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How to Improve Your Website Traffic

Increasing site traffic is one of the main goals of various website owners. An increase in traffic or an increase in the number of users visiting the site can affect both the Website’s SEO and the number of your potential customers into actual customers. Therefore, site owners are always looking to increase their site traffic using various techniques and methods. In the digital world, there are more than a dozen legal and suitable methods and with a little patience in applying them, you can improve your site traffic significantly. Join us to learn more about these methods and techniques.

What is meant by website traffic?

As mentioned in the introduction section, website traffic refers to the number of users who visit a site. Increasing site traffic, which means increasing the number of visits, is one of the main indicators of KPI performance in the world of digital marketing and will indicate the success and effectiveness of programs and strategies. On the other hand, the increase in site traffic will also affect the success rate of the overall business performance. For example, it is natural that the more visitors to a store site, the more sales and earnings will follow.

The important thing is that in the digital and Internet world, site owners are looking for a quality increase in site traffic. What does this phrase mean? Quality site traffic refers to users who are your target community and are likely to buy and receive their services from you. This type of traffic increase can have a significant impact on your performance.

Methods and techniques to increase site traffic

As you know, in the world of internet and digital marketing, there are various methods, including white SEO and black hat, which you can use to improve your site traffic. The important thing is that black hat methods may reach your goal at first glance, but in the long run, it has a very destructive effect on your site and can lower its position. Therefore, it is better to be patient and increase the traffic of your site by using the correct and appropriate methods and techniques. The following techniques and methods will help you increase site traffic.

Create useful content

Google is always looking for the best and fastest way to answer users’ questions, so if it finds that your content is useful for users and can be an answer to their questions, it will show your site in the search results. will display to users. Therefore, in order to gain the satisfaction of users and, in the next degree, the satisfaction of Google, be sure to prepare content that is useful for users.


Take SEO principles seriously in content production

In order for Google to recognize your content among thousands or millions of other content, you must follow SEO principles carefully when writing content. Choosing the right keywords, using long keywords, using these words as much as possible, observing the appropriate paragraph length, choosing attractive content, using tags and other SEO strategies in content production will help you introduce your content to Google and Google also display it to users.
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Produce evergreen content

Evergreen content is content that has no expiration date. For example, the phrase breastfeeding tips for mothers is a topic that has no expiration date and is always searched by people who need it. Other contents are related to a specific period of time. At this point, you should also ride the wave and write detailed content about them, but after the end of popularity or the time of use of the topic in question, its expiration date is over and you should move on to other content. Therefore, always have a plan to produce evergreen content when creating content.

Use social networks

These days, more than the Internet and Google, users spend their time in other social networks. Therefore, you should not underestimate this great community. You must be active in different social networks, interact with users, and introduce your website and its content to users in these social networks. Users can enter the site and receive services or purchase products with just one click on the link of your site.

Produce different and varied content

Many people think that content production only means producing textual content, but whatever you publish on your website or virtual page is considered content. In order to be able to move forward according to the broad taste of your target community, you must produce different and diverse content. Podcasts, animation, short films, motion graphics, photos can communicate well with users according to the topic and attract them to your site and content.

Optimize site speed

If a site is slow, users usually leave it and don’t wait for it to load. Therefore, a slow Website will lose a significant amount of users, visitors, and traffic in a short time. One of the most important tricks to increase site traffic is to increase its speed and bring it to an optimal value.


Using Google Ads

Advertising tools in the Internet world are very wide and varied. Among these advertising tools, Google is one of the most widely used tools that can display the content of your site to people interested in the topic. Since Google has a huge and extensive bank of users, their search history, age, and location, it can well recognize your target community and show your content to target users. This issue will have a great impact on increasing the traffic of your site.

Get backlinks

Another way to increase website traffic is to use backlinks. Backlinks allow you to bring users from other sites to your site. To create a backlink, it is enough to produce useful content on a site related to your field of work and then introduce your site in an artistic way. By doing this, content readers, who are often your target community, will enter your site by clicking on the link, and site traffic will increase significantly. You can also use links between pages and different contents on your site.

Be active in forums

Another thing you should do to increase your site traffic is to participate in forums and chat rooms. Forums are the best place to find your target community. In the forums, you can know the common questions of the users in the posts related to your business and create content based on it. You can chat with users and introduce your site if the rules of the forum allow it. By reading your answers and information, people will undoubtedly be interested in your content and site and will visit it.


Use guest blogging

Another way to increase site traffic is to write guest posts on reputable sites. In this way, you will not get paid for writing content, but you can introduce yourself and your site in a guest post and introduce users to it. Since you will publish guest posts on the most visited sites related to your business, you will increase your reach to the target community and increase the quality traffic of your site.

