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How to do SEO

How to do SEO?

How to do SEO? This question can be considered one of the most frequently asked questions in society these days. Before answering this question, it is not bad to introduce you to what SEO is. These days, SEO or search engine optimization has managed to find a place beyond imagination among people.

Due to the expansion of the Internet and, of course, digital marketing, the need for SEO is felt more than ever. In order to be able to earn in today’s internet world, he needs to use all the tools that exist; He made the best use of them. Stay with us in this article if you are also thinking about SEO for your site.

Definition of SEO or search engine optimization

Although many people think that SEO belongs only to Google, the rules of SEO can be implemented in any virtual page or search engine. In order to learn more about what SEO is, we need to know what SEO stands for. SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, means search engine optimization. In simpler terms, SEO refers to a series of actions through which you can improve your website’s visibility so that every time people search for a word related to your business, you are the first option suggested by the search engine. Be for the internet user.

What is the ultimate goal of SEO? SEO helps you get organic traffic. SEO aims to make your website rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP), be seen more, and drive more traffic to your website. Many digital marketing experts consider SEO as the foundation and root of digital marketing. Through SEO, you will find out what the customer wants from you, what techniques and services you need to attract more customers, and how to find more accurate statistics about the customer’s needs (in the field of your activity).

Definition of SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing is one of the branches of marketing through site optimization for search engines. This strategy both increases the visibility of your website and has a fantastic effect on increasing the ranking of the website on the search results page. This process includes implementing and optimizing various elements on the website, including website content, website structure and design, and its HTML code. When all these strategies are implemented together on the website, your website will shine on the search engine results page, and the traffic that visits your website will double.

SEO marketing includes various activities. For example, we can refer to keyword research or research related to keywords, on-page optimization, linking, improving the quality of website content, etc. All the mentioned measures should be implemented in a way that is designed and developed exactly according to your target audience. SEO marketing aims to drive organic traffic to your website and increase people’s awareness of your brand.

How do I start learning SEO?

One of the most frequent questions that many beginners may have is how to become an SEO expert. Fortunately, these days, learning any subject has become easier than ever. In order to start learning this topic, There are several different paths ahead of you.

The first way is to participate in SEO classes. Considering the need for SEO these days, Various classes are held all over the country that you can participate in.

The second way is to use the teacher of these great days of the world, YouTube. On this platform, there are various videos related to SEO that you can watch to get a general view of this topic. Many people decide to outsource their SEO work. One of the most frequently asked questions these days is how long it takes to learn SEO. This question has no definite answer because it depends on your efforts.

How to do SEO? Naturally, participating in a series of classes and watching a few videos related to SEO cannot be the answer alone. You should be able to learn it practically in addition to learning the theory. To SEO a website, you have to go through a series of steps step by step. To answer your question, how to do SEO? Read the next part of the article carefully.

On-page SEO

You have heard the name on-page SEO if you don’t even have general and detailed information about SEO. What is on-page SEO or on-page SEO? In on-page SEO, you have to feed your website by creating content. Of course, remember that content production must be written in a completely unique way. If there is the smallest copy in the text written by you, Google will notice this, and you will be demoted.

The issue of content production is so important these days that many collections in the country provide specialized content production services. Creating unique content is one of the main issues in SEO. If you don’t have a good pen, you should consider placing an order for content production with the collections that provide this service when doing SEO for a site.

Off-page SEO

The second stage of SEO of a site is related to foreign SEO. In off-page SEO, you need to do link building, and from other websites that have a higher rank than you, Get a link. In this case, the Google search engine will rate your website over time so that you can be placed in the top links of Google.

This should be done in a specialized way so that the smallest problem does not arise for the site. The most important difference between on-page SEO and off-page SEO is that in on-page SEO, you only make changes inside the website. In foreign SEO, however, you need to get help from other websites.

Technical SEO

Among the other things that you need to pay the utmost attention to in SEO, The topic of SEO is technical. As it is clear from the name of this method, all the site’s technical problems should be investigated and fixed. We honestly state that technical SEO is one of the most important steps that should be taken with utmost care and attention during SEO.

The three components that we introduced It is one of the required steps for the SEO of a website. By doing these three steps, you can place your website in the top ranks of Google and stabilize its position.

For what businesses is SEO effective? Why and how?

Naturally, people don’t know much about SEO and want to use this method. This question has arisen for them: SEO is effective for which businesses? Is the nature of my job in such a way that SEO can be used?

In response, we must say that any business that provides a service or sells a product should use SEO services so that it can achieve ideal sales using this method. We honestly say that selling in the traditional way alone cannot be enough these days. If you want to keep up with your business competitors, You should think about using new methods.

The best resources to learn SEO

The best resources for learning SEO vary from person to person. According to the polls, 8 sources have been introduced that you can use to learn the basics of SEO in the best possible way. From these sources, it is possible to:

  • SEJ site
  • Neil Patel
  • Backlinko
  • Search Engine Journal
  • Google’s Search Central Blog
  • Google’s Search Engine Optimization Guide
  • Yoast SEO

Cited. These resources are free, and you can use them to get an accurate and detailed view of SEO—experience learning SEO from the ground up with these sites. The answer to the question of how to become a professional SEO depends on fully learning the content of the mentioned websites.

Familiarity with important terms in SEO

It may be interesting for you to know that SEO also has a series of specialized terms. In order to be able to do the SEO work of the site correctly, You need to be familiar with these terms. The number of these terms is so large that it is naturally difficult to get familiar with all of them.

With these interpretations, the most important SEO terms are white hat SEO, black hat SEO, gray hat SEO, negative SEO, local SEO, and mobile SEO.

These terms are extremely important in SEO; not knowing them can naturally harm you. Of course, none of these concepts are as important as black hat SEO. If you don’t know what black hat SEO is, we have to tell you that you should not try to deceive Google by taking shortcuts and proceed with your work with the specified principles.