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How can you add Grammarly Extension to Firefox?

What is Grammarly software, and what are its features?

One of the concerns when writing a text in English is to follow the rules of grammar and write correct and accurate sentences.

The grammar program will help you in this situation. In the following, we will first review the description of the publication and the purpose of this program, and then we will go to the usable platforms and types of designs provided by this program. We will also see examples of some features and functions this program can do.

Definition Grammarly

Grammarly is an AI-based platform launched in 2009 in Ukraine for free to detect errors and prevent plagiarism. The program can now check the text with 250 English grammar rules and report errors in the text to the author.

Grammarly is a simple program that you can use to create an account and use its services by personal email without any problems. Some of these services are free, and some are more widely available in the premium version. You can also set different American, Australian, or British accents.

Grammar covers a really wide range of software and Internet environments. Grammar can be installed as an extension on your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari).

For this case, you must go to the Grammarly site with your browser to be automatically detected, and the relevant extension will be offered to you. Grammar can be used as an ad for Office Word or Outlook.

Features of grammar software

But what features does Grammarly give us in its three designs, and what do these mean? Be with us.

Before reviewing the possibilities, it can be said that in all contexts, Grammarly offers only basic offers in free design and basic and advanced offers in premium and commercial designs.

Also, as mentioned, the free and premium plans are suitable for single-user use (one license), and the business plan is suitable for use by teams of 3 to 149 people. The difference between a business plan and a premium one is that the former has features such as an admin panel, centralized payment, team usage statistics, and priority email support.

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation

This is presented in all three designs. This feature, for example, can detect the phrase “I can assure you this won’t affect your timeline” and replace the word affect.

Uniform spelling and punctuation: This item is for premium and commercial designs only. The above feature can, for example, integrate the types of date writing forms throughout the text.

Fluency: This item is only offered in premium and commercial designs. This feature examines the sentences according to the rules of the chosen dialect and suggests the most fluent structure. For example, in the sentence We’ve been able to make some progress here, he suggests the word make.

Clarity; Transparency

Summary: Grammarly for the free version, in some cases, and the premium and commercial versions, in all cases, tries to offer you the shortest sentence. For example, in the sentence we may need to decide tomorrow, he suggests we have a shorter sentence by substituting the phrase We may need.

Readability: This feature is missing from the free version and is offered in premium and commercial designs. Grammarly, in this case, identifies some structures, such as long, detachable sentences, and suggests making them more readable.

Engagement; include

Stylizing words: Again, this feature is not offered in the free design and is for premium and commercial designs. This will try to give your text a better color and glaze by providing synonyms and more attractive words. For example, it can suggest the words thrilled, pleased, or delighted instead of very happy.

Dynamic variation of sentences: This case pays attention to the repetition and uniformity of the sentences that follow each other and notifies you if there is a similarity between them. This feature is also only available in premium and commercial versions.

Delivery; Transfer order

Tone recognition: This very interesting feature has been added in a new way and is offered for free design in some modes and premium and commercial designs in all modes. This feature can detect the tone of your writing and even specify a period for it. For example, if you are writing a letter to your boss, set the tone to Formal, or if you are writing an ad to get the customer’s attention, use Friendly and Joyful.

Determined language: This item is not available for free design and is for premium and commercial designs. This feature can make your writing more determined. For example, if you are a customer interaction support, it suggests that we use the phrase We can in the sentence. I think we should be able to solve this problem.

Polite: This feature, like the above, is only available to you by purchasing a premium or commercial account. It tries to minimize violence or insults in your writing by suggesting alternative phrases. For example, it suggests that instead of I wouldn’t say I liked the proposal, we would not say I liked it.

Level of recognition: This efficient feature is not provided in the free plan; to use it, you must have a premium or commercial account. This will give your writing a formal look and inform us not to use slang or market alley terms. For example, in the sentence Is there anything I can do for you? Notifies that the word you is replaced.

Equal language: One of the most common drawbacks in writing is that one group is considered dissimilar to another. A clear example is the little gender differences between individuals or the segregation of persons with disabilities. This feature, which is only available for premium and commercial designs, can test your writing language for this. For example, the sentence the venue is accessible for guests who use wheelchairs, suggests using wheelchair users.

Features of the online version of Grammarly

Tone recognition: This is a feature of the online version of the case mentioned above.

Grammar check: The first feature set is available online under this item. We should mention that to use this feature more fully, you must prepare a premium or commercial account.

Plagiarism study: This feature, which is one of the most important, especially for students, researchers, professors, and people active in the academic field, examines the structure of writing, sources, and even references mentioned in your text among 16 billion web pages and if you find similarities, Informs you.

This feature, for free use, provides only a very brief report of theft. But in the premium or commercial mode, it identifies minor thefts committed in your article, dissertation, dissertation, or any writing.

Learn how to install plug-ins and extensions on PC and laptop Firefox browser

First, open the Firefox browser on your Windows 10, Mac, or Linux PC, and from there, click on the three-line menu icon in the upper right corner of the window.

Next, select the Add-Ons option from the drop-down list.

You can now find extensions or themes that you have installed. Click Find More Add-Ons at the bottom of the page to download extensions.

You are now in the Mozilla Store window for Add-Ons click on the Extensions tab to browse or use the search box at the top of the page.

Once you find the extension, select it to see more information about it and click the Add to Firefox button to install the extension.

A pop-up window will then appear with information about the permissions required for the extension, and click Add to continue the installation.

Finally, a message will show you where the extension is located, and click the Okay, Got It button.


Grammar can be a great application for anyone who wants to write in English (email, correspondence, business plan, or scholarly article). But it should also be noted about this or any other software that provides such services that these programs are designed based on artificial intelligence and, although they have a comprehensive understanding of human language, can only tell you tips and accuracy. Take it high, not write for you. Therefore, you need to have complete information about writing text in English in advance to improve it with the help of this program.