Take email marketing seriously

Despite the fact that marketing in the world of digital marketing these days has many different and new methods, but a site will be successful in this competition that does not forget old marketing methods along with new methods. Many people still check their emails daily and will click on an attractive promotional email if they see it. By accessing the e-mails of active and interested users in your field, you can easily reach the target community and make them interested in visiting your site by sending promotional e-mails and increase site traffic.



Make your site responsive

Another very important way to increase site traffic is to make it responsive. A responsive site is a site whose pages are loaded completely and at a suitable speed on all digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, and laptops and users can visit it. Note that a significant amount of Internet users these days use mobile phones to access web pages, and by making your site responsive, you can significantly increase site visits.


Exchange is one of the most popular and cost-free advertising methods these days. In this way, you will exchange links or exchange advertisements with sites related to your business that are not your competitors. This method is a win-win method for both sites, which usually will not cost you anything. With this method, according to the access to the target community, you will follow the increase in traffic with the quality of the site.

Update site content

If your experience in site management is high, you know that updating the content will affect the ranking and position of the site in Google as much as creating new content. By improving the position in Google, more users will click on your link and the visits and traffic of the site will increase. Therefore, take seriously the updating of old content as a solution to increase site traffic.

Collaborate with famous bloggers

These days, cooperation with famous people can send a large amount of users to your site and page. An influential and well-known person who is followed by many people can be the key to your success in your business. To do this, first offer your services or products to these people and get their real satisfaction. These people never lower their position by introducing poor quality services and products, so your service and product must be of high quality to attract the satisfaction of these people. By advertising or cooperating with such people, your site traffic will increase significantly within a short period of time.

Organize different events

Another way to increase traffic is to hold various events. Imagine that you have a website teaching high school courses or any other level and you are looking to increase traffic. Nothing can introduce you to your target audience like a free or low-cost in-person or online event. For example, you can hold a free seminar on lesson planning, reading principles for a particular subject, or any other popular topic. With this, many users from the target community will be attracted to you and your services and will become your customers and followers.

Use notifications

One of the new and popular marketing methods in the digital world is the use of notifications. Notifications are small visual messages displayed on users’ browsers or mobile phones that users can open or reject. To use this method, it is better to ask permission to send notifications when the user enters the site because some users do not like this marketing method and it will bother them.


Implement schema markup for your site

Schema markup helps Google index your pages and helps search engines find your site easier and better. This issue indirectly affects the increase in site traffic, because if Google finds your site faster and better, it will consider it more valuable and show it to users on the first page of Google results.

Using paid advertising or Paid Traffic

Another thing you can do to increase your site traffic is to use paid advertising. You will pay for these ads but you will see the result in a short time. Retargeting ads or click ads are among the ads you can do to increase your site traffic.

Strengthen your site’s SEO

SEO is one of the most important things you should do to improve your site. For SEO analysis, there are various tools such as Semrush, Google Analytics, Yast and other tools that you can use to check your site’s SEO, find the weak points and defects of the site and fix them, and finally improve your site. give By upgrading the site and displaying it on the first page of Google, the number of clicks on your site link will increase significantly and the site traffic will increase.


Site optimization for voice search

You may be interested to know that these days, about 65% of users aged 25-49 use the microphone of their digital devices at least once. Voice search is one of the new developments in the web world, which will undoubtedly become very popular in the next few years. Therefore, be one of the first people to optimize your site for voice search.

Work on local SEO

Local SEO is SEO that specializes in introducing your site to your economic area. For example, if you have a coffee shop in a certain geographic area, you should optimize your content on fast food in a certain city, pizza in your desired geographic location.


Create a share button on social pages

Another useful solution that can be attractive to your audience is the content-sharing button on social networks. With this button, if users like text, audio, or video content on your site, they can easily share it on their social page and include its source. By doing this, you will have a significant interaction between the website, virtual pages, and users and increase your site traffic.

Take the beauty of your site seriously

These days, visual beauty will attract more attention than ever before, so in addition to producing useful content and working on-Website site SEO, take the visual effect and beauty of your site seriously.

Sign up on Google

Many site owners think that only creating a site page is enough, but to better identify your site to search engines, you must also register it in Google and inform Google of your entry into the web world. With this, Google will recognize your page and display your site to users in the search results.


Should we get help from bots to increase traffic?

Many people turn to traffic bots to increase their website traffic. This method may be useful at first, but it will also have disadvantages. For example, if a bot continuously requests information from your site, it will negatively affect the speed of your site. Also, in addition to increasing site traffic, these robots will also increase the bounce rate. Also, Google’s algorithms are very smart these days, and there is a high possibility that they will notice that site visits are fake.


Increasing site traffic or increasing the number of site visitors is one of the main success factors of an online business and a website. To increase site traffic, dozens of methods can be used side by side and in parallel, so that the page reaches the desired amount of traffic. In this article, we learned about the most important ways to increase site traffic.