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How To Connect IP & Mac Address Of Modem Or Router?

As You Know, Hacker Threats Are Constantly Evolving, And Hackers Try To Infiltrate Networks And Equipment Within Networks In A Variety Of Ways.

Mac address, users, and large organizations have to take personal steps to protect their communications networks and sensitive information. These include secure transfer protocols such as PPTP and the binding of addresses and IP addresses to each other. A feature that most TP-Link routers are equipped with.

IP & Mac Binding referred to in routines as the ARP Protocol Address Resolution Protocol, allows routers to connect the IP address of networked devices to their address.

This approach prevents hackers from carrying out the ARP protocol forgery attack and other ARP-related attacks because any device will only be able to communicate with the network when it has an IP address that matches the ARP list, and if an address The IP prevents a router from trying to connect to the network with an unknown address.

Link IP addresses and addresses

  1. To do this, first, open the TpLink router settings page at and enter the relevant password to access the settings.
  2. Go to IP & MAC Binding and then Binding Settings.
  3. To manage a device, you can view the device’s address and device’s IP address on the local network using the ARP list and then configure the elements. This page shows the ARP list and all IP & MAC Binding entities.

You can select an option and click the Load Selected button to load the ARP list for that entity.

4. Select the Enable option to access the ARP Binding feature.

5. Click the Save button and then select the Add New button.

6. Enter the IP address and IP address, select the Bind option, and finally click the Save button to save the changes to the router.

Configure PPTP / L2TP communications

Another option provided by TipiLink routers is to secure communications based on a private local area network. Of course, to use the above feature, you must pay attention to two important points. 

First, the client supports PPTP / L2TP. Also, note that some Internet service providers offer PPTP / L2TP-based communications. In this case, you can use a PPTP / L2TP client connection to communicate. 

Follow the steps below to take advantage of the PPTP / L2TP capability of TP-Link routers.

1. Enter the router management page, click the Advanced tab at the top of the page, and then go to Network -> Internet in the left panel.

2. Select PPTP as the Internet connection type.

3. Then, enter a valid password and username.

4. In this step, you must enter the VPN Server IP address / Domain Name. (For example,, or if you have a VIP server that has a domain name, you must enter the domain name in this section. Note that the IP address you enter in this section is the address that allows you to connect to the Internet securely. )

Click the Save button and then Connect.

You can now use a secure connection to do business.