. With the help of CDN, the closest server responds to each user in terms of location, and this increases the loading speed.

5. The right host

Choosing the right hosting services will increase the site’s security, increase the speed of technical support and improve the site’s quality.

6. Adding new features

Adding sections such as the About Us page, the Contact Us section, the site map, placing the search section on the site, determining user privacy rules, encouraging users to leave comments, etc., all to improve the SEO of the site. They’re effective.

How do you get a keyword to rank one in Google?

How do you increase the SEO of your site? Keyword selection is the most important step in improving SEO. If this is not done correctly, the next steps will not be useful. Keywords are actually phrases and words that users search for.

At this stage, you have to act very smartly and choose a suitable and useful word. How can we get a keyword to rank one in Google? To do this, first, you need to find keywords related to your desired topic. To get the first rank in Google, you must analyze users’ needs, issues, and problems in a comprehensive and complete review.

There are many tools for choosing keywords, and you can use them in content creation. You can find the best keywords with the help of Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Tool, Kwfinder, and similar examples. Of course, the best way to choose the right keywords is to use Google itself.

For this, it is enough to search your website’s main keyword in Google. At the bottom of the Google page, you will be offered a series of popular keywords. Ranking in Google is time-consuming, and you must be patient to achieve the desired result.

It would help if you worked on medium to rank well for hard and complex words. Also, to be able to rank well in medium words, you should work on easy and simple words. This is a practical strategy to reach rank one in Google.

Expert tips to increase the ranking and SEO of the site

How do you increase the SEO of your site and maintain the position of the site? Applying SEO rules has a great impact on increasing the site’s rank. Maintaining the top position is much more difficult than improving the site’s rank. To keep a page in the first search list, it must be updated and strengthened regularly. In general, SEO can be divided into three main parts:

  1. Determine the keyword
  2. Internal SEO (On Page SEO)
  3. External SEO (Off Page SEO)

All the activities that are done to optimize the website at the time of launch are called internal SEO Choosing the right content management system allows you to design and run your website according to SEO rules. WordPress is an Open Source system, and using this system makes your work very easy.

Today, most users use WordPress. With the help of this system, the site design is largely done according to the principles of SEO. How to increase WordPress site SEO? There are many plugins that you can use to increase SEO. For example, WordPress SEO, Yoast, and All In One SEO Pack are examples of these plugins.

The activities that are done to improve SEO outside the site are called external SEO. This part of SEO is dedicated to increasing traffic and branding. Backlinks account for a large part of external SEO. You can use strong sites for linking and, in this way, increase your site’s incoming traffic.

What is WordPress site SEO?

WordPress is known as the most comprehensive and popular content management system. Currently, more than 35% of the entire Internet space is run with the help of this system. In general, the performance of WordPress in search engines is more suitable compared to other common content management systems. However, people can optimize their WordPress website by changing settings or using specific SEO plugins.

SEO guidelines teach us how to improve WordPress site SEO. Search engines are the main source of incoming traffic for many websites. Therefore, it is very important that SEO guidelines are implemented accurately and comprehensively.

Question: How do you increase the SEO of the WordPress website? It is a question that managers often ask. As you know, search engines have a fixed and specific algorithm for user search results. The subject of SEO examines these algorithms comprehensively.

Finally, knowing and analyzing the determined algorithms can be used for more coordination with the search engines. Every website has a starting point in the beginning and may not get significant traffic or no visits at all at the beginning of its activity. It would help if you kept in mind that your website would be practically useless without traffic.

How do you increase the SEO of a WordPress site?

Increasing the site’s SEO is the least expensive and, at the same time, the most stable way to develop all websites, including WordPress websites. Although WordPress is more suitable for search engines, this system alone does not guarantee the success of your website.

Improving the SEO of your WordPress site is possible only with the help of SEO strategies, and you should always try to improve the SEO of your website. Learning the knowledge and rules of SEO is necessary to achieve the desired results. Therefore, if you want to become an expert in SEO and achieve a suitable output in a short period of time, it is better to learn this work in a professional and principled way from the very beginning.

Is it easier to improve WordPress site SEO?

Working with WordPress system is much easier than other content management systems. With the help of this system, you spend less time creating content and publishing it. In fact, many factors necessary for SEO have been observed by default in this system, and this is very effective in saving time and improving the quality of website content.

How to increase WordPress site SEO? There are several ways to do this. A large part of SEO is devoted to technical issues. The WordPress system has made it possible to improve and improve technical SEO for all its users. Knowing the tools and plugins required for WordPress SEO and learning how to use them is very effective in increasing the SEO of your WordPress site.


In this article, we learned how to increase the SEO of our site. As you know, the subject of SEO is very sensitive and precise, and you must use it practically to improve the site’s ranking.

The main goal of SEO is to make your website appear on the first pages of search engines. Website SEO is an important issue and cannot be ignored.

No matter how useful and comprehensive an article is, if it is not written according to the principles of SEO, it will rarely be visited. Because users always go to the first search results. WordPress site SEO is known as the vital factor of a business. If you do not pay attention to it or do not deal with it professionally, your business will fail in a short time in the online space.

In a situation where online marketing is more effective than other methods of advertising, having a strong website with a good amount of incoming traffic can develop your brand. It should be noted that the issue of WordPress SEO ranking is a constant competition. To succeed in it, you must continuously learn WordPress SEO tips to not lose to your competitors.

If you are not familiar with the principles and rules of SEO or if you cannot use them optimally, it is better to get help from experts and trained people in this field. Considering the importance and high sensitivity of SEO of websites, it is recommended to leave this work in the hands of an expert for better output.