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How to Enable SSL in DirectAdmin

SSL in Direct Admin is a security protocol used to encrypt communication between the browser and the server. DirectAdmin is a web administration panel used to manage web hosting services such as web servers, email, and databases.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol that secures communications between a client and a server using encryption. This protocol makes it possible to establish a secure and confidential connection between the browser and the web server so that the information sent between the two parties is encrypted and protected from unauthorized access.

DirectAdmin allows you to install and manage SSL certificates for web domains. Using the DirectAdmin panel, you can purchase, install, and configure SSL certificates. By enabling SSL in DirectAdmin, the communication between users and your site is done using HTTPS instead of HTTP, which makes customers more secure.

In general, SSL in DirectAdmin enables secure communication between users and the server and prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information.

How to Activate SSL Direct Admin

  1. First, enter your hosting management panel in Direct Admin.
  2. Then select the SSL Certificate option from the Account Manager menu..



3. At this stage, you will be faced with a page similar to the image below. On this page, you must click on the ENABLE SSL button.


On the page that will be displayed for you, there are different tabs that you should choose according to your needs. But usually, the first tab is used by you. Because this tab is about Let’s Encrypt free SSL activation. All you have to do at this stage is check the information in the fields and click the SAVE button.


In this way, you can easily activate free SSL in Direct Admin with just a few clicks.

How to find out if SSL is enabled?

After completing the mentioned steps, you should check your domain to find out if the protocol change from http to https has been done correctly or not? To do this, enter your domain in the browser. The presence of the following indicates the activation of the SSL certificate on the domain:

  • There is a lock next to the domain name.
  • Display the message Connection is secure when clicking on the lock icon next to the domain.
  • Display https protocol next to website links.




Installing ssl certificate in Direct Admin is one of the most important things you should do to create a safe and secure connection for your users. In this article, we have tried to help you install an SSL certificate in Direct Admin by teaching Direct Admin ssl. Installing SSL on the host converts the HTTP protocol to HTTPS. In this way, you take a step towards increasing security.