What is CDN? And what is its use?

You must have heard of CDN technology, but what does CDN stand for? And what is its use? In this article, I intend to introduce you to the term , which stands for CDN Content. You can get a deep and correct understanding of Delivery the Fa Network so that by reading this article from host knowledge base, and content delivery networks. But before starting and reviewing the mentioned items, we must first see where the CDN definition started and what is the specialized definition for it? What is the use of the Content delivery network (cdn)? In response to this question, it should be said that according to the definition of the International Telecommunication Union, any network optimized for digital content delivery is called a content delivery network. Stay with us until the end of this tutorial.

Things that will be discussed in this training:

  • What is content delivery network (cdn)?
  • What does CDN stand for?
  • What is the use of CDN technology?
  • How does CDN work?
  • Advantages of using cdn
  • How will a CDN network behave?
  • Are there any disadvantages to using a CDN?
  • How many CDNs are there worldwide?
  • Introduction of free CDNs

cdn content network ( delivery What is )?

Buying a and activating it ultimately leads to an increase in the speed of information access. Now what trick is used to access the data at high speed is a question you will understand by knowing how works. When a network is built, servers are configured and deployed in different parts of the world and in different countries with a specified geographic longitude. Finally, by receiving data from the main server and storing it as a cache based on the geographic location of the visitor, Based on the user’s telecommunication ISP, the data will be delivered to the user from the nearest so that the user can access this data faster. This is the reason why if you open sites like Google that use , you will see that it is available very quickly in the shortest possible time, but in contrast to a site whose server is located in a distant geographical point at a slower speed. Is loaded. Now that you are almost familiar with technology, we will continue to examine it more fully.

What does CDN stand for?

Many users ask what it stands for. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, technology for Content. Delivery Network stands In fact, is a content distribution network. Servers are located in different geographical locations and requests are answered according to which server is closer to the site visitor’s location. In fact, the site information is called from a server that is closer to the user’s location. In this way, the site will load faster.

What is CDN?   And what is its use?

What is the use of CDN technology?

As mentioned above, by using it, we can access the required data faster. The content delivery network or provides the stored content to the user by using servers distributed worldwide and according to the user’s geographical location through the server closest to the user. This service effectively increases content delivery speed and bandwidth on high-traffic websites and global websites such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. have different types that can be privately available only for a country or a specific company, such as the Chinakash network in China or Google , which is only owned and used by Google itself. Among the most famous CDNs, we can mention Cloud Flare, Akademi, Amazon, Abar Erwan, etc. If you have a site that you care about its high speed, and you are also facing attacks on the site’s host and server, using In addition to increasing the speed of the site, can also increase security against attacks.

Among the most popular CDNs, we can mention Kloefler, a non-Iranian service provider, and Abar Arwan, a domestic service provider. You can follow the instructions below to get more information on how to set up a.

Tutorial on how to set up Abar Arwan ‘s , video tutorial on how to use Cloud Flare

Large internet companies use several servers in different locations around the world to control their site traffic and internet services to store and deliver their information and facilities.

CDN technology makes different users around the world feel no difference when using their services, and they all use the nearest server of the company in question at the highest possible speed. Technology has advantages such as speed, security, always being available, correct distribution of pressure on several servers, etc.

How does CDN work?

Considering the mentioned advantages, we realized that technology is very efficient and can give all small companies and webmasters of private sites the power of big companies. This service works like this:


  • It stores a copy of your site’s downloadable information (such as CSS code files, JavaScript code files, multimedia files, etc.) on its nodes or servers located around the world.
  • When a user enters your site and needs this information, the same data stored on the server that serves many sites is downloaded from the nearest server or node based on the geographic location of the visitor.
  • The downloaded information will be delivered to the user.


So, when a user enters the site with his browser, the information is sent to the user from the closest available server, and whenever the servers are not available for any reason, there is no problem and the data will be loaded from the main server, and the only difference is that The speed will decrease as before due to server traffic. Because this information has already been registered in the servers (Cache) and no special process is needed to be registered in it, it is made available and downloaded to the visitor more quickly